Procedure to rectify Passport Information on MOI Account

Sometimes it happens that the passport information updated on the MOI account is not accurate. For example, the actual expiry date of the passport is December 2026 but updated in the MOI system as Dec 2016 or passport number is written wrongly. It happens most of the times at the time when you transfer information from one passport to another. As you know, you have to visit Jawazat to update and transfer information from one passport to another after the renewal of each of your dependent’s passport. We have explained the procedure in this link. Recommended: Procedure of (Transfer of Information) Naqal Maloomat of Passport

Have you checked that your MOI account is reflecting the correct passport information? It is very important to rectify the wrong information from MOI account. Information in the MOI account which does not match with passport might hinder you from traveling from Saudi Arabia. They will ask you to rectify the details before your departure. At that time you will have no other option but to miss your flight. So, it is better to check it now and take necessary actions if required. You can check the passport information in your MOI account from this link. The course of action you need to take if information on your passport mismatch with your MOI account is explained below. Recommended: How to check Naqal Maloomat is done properly?

First of all, you need to visit Jawazat office. If there are more than one Jawazat offices in your city, you need to go to one which deals with Individuals. For example, in Jeddah, you need to go to Jawazat Rehab Office.

You need to go to the section in Jawazat “Tadeel Maloomat” and submit following documents there.

Download the form from this link and fill it up. If you don’t know how to do it, you can always take help from an Arabic speaking guy. Recommended: Download Iqama Form for Saudi Jawazat (Passport Office)

Login to your MOI account and take a screenshot of the page showing incorrect information in your MOI account. You need to take a print of the screenshot to the Jawazat office.

  • Your Original Iqama
  • Original passport of dependents and its copy
  • Copy of Dependents Iqama
  • The officer will update your information right away and you can check it online within 20 minutes.
  • Recommended: How to check Naqal Maloomat is done properly?

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