Procedure to Get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) during Stay in Saudi Arabia

One of the mistakes people do when they decide to leave Saudi Arabia permanently means at the time of going on final exit visa is “not getting police clearance certificate” from the Police Department. Generally, you don’t need it if you are planning to stay in your home country but if your plan is to go to European countries, USA, or Australia for work purpose, they need police clearance certificate from all the countries you have lived in your life. Even if you don’t have such plan of visiting these countries, I would strongly recommend you to take it before your final exit, you never know about the future.

If you have been living in Saudi Arabia, you must know that there is nothing easy here. All the procedural activities involving government department is hell difficult even in your presence. Just imagine how someone else can obtain this certificate on your behalf after you have left Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most important points upon which even I have emphasized in the article where I discussed the points to take care when processing final exit. The procedure of getting police clearance certificate is different if you are in Saudi Arabia applying yourself or when you are out of Saudi Arabia and final exit visa has been processed. In this article, I will be explaining step by step procedure of getting police clearance certificate from the police department during your stay in Saudi Arabia. The procedure of getting police clearance certificate from your home country is explained in this article.

First of all, you need to apply for a letter of endorsement to your embassy. The standard form of application for a letter of endorsement is available in embassies of all the countries. You will have to fill the application form, pay the fee, attach copies of your Iqama and submit it your embassy. Time of processing varies from embassy to embassy. Generally, it takes around one week to process this letter. The embassy sometimes asks to share evidence of employment in Saudi (i.e. offer letter) and evidence for why you need the PCC (i.e. immigration letter from respective country, etc.). Better to go with these printouts since the shops around the embassy charge a killing. Procedure to get Letter of Endorsement from Pakistan Embassy is explained in this link.

After receiving the letter of endorsement from your embassy, you will have to visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the copy of your passport and Iqama. You will receive a form there which have to fill and submit back to the MOFA along with a letter of endorsement of a copy of your documents. Here you need to pay a fee of SR 100/-. There is no need to translate the letter of endorsement issued to you by your Embassy in Arabic. MOFA will attest it without translation.

Mr_OCD: The biggest hassle is the MOFA attestation due to huge backlog from the previous days. I went there at 6:30 AM, stood in the queue for 2.5 hours, got a token number of around 160 and left (as we were advised by the guards to leave due to the max limit of 120-130 attestations per day). The next day, those who had a token from the previous day were prioritized and I was given a token number of about 30. It was a one hour wait from here.

Once Ministry of Foreign Affairs has attested your letter, you need to go along with the whole set of documents to the police station. It is better if you go to the police station along with government relations officer of your company. If you go alone, you might have to face a problem or they may not entertain you. Make sure your fingerprints scanning have already been done. You can check it online if your fingerprints scanning is done properly from this link.

A police officer will tell you about the expected date of getting the police clearance certificate. It is better to go at least 3 days after the expected date mentioned by the police officer to collect the certificate. Each and every applicant applying for PCC needs to visit Police Station.

The police station you need to visit;

(If you are in Jeddah) is the one right behind ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK. The branch for making PCC's is located in this police center.

If you are in Riyadh, you need to visit Police Office Deera near the court.

If you are living in Dammam, you need to visit Police Station located diagonally opposite to the Governor House in Dammam

Once you collected from Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), better to translate it in English which will help you in your future. Finally get one more attestation Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from MOFA.

Bader: On our collection day, to my surprise, my wife was given the clearance report and I was asked to wait for further 10 days! They wrote it clearly on the slip. After 10 days when I visited again, they asked to me start the process again as my previous fingerprints were not ok! So I joined the queue again and gave my prints all over again while fearing that I will have to visit one more time to collect the report. However, as they knew my case, right after the fingerprints, they asked me to go directly to the computer department, which is located in the main building. I submitted my report there and in about half an hour I got my clearance report.