Making Payment for the Removal of Huroob

Sometimes it happens that Kafeel (Sponsor) sets Huroob (Abscondment) status for your Iqama. It effectively means that you ran away from your sponsor and he reports to Jawazat that now this employee is not his responsibility. It happens when you don’t pay to your sponsor on time agreed on the amount in case of free visa, or you don’t go to your workplace without intimating your employer. Employer tries to contact you with all reasonable sources and if he is unable to contact you, he puts on Huroob status to your Iqama. We have already published a different article about Huroob for which you can read from the below links. In this article, I will be explaining the procedure of making payment to remove Huroob from internet banking.

Step by Step Procedure to Make Payment for the Removal of Huroob

You can make payment for the removal of Huroob from every bank in Saudi Arabia. However, here we shall be taking the example of Al Rajhi Bank. But procedure of making payment for the removal of Huroob from other banks is also almost same.

First of all, you need to login to your internet banking account and click on the payments. In the Al Rajhi Bank account, the tab of the payments is given on the upper bar. Select Payment and a drop-down list will appear from which you will have to select “Government Payments” as shown in the screenshot below.

Now you need click on the right of the scroll bar to move it until you see the icon of “deportation control”. If you are using some other internet banking account, keep in mind this word “Deportation Control”. It will be available on each and every internet banking account.

A new screen will be opened where you need to select the “payment” in the first tab of Transaction Type. There will be two options Payment or Refund from which you will have to select “Payment”. You will have to select “Absconded Status”. You will have to select “Absconded Status” in the second tab of “Application Type” and enter the Iqama number of the employee whose Huroob Removal fee is paid. After that, you will have to select the account number from which you want to make payment for the removal of Huroob and click on the “Proceed”. That’s it! Payment for the removal of Huroob has been done. Please see the below screenshot for guidance.

  • amir nawaz

    sir my mosasa is red and my iqama valid till 20 aprail but know my sponser ask give me money other wise he ask me sets haroob ,sir it is my Question if the mosasa is red then possible haroob or no

  • sunaina

    Mr.Steve my father has gone to saudi arabia before 7 months and his kafeel put huroob before the completion of visa and he don’t have iqama but he has passport on his hand now it is approximatly 4 months that we are in worry because his kafeel is not agree to remove huroob he has gone to saudi council but they told him that the only way u will reach to ur country is by going jail but can u plzzz tell me the another way to reach pakistan without sending to jail plzzzz helppp us and gave me guideline 🙂

  • Totalle


    What is a cancellation letter? What did you do after you get the letter from MOL?

  • Shams ul Hasan Tariq

    from which date the ban period is counted?

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