Procedure to Get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Home Country

One of the mistakes people do when they decide to leave Saudi Arabia permanently means at the time of going on final exit visa is “not getting police clearance certificate (PCC)” from the Police Department.

It is one of the most important points upon which even I have emphasized in the article where I discussed the points to take care when processing final exit. The procedure of getting Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is different if you are applying for it from Saudi Arabia, and I have explained it in a separate article.

However, in this article, we shall be discussing the step by step procedure of getting police clearance certificate (PCC) from your home country. This procedure is lengthy and complicated, so you will have to read with patience.

Search for a person: First of all, you will have to search for a person who can do all the hassle of going to different departments on your behalf. It is very difficult if you know the system in Saudi Arabia. It can be your friend, relative or family member.

Go to Police Station of your Area and get fingerprinting card from them. This is to ensure that the person asking for a police clearance certificate (PCC) is the same who was living in Saudi Arabia. Contents of this fingerprinting card must be translated into Arabic and stamped by the Saudi Embassy.

Saudi Embassy: When you go to the Saudi Embassy in your country for fingerprinting card attestation, get a police clearance certificate (PCC) form from them. You will have to fill it in Arabic and get it attested by them.

Release letter from the employer: The procedure is not done brother, you will have to request your employer in Saudi Arabia to issue you a clearance certificate, NOC or release letter stating that you have no obligation to them.

Letter to the embassy of your home country: You will have to write a letter to the Embassy of your home country in Saudi Arabia stating that you need Police Clearance Certificate and you are authorizing your friend to get it on your behalf.

Required Documents: You will have to attach 2 passport size pictures, copy of your Iqama when you were in Saudi Arabia and a copy of your passport of the time when you were in Saudi Arabia. You will also have to attach all the pages of exit and entries to Saudi Arabia in the passport. Don’t miss even a single page.

If you are applying for the permanent residency of any particular country for which you need the PCC e.g. Canada. They also give a letter to you, take the copy of this letter and attach it to the documents.

Your friend will have to go back to the police station to get the Police Clearance Certificate. Once this PCC is issued, you do not even have to attest it from MOFA. He can directly send it to you.

Other procedures of getting police clearance certificate (PCC) is same with the “procedure of getting police clearance certificate during a stay in Saudi Arabia” there is only one exception that now your friend has to apply for everything on your behalf.

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