Technicians (Fanni) profession can apply for Family Visa Again

All the expatriates with the profession of the technician (Fanni) were barred from applying for the permanent family visa and visit visa for their families for several months.

However, one of the readers of our blog with the profession of “Computer Technician” applied for the permanent family visa and he was successful in getting this.

He has listed some conditions upon satisfaction of which any expatriates with the technician profession can apply for the family visit visa and permanent family visa.

According to the sources from whom he has taken this information, expatriates with Technician (Fanni) profession can get Family Visa without any issues provided they satisfy the below requirements.

Their salary is above SR 4,500/- [Istiqdam Staff Information). If in the letter of introduction provided by the company the total gross salary is less than SR 4,500/- then it could be rejected.

Attested Degree of the applicant should match with the profession on the Iqama. The procedure for attestation of degree has been explained in this link “How to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia

Letter of introduction by the company should clearly state the profession as per the Iqama. The company should include text like they have no objections to the issuance of visa. Recommended: Sample Letter from Employer to Apply for Permanent Family Visa

“I got my Yellow Visa Paper today. I purposely kept a document short (First Entry Visa Copy of passport – Rakm Tasheerah Dakhul) so that the agent points out that it is missing.

After 20 mins, submitted the document and got the yellow paper in 10 minutes thereon. Overall, the complete process took me around 2 hours in Istiqdam.”

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