6 Benefits for Expats Married to Saudi Girl

All the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia are governed by the Kafeel System. According to this system, each and every expatriate living in Saudi Arabia is supervised by one Kafeel. Same is the case with the expatriates who are married to Saudi Girls.

We have explained in a different article about the procedure of getting married to a Saudi Girl. An expat who marries to a Saudi Girl gets many benefits.

In this article, I will be explaining about the benefits an expatriate is entitled to when he marries to a Saudi Arabia.

Having said that, it is not suitable for anyone to marry anyone just for the benefits. The bond of marriage should be out of love and nothing else. This kind of marriages does not last for long.

Advantages for Expatriates Married to Saudi Girl

1-The Sponsor of the Husband: Kafeel of an expatriate married to Saudi Girl is actually his wife. It gives him Green Card to live in Saudi Arabia for the lifetime or until the marriage continue.

However, at any point in time, she also has the authority to issue a final exit on your Iqama. In that case, you will have to go back to your home country.

2-Nitaqat Law: In Nitaqat Law, they are treated just like Saudi nationals. It means they don’t have to face the hanging sword of Saudization.

It is written in the Nitaqat Law that husband or wife of a Saudi National will be treated like Saudi National. So, employers will be welcoming an expatriate married to Saudi Girl for the jobs.

3-Start a Business: He can start his business in the name of her wife. Normally expatriates are not allowed to conduct business in Saudi Arabia. But an expatriate married to Saudi Girl is entitled to start a business.

4-Good Profession on Iqama: The profession of the Iqama of Expatriate mentions the profession “Spouse of Citizen”. This profession is treated at very high among all the professions of expatriates.

In fact, they are treated in a most respectful way by the officials after Saudi Nationals. They are entitled to preferential treatments at Saudi Airport.

5-No Dependent Fee: The expatriates married to Saudi citizens are among the Categories of Expatriates who are exempt from Dependent’s Fee. If you read the calculation of dependent's fee, the amount is going to be SR 400 per dependent per month in the year 2020.

6-No Work Permit Levy: Expatriate wife or husband of a Saudi Citizen is exempt from Work Permit Levy (Maktab-al-Amal Fee).

If you read the Calculation of Work Permit Levy, the amount is going to be SR 9,600 per expatriate employee per annum in the year 2020.

Disadvantages for Expatriates Married to Saudi Girl

1-No Saudi Nationality for Husband: An Expatriate married to Saudi Girl will not be entitled to the Saudi Nationality like many other European Countries.

Laws regarding Nationality of Saudi Arabia are very strict which does not allow an expatriate marrying to a Saudi Girl to be Saudi National.

2-No Saudi Nationality for Children: 2-Children of Expatriate married to Saudi Girl will not be able to get nationality of Saudi Arabia although they are born and grown up in Saudi Arabia. Even their Saudi Mother would not be able to get them Nationality.

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