Is Marketing Specialist profession entitled for Family Visa?

Question by Viewer: Sir, I am working as a marketing specialist in a private company in Khobar, few months before my iqama transferred to the current company, with the profession of Marketing specialist, before my profession was an aluminum technician, I have completed master degree in marketing. And have the certificate too. Sir, I can get a family visa with this profession?  In my iqama, my sponsor name is showing its personal name. Before renewing my iqama it was the company name. After renewing the iqama, it is showing sponsor’s name only there is no sharika or mosasa now, is there any problem for getting a family visa.

Answer from Steve: You can get a family visa since you have an appropriate profession as well as attested degrees from Saudi Embassy! Your profession suggests that it is not his personal name, it can be a name of his business registered with his personal name. For example, small AOP is registered in KSA with the name of the individual. We call it here Mosasa. If you are an employee of the Mosasa, still you can apply for your family visa.


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