Procedure to Renew Istimara (Vehicle Registration) Online

Now there is no more need to go through the manual procedure of applying for renewal of Istimara (Vehicle Registration) since online application system of Istimara (Vehicle Registration) has been launched by the Saudi Government. It will reduce the burden on the Maroor office and ease up the process.

Car registration card (Istimara (Vehicle Registration)) is expired after every three years in Saudi Arabia. It is illegal to drive your vehicle without having a valid Istimara (Vehicle Registration) under your name. Here in this article, we shall provide you step by step detail of renewing your Istimara (Vehicle Registration) online.

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Car registration card (Istimara (Vehicle Registration)) is expired after every three years in Saudi Arabia. It is illegal to drive your vehicle without having a valid Istimara (Vehicle Registration) under your name. Here in this article, we shall provide you step by step detail of renewing your Istimara (Vehicle Registration) online.

Requirements for renewing the Istimara (Vehicle Registration)

Istimara (Vehicle Registration) can be renewed only 180 days before its expiry.

You also need to deposit SR 300 from SADAD payment either through your ATM or Internet Banking. We have explained the procedure to pay it through SADAD internet banking. Recommended: Payment of Fee to Renew Istimara (Vehicle Registration)

Fahas (Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection) of your car should be valid at the time of applying for Istimara (Vehicle Registration) Online. If Fahas of your vehicle is not valid, you can apply for it by following the instructions given in this article. “How to do Fahas in Saudi Arabia”

You should have valid insurance for your vehicle. In order to check expiry of vehicle insurance online, please follow this link. If you want to get a third party or comprehensive vehicle insurance for your car, I would suggest you read this article. “Matters to Consider for Vehicle Insurance

Step by Step Procedure to Apply for Istimara (Vehicle Registration) Online

First of all, you must have an activated ministry of interior account. If you don’t have an account, create an account at this link. I have explained the step by step procedure to create Ministry of Interior Account in this article.

on Ministry of Interior website and click on the “Dashboard” tab on the upper side of the screen. The dashboard on your MOI account will be opened. Now you need to locate “Vehicle” tab for it. Once you find “Vehicles” tab, just click on the “More Details” button as shown in the below screenshot.

A new window will appear on your computer screen containing details of all your vehicles. You need to locate the vehicle for which you want to renew Istimara (Vehicle Registration). Once you are there, just click on the “More Detail” as shown in the below screenshot. A drop down screen will appear containing details of the vehicle. You can see if insurance of your vehicle is valid there. If everything goes fine, just click on the “Renew Vehicle Registration” button.

A new screen will appear containing terms and conditions of renewing the Istimara (Vehicle Registration) as well as details of the vehicle. You need to confirm the details by clicking on the “Confirm Vehicle Registration” button. Terms and conditions are given below;

Istimara (Vehicle Registration) will be renewed for 3 years from the date of renewal (not from the date of expiry of Istimara (Vehicle Registration)). A fine of SR 100 is imposed if you don’t go to the traffic police station to pick your new Istimara (Vehicle Registration) card. Congratulations! Your Istimara (Vehicle Registration) has been renewed. Now you need to visit the Traffic Police Center. It will not take more than 30 minutes to get your Istimara (Vehicle Registration) printed from there.

Khaleel Mohammed, You cannot renew the registration of this car. Please visit the nearest Traffic office, I am getting this message.

Khaleel Mohammed, Alhamdulillah yesterday I renewed my Istimara (Vehicle Registration). Just print this message and go to traffic police office. Go directly to Manager and show him the message. He will ask you to go to the counter. Take token and go to the counter. They will renew it, Insha Allah. Just make sure you have paid 300 riyals and print that message in Arabi for them to understand.

INSPECTION CERTIFICATE NOT FOUND: If the MVPI not appearing on MOI Portal: Take a copy of MVPI certificate, Istimara (Vehicle Registration) card, Insurance, Iqama, and SCREEN SHOT OF MOI Portal with vehicle serial number details. From Traffic department reception/information counter, you will get an application form in Arabic.

Fill it out with name details of vehicle etc. Submit all these documents to the reception/information counter. After this go to the Istimara (Vehicle Registration) renewal counter along with original Istimara (Vehicle Registration). You get your new Istimara (Vehicle Registration) card in a couple of minutes.

Jimson Chakramakal: When renewing the Isthemara online (Absher) I got an error “MV3852E: Invalid vehicle model”. It went through when I did it from the Arabic screen (changed the language to Arabic)


  • samk

    dears. anyone pls. update the car istimirah renewal fees 150 or 300…thanks

  • AM

    Dear Users and Admin,
    I renewed my isthimara online last year, but never picked up my renewed registration card. Does anyone know what procedure would i have to follow in order to pick up the card?

  • Majid Lodhi

    Thanks, Man! Jazakallah Khair!

  • Saima Rashid

    What is the procedure for dependents as they don’t have Absher account.
    for example my husband is on my Iqama , he don’t have this account, what he should do ?

  • Muaz Bin Rasheed

    The Istamara renewal fee has doubled. Now it is SAR 300.

  • Ooops! Thanks for updating!

  • Nomi

    Mr steve do you have any whatsapp number please? I need your help. I need some important information.

  • Nomi

    Mr steve .
    Dear i came from Pakistan on Free visa . My Kafeel Going yellow. He can not process my iqama. I want to go back to Pakistan . I have i month valid . Can i go to Pakistan without kafeel permission? I have my passport nd my other documents

  • S.M.Khurram Quaseem

    I can verify this. Just now I am paying for registration fee via online bank account. The fee that I have to pay is 300/-

  • mohd mubasheruddin

    Dear Steve, I have taken Lease car from KIA it is transferred in my name now, istemara is about to expire in 3 months, KIA people told as it is new car MVPI is valid for 3 yrs, so can I renew the istemara straight away online without checking MVPI.
    MVPI details cannot be seen in my abshir account.

    Pls. reply it will be helpful.

  • Irfan Aslam

    I’ve read in 2-3 blogs that Istemara can be renewed if it expiry is less than ONE YEAR but it is actually 180 Days ONLY not 1 Year.

    As shown in MOI “”The validity of car registration is more than 180 day , you can renew the car registration if the validity is less than 180 days””

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