Procedure to Get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) during Stay in Saudi Arabia

One of the mistakes people do when they decide to leave Saudi Arabia permanently means at the time of going on final exit visa is “not getting police clearance certificate” from the Police Department. Generally, you don’t need it if you are planning to stay in your home country but if your plan is to go to European countries, USA, or Australia for work purpose, they need police clearance certificate from all the countries you have lived in your life. Even if you don’t have such plan of visiting these countries, I would strongly recommend you to take it before your final exit, you never know about the future.

If you have been living in Saudi Arabia, you must know that there is nothing easy here. All the procedural activities involving government department is hell difficult even in your presence. Just imagine how someone else can obtain this certificate on your behalf after you have left Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most important points upon which even I have emphasized in the article where I discussed the points to take care when processing final exit. The procedure of getting police clearance certificate is different if you are in Saudi Arabia applying yourself or when you are out of Saudi Arabia and final exit visa has been processed. In this article, I will be explaining step by step procedure of getting police clearance certificate from the police department during your stay in Saudi Arabia. The procedure of getting police clearance certificate from your home country is explained in this article.

First of all, you need to apply for a letter of endorsement to your embassy. The standard form of application for a letter of endorsement is available in embassies of all the countries. You will have to fill the application form, pay the fee, attach copies of your Iqama and submit it your embassy. Time of processing varies from embassy to embassy. Generally, it takes around one week to process this letter. The embassy sometimes asks to share evidence of employment in Saudi (i.e. offer letter) and evidence for why you need the PCC (i.e. immigration letter from respective country, etc.). Better to go with these printouts since the shops around the embassy charge a killing. Procedure to get Letter of Endorsement from Pakistan Embassy is explained in this link.

After receiving the letter of endorsement from your embassy, you will have to visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the copy of your passport and Iqama. You will receive a form there which have to fill and submit back to the MOFA along with a letter of endorsement of a copy of your documents. Here you need to pay a fee of SR 100/-. There is no need to translate the letter of endorsement issued to you by your Embassy in Arabic. MOFA will attest it without translation.

Mr_OCD: The biggest hassle is the MOFA attestation due to huge backlog from the previous days. I went there at 6:30 AM, stood in the queue for 2.5 hours, got a token number of around 160 and left (as we were advised by the guards to leave due to the max limit of 120-130 attestations per day). The next day, those who had a token from the previous day were prioritized and I was given a token number of about 30. It was a one hour wait from here.

Once Ministry of Foreign Affairs has attested your letter, you need to go along with the whole set of documents to the police station. It is better if you go to the police station along with government relations officer of your company. If you go alone, you might have to face a problem or they may not entertain you. Make sure your fingerprints scanning have already been done. You can check it online if your fingerprints scanning is done properly from this link.

A police officer will tell you about the expected date of getting the police clearance certificate. It is better to go at least 3 days after the expected date mentioned by the police officer to collect the certificate. Each and every applicant applying for PCC needs to visit Police Station.

The police station you need to visit;

(If you are in Jeddah) is the one right behind ISLAMIC DEVELOPMENT BANK. The branch for making PCC's is located in this police center.

If you are in Riyadh, you need to visit Police Office Deera near the court.

If you are living in Dammam, you need to visit Police Station located diagonally opposite to the Governor House in Dammam

Once you collected from Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), better to translate it in English which will help you in your future. Finally get one more attestation Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from MOFA.

Bader: On our collection day, to my surprise, my wife was given the clearance report and I was asked to wait for further 10 days! They wrote it clearly on the slip. After 10 days when I visited again, they asked to me start the process again as my previous fingerprints were not ok! So I joined the queue again and gave my prints all over again while fearing that I will have to visit one more time to collect the report. However, as they knew my case, right after the fingerprints, they asked me to go directly to the computer department, which is located in the main building. I submitted my report there and in about half an hour I got my clearance report.

  • Faleel Mohamed

    dear team
    how to check if i have any issues in police saudi arabia?before i go to vacation

  • Faleel Mohamed

    i mean i should no i will get the exit-re entry visa or not?please let me know how to check any issues in policebefore i applied for vacation.

  • khan

    Hello Guys,I just completed the proedure of PCC in Riyadh and i am yet to receive the PCC from Police station as they told me to come after 3 days.I just wanted to know that where should i translate the PCC in English?and the translated version should also be attested from MOFA?Please guide me.

  • Why do you want to translate it?

    Please go through the procedure stated above and let us know if we need to update the above article.

  • khan

    I want to translate it because in case any embassy want the translated version of PCC thats why.

    I have followed steps mentiooned above and it really helped me,the Pakistan embassy MOFA and Police station visit only took 2 days.
    I want to add that guys who want to visit pakistan embassy in riyadh,visit after 9am and go straight to Mr abdul ghafoor in room number 11 (welfare section) he took my passport and iqama copy fee no nothing and after 3 pm i recieved the stamped letter of endorsement.For MOFA attestation you have to pay the fee for stamp which can be done by paying 50 sr to agents situated nearby to MOFA building.

  • In that case it is better to translate it from one of the approved translators of MOFA and get it attested by MOFA. I think same agents sitting in front of the MOFA office will help you out.

  • khan

    Yeah I will.Thank you for the replies.

  • Since you are not involved in any criminal activity, you can easily go to Qatar for new job.

  • Mohd Masih

    Hello Steve, before my travel to India in April 2016 I took PCC from Saudi Arabia. I know it’s valid for a year. The question is as I am migrating to USA, if my PCC will expires what will happen. Does it will effect on my immigration visa process ? Please help me.

  • Face Book

    Hi Steve . i have next month interview with USA embassy Riyadh. i have Police clearance which is 5 month old. is it still valid or expire?
    i heard Police clearance report only valid for 3 Months?
    Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

  • There is no validity of PCC. It shows that you do not have any past criminal record. You need to check with US Embassy if they accept a PCC issued 5 months ago

  • Mohammed Faheem

    Hello Khan,
    Since PCC to be issued from saudi police will be in Arabic and its purpose is solely for visa for English speaking countries. So it should be translated to English.

    As per the explaination in this article, I believe that pcc in arabic needs to be attested from MOFA then it should be translated to English

    In Riyadh, you can translate the documents in either Hayyal Wazaarat area or Batha area near footover bridge. If you ask anybody in that area, they will definately help you.

    Best of luck!

  • Sultan Khan

    Can you confirm me
    If i enter bahrain from damman-causeway
    Can i exit from airport

  • Wen Ching

    hi, do I need original iqama and passport when visiting police station? My iqama will be expiring soon and my organization is not going to renew it since I am leaving.

  • Azhar

    suppose i get the PCC from Indian Embassy its not enough for will go to another country for a new job.

  • Imran Malik

    can anyone send me location for governor house or police office in Dammam ??

  • Thetraveller

    The Link for checking if my finger prints are done or not – is not working. It says that page not found ?

  • Thetraveller

    Also kindly tell me if there is any validity period of the police clearance certificate or is it valid for good ?

  • Abdul Ahad Hashmi

    I am in need of getting a police clearance certificate from UAE. On contacting the UAE consulate I was told that along with my passport copy and passport sized photograph, I also need to provide them with copies of my fingerprints which can be taken from a police station. Doese anyone here have the experience of getting a copy of their fingerprints from the Saudi Police Station here in Jeddah? Kindly respond!!

  • Light

    did it work?

  • Aby

    Today i Submitted the MOFA stamped Endorsement Letter in Deira Police Station, Riyadh. Process is simple.

    1. Go to Respective Embassy (Indian Embassy in my case at VFS Global, Ummul Hammam) , Fill the application and submit it along with Passport size Photograph , Iqama copy and Passport Front and back pages copy. Do mention in the form- Saudi PCC. Pay the fees (116SAR) .They will give you Endorsement Letter in a Week . (I received it from VFS Global in Batha, Riyadh)

    2.Take the Endorsement Letter to the MOFA at Nasseria Street. Before visiting, Pay the fees 30 Riyal by Card if you have or else the security guard in MOFA will guide you to the agent who will ask for 50 Riyal. Those agents sit near to the MOFA office . Once payment is done , go inside the building ,pass through the security check , take the Token No. , then wait till your number is displayed on the screen . Hand over the Endorsement Letter to the person sitting at the counter. He will stamp and sign it . Take it back . Then GO directly to Deira Fingerprint Office . This MOFA process took only 10 mins . NOTE : DON’T TRANSLATE THE LETTER INTO ARABIC . Not required.

    3. Tell taxi to drop at Deira Fingerprint office , they will charge around 10 Riyal. At the left side of the gate there is a blue door where people will be sitting . Enter and ask token from the first counter at your left . Then Wait till your number is called out by the police at the other counter. In my case , I gave them my Endorsement Letter and Iqama . Policeman will you give you your Iqama and the Receipt in which collection date is mentioned . Thats All folks.

    Next step is that I’ll go to Deira after a week to collect the PCC and then again to MOFA for stamping and then I’ll translate it . Khallas !

  • Thanks for your input brother!

  • Shaikh Mohammed Azharuddin

    Can i change my aqama my profession is AMEL TAZMIYA MOUZI

  • Thalur Manoj Muthanna

    Dear Aby,
    I live in dammam, i havent done the MOFA attestation yet. tom i will do it. i wasnt aware of the online payment it killed my time. i am leaving saudi by 20th of this month. hope to get it before that. do you think arabic translation is not required. will they accept the same here in dammam? i have to attest the letter given by embassy itself right i mean which is in english? i have already translated. which one shall i attest.
    is there any timings to visit the police station? please suggest. thank you in advance

  • Aby

    Attestation will be done on English Endorsement Certificate which you received from Embassy. Go to police station before 2 PM. Do give us update whether Dammam MOFA asked for Arabic Translated copy of Letter.

  • Thalur Manoj Muthanna

    Hi Aby,
    I had been to MOFA the attestation was done. NO, they didnt ask but i had attached a arabic translated letter along with it. he just glanced the papers attached with it.
    then i visited dammam police station near governor house. they told me to sign of the captain he looked the documents and he signed on both the letter from embassy and the arabic translated one. Then i went to basma thats what one police told, i noticed most police were polite it wasnt as i imagined. thankful for that. then they took the finger prints in a paper. asked one PP sized photo and attached with it and gave me a receipt with the date.
    Now i am worried that whether they would give me the PCC on the same date as they mentioned in the receipt.
    Morever my last working day is on 18th Nov they have given me the date on 20th Nov, i have to leave saudi asap.
    thinking if i request will they provide me the PCC.
    Already my Final exit visa is done. hoping for the best. any suggestions.

  • Tsai Miguel

    Hi. Is the police station open in saturday?

  • Aby

    Hello Steve,

    Is it necessary to attest again the English translated copy of PCC ?

  • ahmed faisal

    Assalam o alaikum wa rhmatullah wa brakatuh I have taken endorsement letter from Pakistan consulate jeddah today my iqamah issued from Jubail, I was worked in Yanbu now because of financial crises here my company did not have new projects and most of the employés going to final exit. Can any one share knowledge that if I go in jeddah police as I am living in jeddah is the officer entertain me or I go Jubail or dammam or also please tell is the police officer ask for any proof of living like rent agrément or utility bill. Please help thank you

  • France Benosa

    Dear Brother,

    Thank you for this informative link. I am in process of PCC. Please spare some time for my question:

    I have my family here as dependent. And our Final exit is on Dec 31, 2016. Me and my wife wants to go to Canada.

    Does my wife need to apply for PCC too?

    Thanks and Regards

  • Prince Tuli

    Do we have to be present personally to pick the PCC from Police Station or Some friend can Collect that if i Give him the receipt

  • Prince Tuli

    Do we have to be present personally at Police Station or Some friend can Collect PCC if i Give him the receipt

  • Mr_OCD

    Why do we need to get the PCC attested from MOFA? Whose requirement is that?

  • Qandeel Hussain

    Yes I believe all adults need to have it. all 18 or above age.

  • Qandeel Hussain

    But for australia, i have read the final exit alone is enough.

  • Mr_OCD

    Thank you for this post. I followed the steps exactly as written and submitted the attested embassy letter and fingerprints at the police station; should get the PCC in 2 weeks.

    Just a few points based on my experience:

    – In addition to documents mentioned above, the embassy asked me to share evidence of employment in Saudi (i.e. offer letter) and evidence for why I needed the PCC (i.e. immigration letter from respective country, etc.). Better to go with these printouts since the shops around the embassy charge a killing.

    – The biggest hassle was the MOFA attestation due to huge backlog from the previous days. I went there at 6:30 AM, stood in queue for 2.5 hours, got a token number of around 160 and left (as we were advised by the guards to leave due to max limit of 120-130 attestations per day). The next day, those who had a token from the previous day were prioritized and I was given a token number of about 30. It was a one hour wait from here.

    – You do NOT need any other kind of attestation, nor do you need a translation (if the embassy letter already contains a translation, as it did for me). While at MOFA, I observed others with an embassy endorsement letter had gotten an attestation from Chamber of Commerce but this is not required.

    – Submitting the attested letter and fingerprints was the quickest part. You do not need a company representative; this is a fairly common process now and you can go alone. Make sure to go with a photograph. The time for issuance of PCC is 2 weeks.

  • Mohd Aliuddin Siddiqui Qadri

    Hi..Can anyone share the exact location of the police station behind Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah for PCC. GPS Coordinates if possoble..or Link. Thanks..

  • John Mullaserimannil George

    If Some one worked in saudi 12 years back, does he need PCC for US migrant visa?

  • Haris Eley

    Is it necessary to have Final Exit visa in hand for processing of Police Clearence Certificate or you can start processing it before your Final Exit done with company?

  • Yes you can start the process without final ext

  • Haris Eley

    thanks steve.

  • Koreano Ako

    Hi! You said in your last statement that after getting PCC, we need to go back again to MOFA for attestation.. Is it really required to get the PCC authenticated?

  • Koreano Ako

    Do we really need to get the PCC authenticated by MOFA?

  • Muhammad Ali

    Is there any validity period for this certificate? ??
    Kindly help

  • Haris Eley

    thanks for reply.
    Could you please tell me that for attestaion of experience letters from saudi employer chamber of commerce (attestation) is required to be approached first or it needs to be attested directly by MOFA?
    Certificate is drafted in both languages English & Arabic.

  • Nadiya Moonakal

    I really appreciate your effort in sharing all these details. Could you kindly tell me where you got the translation for your PCC done?

  • Sabith

    Is there a time to go to Police Station for this? I am asking if I can go before 8am or after 5PM?

  • daisy

    hello aby how are you thank you for sharring how about i have a representative in the riyadh to get my police clearance its ok its been2moths but i didnt heard anything they told me always on process

  • Rajesh

    i have got PCC. I it necessary to get attested from MOFA? If yes than before translation or after. Please help as am about to leave within 10 days.

  • Maria

    Hi I obtained my pcc and place of birth is wrong . Is the form still valid ? Or where should I go to correct it .

  • Safwan Hashmi

    If someone wants Police clearance certificate for his wife. Then what? I mean
    Do He has to wait with his wife in front of MOFA office or they can go directly with out the queue.
    There is any family queue?

  • Safwan Hashmi

    I’ve a question, When You visited MOFA, Did you have to wait with the normal queue or there was a separate queue for the ladies/Families.

  • Safwan Hashmi

    I’m also applying for the PCC of my wife. We are planning for Canada but She is going on Final Exit.

  • Maria

    Yeah there is a separate queue for ladies and not crowded

  • Safwan Hashmi

    If a person left Saudi Arabia before the finger prints system was established. How can he get the Police Clearance Certificate from Saudi.

    If He make fingerprints from his country.
    Attest it from MOI of his country. Complete attestation.
    Give someone authority letter.
    Get the letter from the Embassy.

    Will it work? Has anybody tried it?

  • Safwan Hashmi

    Did you get any answer?
    I think if someone lived in any country for 12 months then the person is required PCC for immigration.

    Did you get any solution for this? If yes then please let me know. My friend needs help.

  • Mohammed Suhail

    If you do not have current legal residence status in Saudi Arabia, you are not required to provide a Saudi Arabian police certificate. If you are asked for a police certificate from Saudi Arabia, write: “I cannot provide a police certificate for the time I spent in Saudi Arabia because certificates are only available to people who have current legal residence status.

    See this link

  • syed

    Assalam’alaikum , got PCC saudi today for my wife

  • Asif Qureshi

    11/09/2017: Update regarding MOFA and Criminal evidence centre JEDDAH
    So i got my endorsement letter from the embassy as I have already explained in my previous comments, I will explain the steps to get MOFA and Finger prints from JEDDAH

    1. Pay the MOFA fee online and get printouts of the receipts (If you dont have a printer then you can make payment and get a printed receipt from the offices opposite to mofa after 7 am. Also take your endorsement letter and iqama and passport copies alone with originals.

    2. I went to MOFA Jeddah at 4:30 am.. there was a guy there making the list so I was 4th on the list, I came home afterwards and slept for a couple of hours and went back at 7:30am…This is the time when the guards come and make a queue of people according to the names on the list. At around 8 am, they open the gates and let you in. Inside you will get a token from the machine and wait for your number to be announced. When you reach the counter, he will ask you for endorsement letter + Payment receipt and your iqama. He will stamp your endorsement letter after checking iqama and payment and return to you the documents. He did not ask for copies of anything. No one asks you to fill any forms or pay 100 SR.

    3. Once you have the stamped endorsement letter, you go straight to CRIMINAL EVIDENCE DEPARTMENT behind Islamic development bank in Jeddah. Park your car outside and go in and again take a token.. wait for your turn. He will take you inside the office and ask for letter + iqama (again no need of photocopies). He will print a paper for you and on that paper they will take your finger prints and give you a receipt. On that receipt there will date of delivery. I wanted my documents done urgently so I requested the guy and he was kind enough to direct me to the manager there. The manager also helped me out and asked me to come tomorrow at 10 am. I was lucky and the people over there were extremely nice. I got my letter the next day at 10 am.

    Hope it helps.

  • Asif Qureshi

    Ideally you should get a translation of this document and get it attested from MOFA

  • Mehboob ul Haque

    I submitted the attested letter to police station in dammam they said to come after a week. But didnt get any receipt. My friend went nxt dat he got the receipt.. will it be a problem

  • Raman Sandhya

    Hello Daisy, It was told by Mohammad Suhail above, that the one who has left Saudi Arabia before, do not need to apply for PCC. His exit visa itself is a PCC. Why you want your PCC then? Call me if possible at 0091-8447984019 or whatsapp me. regards, Raman

  • Mohammad zakir

    Brother sakir assalam alekum
    I need indian pcc but I didn’t have to travel any country. I have to submit india pcc in ministry of interior . I m living in dammam zoon. So indian embassy are giving pcc for local government or they mentioning country name where have to travel?
    And how much time they are taking to issue pcc ?

  • Ajay Sharma

    i have to Apply for Saudi PCC but problem is I work on Province, exact location Jazan Refinery, in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. If I apply for it in Riyad or Dammam. I have to make atleast 3 visits from Jazan. It means i have to Spend around 4500 SAR on going there and coming back plus I will be without pay during that days i will be absent from work. Which sucks most. Is there any other way to get PCC from Jazan police station . . your comments will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  • hamzask

    dear aisf,

    my wife go for vacation with re entry visa & did not come back to saudi. Now i am need of PCC to go canada. She is outside the kingdom now. How i will get PCC

  • hamzask

    my wife go for vacation with re entry visa & did not come back to saudi. Now i am need of PCC to go canada. She is outside the kingdom now. How i will get PCC??

  • Asif Qureshi

    I guess everything is written on the site. Search for how to get pcc when yiu are not in the country. I think uou have to get her fingerprints attested from Pakistan and then Saudia embassy and then send to Saudi Arabia. But I guess it’s not required if you are in the country anymore.. Many people applying for Canada have said it’s not required if you are not in Saudia. But confirm from someone else. Thanks

  • Asif Qureshi

    See the comments below

  • Ali Ali Khan

    I went today for the Clearance Report to the Police station, for my wife they asked for the fingerprints but for me they didn’t asked for fingerprints and they told me it is already in the system. Is it normal that they didn’t get my finger prints and they were available in the system already?

  • abin

    Hi ,
    Can any one have experienced this or any one can give correct answer ?my iqama was issued from AL Khobar and currently i am moved to Rabigh so is it possible to do MOFA and PCC from Jeddha or i have to go to AL khobar ?

  • abin

    Dear steve,
    my iqama was issued from AL Khobar and currently i am moved to Rabigh so is it possible to do MOFA and PCC from Jeddha or i have to go to AL khobar ?

  • shafiqahmad786

    I also have the same question.

  • abin

    Dear asif,
    my iqama was issued from AL Khobar and currently i am moved to Rabigh so is it possible to do MOFA and PCC from Jeddha or i have to go to AL khobar ?
    Also is it required to cray original
    passport ?

  • Agi George

    Will there be any problems to get the PCC if we exit KSA after the finger print submission in respective police station?

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