6 Points to Consider when Renting a Car in Saudi Arabia

There is no public transport in Saudi Arabia so people prefer to buy their own cars because Taxis are expensive. However, sometimes you also need to rent a car from the dealers due to any reason. Renting a car from the dealer can be problematic for you if you are a new customer in this business. In this article, we shall be providing you with all the useful tips and matters you need to care about at the time of selection of car from Rent a Car Dealer.

Selecting the Car

It is very important that car should be in good condition. Rent a  Car dealer will be charging more rent for a new car in better condition but believe me it is better to pay more rent than facing a problem with the poorly conditioned car.

The car should not be too much driven. You can check the distance meter how many kilometers it has traveled.

The car should not be very old. A car with 3,4 years old model is acceptable but not after that.

Switch on the car and check if the engine is giving sound. You should not select such car.

Make sure that the car is insured. Normally rent car dealers give you an option to get a car with a third party or comprehensive insurance. Believe me, it is better to pay SR 15,20 per day for the comprehensive insurance.

Check if all the tires are in good condition and the spare tire is available. If tires of the car are not in good condition, it is better not to take it. You know how dangerous it could be for you and your family.

Registration of Car on your Name

Look around the car and check the car externally for any damages like dents. If there is any damage, you should notify it to the rent a car dealer. You can also take photos and videos of the car as a proof.

Make sure that the number of kilometers appearing in the ODO meter of the car is same as written by the rent a car dealer on the invoice given to you. Rent car dealers charge you on the basis of a number of kilometers driven. A little mistake from his end may cost you a lot of money as rent.

If you are intending to go on a long journey on this car, let the rent a car dealer know about it. He will change the Mobil oil and oil filter of the car to prepare for long travel.

Returning Back the Vehicle to Rent a Car Dealer

At the time of returning the car back to the rent a car dealer, make sure that your name has been removed from the TAMM Traffic System and you have received an SMS for that. If your name is not removed and someone else drives this car, you will have to pay all the traffic violations.

Documents Required Rent a Car

Faraz Ahmed: Please note if you want to rent a car check the car properly before receiving and take the pictures by your mobile and show it to the agent or take from any famous company like NELCO or others don’t take from street small rent a car because when they fill the paper and show you old scratches or dents they hide some and later when you go to return they blame you and ask you to pay additional money they didn’t deposit this extra money to company this they eat themselves. Secondly before receiving the car inform expected return time otherwise they issue a fine for late return or they don’t accept early return and ask you we have no free parking so bring later on time to return.

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