New Visa after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa

Many people ask me this question if they can come back to Saudi Arabia on a new visa if they leave Kingdom on exit re-entry visa and exit re-entry visa expires after that. Today I will try to enlighten this topic with the experiences of readers of the blog and news sources. First of all, it is important to clarify that this article focuses the expatriates working on the employment visa. If exit re-entry visa of a dependent expires, the sponsor can apply for the extension of exit re-entry visa. 

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If exit re-entry visa of a dependent expires, the sponsor can apply for the extension of exit re-entry visa. We have explained this process in this link “What to do if Exit Re-Entry Visa of a Dependent Expires”? If the dependent’s exit re-entry visa does not meet the requirements of extension, you can cancel their iqamas and apply for their new visa. The procedure of applying new visa is explained here “Apply for Permanent Family Visa

New Visa after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa for Employees: As per Decision No. 825 issued in the year 1395 (the equivalent of Gregorian 1975), expatriates who “violate” their contract would be fined SR10,000 and banned for 3 years from re-entering the kingdom. “Violation” here pertains to people who go on vacation and do not return! However, there is no problem in going to other GCC countries on the work visa.

If someone is ban for any period, it does not include Hajj and Umrah Visa. It means that particular individual can still come back to Saudi Arabia on Umrah or Hajj visa. If an employee leaves the Kingdom on exit re-entry visa and does not come back to\ Saudi Arabia within the validity of the visa, he will be banned to enter to Saudi Arabia for 3 years. Even if your visa is processed, you would not be able to enter to Saudi Arabia by immigration authorities. The ban period will start from the date of expiry of exit re-entry visa. Source: Arab News

The above news was published on the same date. However, experiences shared by different expatriates on our blog tell a little different story. According to the experiences of different readers of the blog, they were able to come back to Saudi Arabia after the expiry of their iqama on a new visa. However, some people were detained and deported when they tried to enter to Saudi Arabia. Visa was stamped on the passports of both expatriates. The detailed reviews of the experiences of expatriates lead me to this conclusion.

The fine and ban will only be imposed if your Kafeel has reported against you to the Ministry of Interior. Unfortunately, there is no system to check if your case has been reported to the Ministry of Interior. If you are intending to come to KSA after exit re-entry visa, you will have to try your luck. If your Kafeel has not complained against you to the Ministry of Interior, you can come back to KSA on a new visa as soon as your Iqama expires. But again, this is my personal opinion.

An Alarming Case: Hello Steve, my brother used to work for a company in Saudi Arabia and two years ago he left on exit re-entry visa and somehow managed to leave the company and the country. After 2 months he applied for another Gulf state to find a new job and been detained and sent back to Saudi Arabia from the airport of that gulf state.

They said that without knowledge of my brother his previous employer had registered a police case against him of stealing money and run away. Right now he is in prison. My brother is not like that and we belong to a good family, he did not steal any money and only sent back his salary for family expenses.

We are stressed and going through very hard times since we contacted his employer they are not convincing, we told them he didn’t steal any money and we do not have any money to give to them. We know this is a serious allegation and our brother is innocent. He only left because our mother was ill back home and he didn’t want to work for them as the company was a mess.

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We have no one to get help from and we are concern about our brother health. The employer visited my brother and asked him to sign some letters accepting that he has taken the money in reward of which they will release him. He was innocent enough to do it and Kafeel never came back to him.

  • Mohamed

    Mr steve my friend arrived in Jeddah saudi airport immigiration pepole caught for him because of his exit reentry was expired. What is procedure he will go to home country? How he will reenter Jeddah? Please reply to me urgent.

  • Mohamed

    Hai steve i got first marriage i have one baby i brought my family saudi after i sent final exit my family then i came another company saudi unfortunately my first wife pass away then i got second marriage now i got second baby now i want bring my family visit visa my second wife and two children any problem will come for me because my passport spouse name first wife name mentioned my first baby passport mentioned my first wife name give me your advise.

  • Raz

    Hi Steve!
    I came on emergency leave to my country in September 2015. I had re-entry visa for one month and I did not return back to Saudi Arabia. Now when I check huroob status of my iqama (although my iqama has been expired in January 2016), it still showing “absent from work”. I want to come Saudi Arabia again on employment visa but I am not cleared whether I have any huroob on me or not.
    I gone for Umrah in June 2016, and have not faced any problem.
    What should I do now? Should I take any risk?

  • khan gee

    Dear i want a suggetion. My employer give me متغيب عن العمل before 2 month. Now he want me back.labor court dont cancel متغيب عن العمل now what is suggestion۔

  • akash

    hello MR.sadasivam,
    I am also facing the same problem
    could you tell me , whether your problem is solved and if yes ,,please let me know how??

  • kasinadan sadasivam

    Hi …Akash … I got new visa from company and came … The company should renew the visa or they should provide a new visa … One option is there you can come in labour visa and you can change profession with the attested documents …

  • akash

    when did you get your visa and when did you go
    as mine got expired in middle of july and till now didnt get the new E WAKALA

  • akash

    i dont know when they are going to issue new VISA NO.

  • kasinadan sadasivam

    It took around 1 months for me to get new visa … For you i think due to hujj holidays it was delayed … Now government is implementing new regulations for visa … So it may be delayed …Keep a follow up with the company …

  • akash

    thank you for your valuable information

  • My visa says ‘return before 15 Oct 2016’, does it mean I have to return before 14th Oct 23:59 o’clock or 15th Oct 23:59 o’clock

  • Ahmad

    Mr Steve, i have a question regarding my final exit, my family is out of KSA and now exit re entry is expired, now i want to go final exit through my indian consulate as company is unable to give final exit……will i get get final exit smothly ? or there will be any problem…or can i face any problem at airport while living, plese advise me. Thanks

  • There will be no problem with reference to the issue that your family went on exit reentry and never came back.

  • Ahmad

    Thanks alot Mr. Steve

  • khan

    hi fahad mirza. My iqama too expired can i come back to ksa in this situation. did any one come to ksa after introduction of 5 years iqama. Please need your advice

  • Nerissa Sumalbag

    Sir Steve,I finished my contract and my employer didn’t gave me final exit visa. Can I still go back to saudi arabia with new visa?I have a complete documents,he issued me Certificate of Employment,No Objection Certificate and I even have it with me my police clearance. Thanks!

  • Veena Kumarswamy

    Hi Steve,

    I need information regarding visa.
    I am completely discouraged by Saudi visa processing.I have been offered job in Al- Khobar by one of the Engineering consultants and the certificate attestation at Saudi cultural mission at new Delhi took 2.5 months to attest after my university letter submission and eventually visa stamping took almost 5 months. now company is not mobilizing me to work and not even giving any confirmation. In the mean time I have option to take other job in Saudi. so I am thinking to cancel the present visa and apply new visa if i get job confirmation in other company.
    Is this possible to cancel the present visa and apply new visa?
    I need quick response from you.

  • hafiz ke

    hello steve,

    Myself exited from KSA on exit reenrty visa(job visa) and didnot go back. currently am I eligible for entering KSA on newly sponsored visa ,Awaiting an favourable reply.?Do i have to follow any procedures before reentering?

  • mohammed

    i also have same problem.

  • Tayyab Riaz

    Dear sir Steve.
    This is Tayyab Riaz i need your help Sir can you tell me plz i m coming on final Exit from jeddah to pakistan before 2 month i can come back on new visa right now or after 5year just help me please. If u need my iqama number this one 2315986071. I am in waiting here thanks.
    Best Regard. Tayyab Riaz

  • Tayyab Riaz

    Good Day dear Steve sir i nees Your help can you help me please my name is Tayyab Riaz i m coming before 2 month from saudia to pakistan on final exit i can come back to saudia on new visa right now it’s possible or after 5 year please help me sir.if you need my iqama number this one 2315986071.

  • You can come back even next day of departure

  • Tayyab Riaz

    Sure Sir

  • Tayyab Riaz

    Sure sir

  • Tayyab Riaz

    Sure sir i can go to saudia. If any problem so what is the iqama number . 2315986071

  • mohammed

    Hi Mr. Steve
    This is mohammed, i have one question to ask you that, my employer didn’t give me exit so i came on re-entry visa (ie 14 days) in august 2016, my iqama was expired in 28 august 2016. as you said i try my luck, i went to saudi arabia again in Jan-2017 but unfortunately immigration authorities catch me and deport me back to home country.
    Please advice how many years i am banned for KSA now after deporting by airport authorities.
    Awaiting for your earliest response

  • HaSan Shah

    HI Steve,
    How about someone returns on a visit visa or family sponsor visa after expiry of exit re-entry …?

  • Shifas

    Hello my dear friend
    I have one doubt.
    My iqama going to expire this month and I already give my company resignation and process is going but problem is my internet connection I took for 3 month plan will it continues after iqama expired ?

  • Irfan Khan

    Dear Mr.Steve
    I am daily reader of your prestigious awareness blogs. Please advise me to your knowledge for my case.

    I have entitled to my home town with Exit re entry Visa for 1 month duration. Unfortunately, my Visa got expired and fail to return. It’s almost 19 months after visa expire date. My profession of Visa was domestic visa.
    Now I have got new offer from a company in Saudi Arabia and I wish to process my Visa but after I got jawazat print out it is showing my status as Valid and funds are available in moi site even after expiry of my iqama.
    Please Advise us when will previous iqama becomes invalid so that I can process new visa.
    I have got confirmed that my Sponser has not reported about my fail to return in moi portal and I was keenly looking into check available funds till date and it result is available till date.
    Appreciate your earliest response.
    -heartfelt thanks

  • Adnan Zafar

    Where r u now dear Ibraheem ? U went to Saudia on new visa ??

  • Ronilo Sangupan

    Hi. Can a person still come back to ksa within the 3 year period using a visit visa if his exit re-enty visa expired and his iqamah expired as well?

  • Md Zubair

    I have 4 months left for my 3 years band already viza in my hand shall I go now or not plz suggest all process is done or they will sent me from airport all my investing money will be lost

  • Zuhaib Ali

    Iqama will not be invalid until your old kafeel go to jawazat and get it cancelled.

  • Irfan Khan

    Hello Zuhaib Bhai
    Many thanks for your precious time in replying to my query.

    How long should I wait to enter Saudi Arabia on New Employment Visa ?

    Also, after how many months of iqama expiry it will be automatically invalid if Sponser fails to visit Jawazat and cancels personally.

    In wait to hear from you.
    Thanks Again !!

  • Raghul Vallampadugai

    Sir please share ur mobile number

  • Raghul Vallampadugai

    Please sir share ur mobile number

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