Memorize Quran and Get Release from Prison

While writing this article, I pray that you never have to use this information. Living in Saudi Arabia is not easy and living in the Jails of Saudi Arabia is hell. If you are living in Saudi Arabia you may know that human rights exist on the books in Saudi Arabia. We have already published a video which was leaked from Saudi Detention Center and you can listen to the grievances of the detained people. Here we have good news for the criminals in the jails of Saudi Arabia; they can be released from the jails by memorizing Holy Quran.

As per the information from the General Directorate of Prisoners of the Ministry of Interior, the prisoners who memorize the chapters of Holy Quran will be released from the prison subject to some conditions. Following conditions must be fulfilled to get release from the jail of Saudi Arabia under this legislation;

  • Prisoner has memorized all the chapters of Quran during the prison
  • Prisoner has completed at least half of his term of prison
  • Prisoner has completed at least 6 months of his term of the prison

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