Recent Experience to Apply for Family Visit Visa

We have already published a detailed article on Apply for Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia. Today we shall be sharing a recent experience to apply for visit visa from Saudi Arabia. This is a first article written by our volunteer co-writer, who belongs to Pakistan.  My profession in Iqama is Computer Technician (فني حاسب الي) & I applied for my Family Visit Visa Online through MOFA Website on 05 May 2014. Points to be noted while filling the application online:

1) العنوان – In this field, you have to clearly mention at least the Area then Region and the final city as this is the address.

2) The names of applicants should be written as it appears in the passport which means if is English then write as it is (As Pakistani Passport). Mostly the applications are rejected due to this reason.

After successful submission online for 90 days duration, I took a print & signed that application, later the same was sent to my HR Department where it was signed & stamped by my company. The application was sent to chamber on 11 May 2014 by HR. Please note that it took 2 days to deliver my signed application to H.O (HR Department) means it was received in HR on 8th May and the process took 02 Days in HR. The online status was changed on the same day after the chamber was done which was (طلب زیارة عائلیة).

On 18th May 2014, the status was changed to (مراجعة الفرع بالطلب واصل الاقامة), means MOFA needs to see the original application + Iqama. As per request the Iqama & Original chambered application was shown to MOFA Desk on 20 May 2014 and the status was changed on the same day too (تم استلام الطلب). On 22 May 2014 in morning, the status changed to (الالطلب تحت الاجراء) and in afternoon on the same day, I got my family visit visa.

(الرجاء طباعة المستند ومراجعة ممثلیة المملكة لإصدار تأشیرة الدخول)

Now the hardest part of this process was done & the remaining was to be done in the home country. Later, I came to know that after 22 May 2014, the visa stamping in Pakistan was stopped through travel agents as only Etimad (Private) Limited is now authorized & allowed to submit the visa applications to the Embassy/ Consulate of Saudi Arabia. Please note that travel agents used to take a lot of money and time to process this visa and charges for stamping the visa on the single passport was 12K to 15K in Pakistan but thanks to the new process which is so easy and simple and costs Rs. 9580 per applicant. Therefore, I booked the flight return tickets for my family and proceeded towards the final stage of visa stamping through to Etimad (Private) Limited.

Process in Etimad (Private) Limited – Karachi

I took the appointment on 03 Jul 2014 and selected the Normal Package.

I sent my brother in law to Etimad Karachi Office on the appointment date, where the documents were submitted and the fee was paid at the same time in counter.

It was very easy and took less time, we received the SMS on the same time that Your visa application has been accepted at the Visa Services Center.

On 4th Jul 2014 again we received the SMS in the morning that Your visa application has been forwarded for processing to the Embassy/ Consulate of Saudi Arabia and on the same day in the evening, we received SMS that Your Passport will be ready for collection on the next business day at 10:00 am. If you have opted for Courier service, please await further update.

So that means visa was stamped and the collection was due in just less than 30 hours but it was 2 days off (Weekend) so the passports were collected today on 07 Jul 2014. (Total 04 Days).

Hope this will clear many points of expats applying for Family Visit Visa.

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