Technicians (Fanni) profession can apply for Family Visa Again

All the expatriates with the profession of the technician (Fanni) were barred from applying for the permanent family visa and visit visa for their families from several months. However, one of the readers of our blog with the profession of “Computer Technician” applied for the permanent family visa and he was successful in getting this. He has listed some conditions upon satisfaction of which any expatriates with the technician profession can apply for the family visit visa and permanent family visa.

According to the sources from whom he has taken this information, expatriates with Technician (Fanni) profession can get Family Visa without any issues provided they satisfy the below requirements.

Their salary is above SR 4,500/- [Istiqdam Staff Information). If in the letter of introduction provided by the company the total gross salary is less than SR 4,500/- then it could be rejected.

Attested Degree of the applicant should match with the profession on the Iqama. The procedure for attestation of degree has been explained in this link “How to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia

Letter of introduction by the company should clearly state the profession as per the Iqama. The company should include text like they have no objections to the issuance of visa. Recommended: Sample Letter from Employer to Apply for Permanent Family Visa

“I got my Yellow Visa Paper today. I purposely kept a document short (First Entry Visa Copy of passport – Rakm Tasheerah Dakhul) so that the agent points out that it is missing. After 20 mins, submitted the document and got the yellow paper in 10 minutes thereon. Overall, the complete process took me around 2 hours in Istiqdam.”

  • Leader Guide

    Were you successful in getting your permanent family visa with “Fanni Shabakaat Haasib” profession with out any degree/certificates?

  • Sathish

    I have “other engineering technician” visa. Is it possible to bring family permanently for my visa. Please reply.

  • RoS_Bukhari

    Salamualaikum Brothers i just want to ask a question my profession on my iqama is fanni same with my certification and diploma but not bachelors degree can i take permanent family visa? all the documents was already stamped in my home country and MOFA here in saudi arabia

  • Syed imtiyaz

    Hy i m in Riyadh I went to isteqdam office to apply permanent family visa but they rejected because my iqama profession is mudeer they said change u r Iqma profession but problem is already I have changed my profession after changing the profession they will permanent family visa issue or not plz tel me what to do

  • Syed imtiyaz

    Plz reply

  • Mateen Ahmed

    Dear AMABADAS.M,

    Also my profession on iqama is Electricity technician and i apply for family visa butt they refuse and ask me to change your profession, so plz let me know that did you change your profession to “electrical
    engineering technician” and did they accept it.

  • Mateen Ahmed

    Hello Steve,

    My profession on iqama is Electricity technician and i apply for family
    visa butt they refuse and ask me to change your profession,i have 3 years diploma DAE in electrical, which profession is acceptable ?, if i change it to “electrical
    engineering technician” they will accept it or not, plz suggest.

  • mike lee

    you got visa?

  • Farhan Ahmed Khan

    brother you got your visa?

  • Venkat Raja

    Hello sir,,I am a plumber in riyadh,my iqama category is also education qualification is 10th,am I eligible to apply permanent visa for my family??My salary is 10000 riyals..some one says that it u have luck no need to show ur degree it true????? Need ur advice…….thanks in advance..already my wife came 3 months visit visa on April 2016….

  • ZA

    Hi Arshad,
    Did you get permanent family visa on “Computer Technician” profession?

  • Shabeer Edakkode


    My Iqama profession is “DATA ENTRY CLERK” , is eligible for family permenent Visa in saudi arabia?

  • adeel bashir

    My Profession Quantity Surveyor can i get a permanent family visa,
    Please Advise.

  • Mohamed

    My iqama is fanny mechanic. But I have I.T.I (international training institute ) Diesel mechanic certificate. So this certificate can i submit for family visa?.please reply me

  • Mohammed Aslam

    Can you get the family visa or not? Just reply.. All below will be clarified.

  • jagaa jagan

    Same i have “other engineering technician” visa is it good??
    what about your view

  • Sathish

    Hi Jagan,
    This Visa is good one. We did degree certificate attestation also. As I checked with Istiqdam office, they said I can get family visa but not through online. Only through Istiqdam office. So I am going to make an appointment for family visa by next week. I will let u know after my visit.

  • jagaa jagan

    Hi Satish,
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    may I know your details.
    Your location. I am from Pondicherry.

  • jagaa jagan

    Which location in Saudi Arabia r u working

  • Sathish

    Hi Jagan,
    Nice to hear. I’m from Tamil Nadu and living in Khobar. Are u working in Saudi or u will come to Saudi?

  • jagaa jagan

    Hi Sathish,
    Nice to hear. I will come to Saudi. We will discuss more on whatsapp(8110086805) please send a msg in whatsapp. Thanks

  • jagaa jagan

    Your whatsapp number please

  • Shoaib Iqbal

    Dear All,
    Please tell me that can i call my family on permanent visa in KSA while having visa profession “General Electrician” *Kharrbai Aaam”. Please guide…

  • Himanshu

    hello.. i am machinist .. i want to apply for production mechanical technician visa for saudi … do i ll get . because i am ITI passed please tell

  • Himanshu

    Hie Satish. I need your Help . I am planning to come Saudi on Employment Visa . Company will sponser me . doubt is of designation . Production Mechanical Technician desgination will be ok on ITI Machnist Documents . I am ITI Machinist Trade . Please help. I enquire with agent ,,he told me for technician post diploma is require .which i dont have .
    I also want to apply for multiple re entry exit visa …please help

  • Sathish

    Hi Himanshu,

    Are you planning to bring family with you like permanent stay? If you are planning to bring family sorry, you should have degree certificate. Without degree there is no possibilities.
    And one more you can bring your family through Visit visa. This Visa for 6 months. I don’t know about extend. But after 6 months you should send them exit and again bring back through Visit visa.
    Wr r u from?

  • Himanshu

    Sir i am. from mumbai. I am ITI MACHINIST. so can i apply for Production Mechanical Technician. Can i get multiple re-entry exit visa. i am. not diploma holder please tell. me

  • Himanshu

    i consult with agent he told me you are machinist.. so. you cant get production mechanical technician post. because you have document’s with machnist trade.

  • mumtaz ali

    Dear Steve kind request please guide me.
    my iqama profession is safety officer and i have 2 year diploma can i bring my family on permanent visa.
    please i will be waiting for your kind reply.

  • jagaa jagan

    Hi sathish,

    Pls give ur number I need ur help. My whatsapp number 8110086805

  • fahad hanif

    Salam I have profession on my iqama Accounts,Auditing Technician am i eligible for parmanent family visa ?

  • Faisal Mungaye

    Hi Steve,
    My profession is Electrical Technician and I have diploma in electrical Engineering attested from Saudi embassy. I came on Normal Labor Visa and changed the profession later to Electrical Technician. They rejected my permanent family visa request by saying that my profession changed from Labor to Electrical Technician. Kindly suggest me a solution. Thank you…

  • Akhtar Imran

    I have change my profession in iqama computer technician, am i eligible for family resident visa?

  • Julies

    Hello friends
    Now I have a electrician profession.. but I have to change my profession to plumber for company…
    Is that any problems for the family status..
    Please give the advise and explain friends..

  • abdul khader

    i have the iqama of safety technician, do i can apply the family visa for KSA. please guide me

  • ASanoj Abdull Abdullah

    its possible to bring my family visa as my iqama professional is general electrician, so we can bring our family, here in ksa

  • ASanoj Abdull Abdullah

    its possible to bring my family visa as my iqama professional is general electrician, sobut am working as engineer

  • Asif Mohammed

    hi fnds,
    can any one help me i have bachelor of science degree (Specialized in electronics, computers & Maths), i have profession on iqama computer network technician, can i apply for family permanent visa ,you can find my certificate as per attachment, but isteqdham officer rejected my aplication because i dont have bachelor computers science on my certificate

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