8 Tips by Ministry of Interior for Expats holding Iqama

There is no need to enlighten the importance of Iqama for the people who are already living in Saudi Arabia. Iqama is perhaps the second most important thing to have after the dress you are wearing upon your body. We have published a separate article about it. Please read it to understand the importance of Iqama. Following guidelines have been published by the Ministry of Interior on their website for the Iqama holders. I think each and every person should read them at least once.

All the residents should have the Iqamas issued to them by their Kafeels. They can move all over Saudi Arabia if they have Iqamas. Please be updated that moving out of your home without Iqama may lead to a fine of SR 3,000 and deportation. Please read the article for details “SR 3,000 Fine and deportation for not carrying Iqama

When an employee travels outside on exit re-entry visa, Iqama must be submitted to the Kafeel. It should be noted that Kafeel can take your Iqama but he cannot take your passport. I have published a separate article on it. Please read it “Legality of Holding Passport by Kafeel

When an employee is going on final exit, Kafeel will have to surrender the Iqama of Employee to Jawazat along with the application of the final exit visa. I have explained in an article the things you need to care about when leaving KSA on final exit visa. “Do’s and Don’ts before and after Final Exit Visa

If Iqama of some employee is lost, he will have to report it within 24 hours to the nearest passport authority. I have explained the procedure he needs to follow in detail in this article. “What to do if Iqama is Lost

All the dependent children above the age of 18 years should have Iqama under a separate Kafeel. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If your son is a student, he can still be there under your sponsorship. We have explained the procedure of issuing the Iqama of children after the age of 18 years in this article. “Get Iqama for Dependents after 18 years

Legally, a person can only work for his Kafeel. If someone is caught working for someone else, he will be immediately detained and then deported. Dependents of the Iqama holders are not allowed to work for any person. If he has to work for someone, he will have to transfer his sponsorship to his legitimate employer. I have explained the ways of searching for a job in KSA and transfer of sponsorship in this article. “Switching Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Lost or damaged residence permits are replaced with new ones, stamped as “Replacement,” validity of which is as same as of the original permit i.e. until the expiry date. We have explained the procedure of replacing the damaged Iqama in this article. “Procedure for the Replacement of Damaged Iqama

Iqama must be renewed at least 3 days before its expiry. If an employer is unable to do it, he will be fined equivalent to the charge of renewal of Iqama. The fine is doubled in case of a second violation. If a resident violates the rule 3 times, deportation will be his punishment. The procedure to renew the Iqama is explained in this article. “How to Renew Iqama

Source: Ministry of Interior Website

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