Procedure to Transfer Sponsorship without Approval of Sponsor

Since the implementation of Nitaqat Law in June 2011, Saudi Government has taken several steps to make the working environment easy for the expatriates in Saudi Arabia. Many steps have been taken by the Saudi government to make their life easier. As you can see, today most of the government related tasks are performed online without the hassle of going to the Jawazat and other government offices. A major step taken by the Saudi Government in the recent years is to allow expatriates to transfer their sponsorship to a new sponsor in case of few instances. It has made the life a lot easier. We have already explained those instances when an employee is entitled to transfer his sponsorship without the approval of his sponsor. In this article, we will be talking about the procedure expatriates have to adopt if they want their sponsorship to be transferred without the approval of the sponsor. Recommended: Transfer of Sponsorship without Approval of Kafeel

Procedure to Transfer Sponsorship without Approval of Sponsor

First of all, you have to make sure that you are entitled to get your sponsorship transferred without the approval of your current sponsor. Recommended: Transfer of Sponsorship without Approval of Kafeel

Before starting the process, make sure you have your passport in your hands. Legally speaking, your Kafeel cannot hold your passport. For legal reference, please go through this article. “Legality of Holding Passport by Kafeel

Next step is to search for an employer with the green nitaqat category. Searching for an employer means searching for another job. We have already published an article “Matters to Consider when Switching a Job in Saudi Arabia” which can be really helpful for you. I would strongly suggest you read this article so that you are not caught again in some problem. Recommended: Check Nitaqat Category of Kafeel

Once you have a new job offer letter in your hands, give resignation with a notice period of 15 to  60 days. According to Saudi Labor Law, notice period varies from 15 to 60 days based upon the nature of your job. For further clarification, please read this article. Recommended: Notice Period under Saudi Labor Law

Asking for a package or accepting a job offer can be dodging for you if you don’t know about the average salary of your profession in Saudi Arabia, I have published an article regarding this from which you can take a guidance about the package to ask for. “Average Salary by Profession in Saudi Arabia

Once you have submitted resignation letter with the appropriate notice period, just ask from your employer after a week or a couple of weeks about your end of service benefits. Yes, you are entitled to end of service benefits which can only be availed if you have given resignation with proper notice period. Many expatriates do not resign from the old company and just move to a new company which is a violation of the contract and your employer may sue you in the labor office for doing this violation. You should also do some homework to calculate the “End of Service Benefits” yourself. Recommended: End of Service Benefits

Once the notice period is finished, you can ask for your benefits and release papers from the current Kafeel. Even if he does not give you release, you can still go to the new employer and surrender your Iqama and Passport to him. Once the Iqama and Passport are surrendered, rest of the activities will be performed by your new employer. It is important to mention here that employer now days welcome the employees with Red category of Kafeel since they don’t need to ask for the permission of the previous employer. Once the documents are submitted to the new employer, government relations officer of the employer will have to go to the Labor Office to prove that you qualify for the conditions to transfer sponsorship without the approval of your current sponsor. If they agree to this, that’s all. Now your sponsorship will be transferred within few days.

You can check the status of change of your sponsorship online. The procedure of checking the status of change of sponsorship is provided in this article. Recommended: Check Status of Change of Sponsorship

If the previous employer does not provide you end of service benefits, you can sue him in the court. But this decision should be dependent upon the amount of end of service benefits.

Transfer of Sponsorship under Huroob Status when Kafeel is red: In case your Kafeel has set huroob against you, you can still transfer your sponsorship to another Kafeel if he is in the `red nitaqat category.

  • Luqman Muhammad

    if my kafeel will not make my iqama after more then one month of expiration then i can transfer without approval of previous kafeel , but in this situation ,,, have i pay the fee for transfer sponsership or not.

  • Mohammed Hussain

    Hi Steve,

    I am leaving in KSA from past 3 years till now my iqama is not renewed and i cannot take transfer of sponcership my ID(2335948127) as i was unknown who is my sponcer where he is because in between me and my sponcer one agent was there and from.past 2 years he is absent.i have tried a lot to overcome from this issue but of no use atlast i found my sponcer this ramadan2016 after talking to him he says that he has closed his company and from ministry of labour some issue is there because of that i cannot transfer renew or go exit to my home country i need urs guidence how to make transfer or exit from.jawazat
    I got to know that from.MOL EXIT is there
    Mohammed Azher
    [email protected]

  • Firdos

    These rules just for Book keeping.
    My cousin Kafil is in RED nitaqat
    His Eqama is Expired
    He is is under Horoob
    He can not transfer to another Kafil.
    And here is Rule that he can do…but not applied.

    If any one can do. Come? And apply this Rule!

  • He can transfer. Ask him to look for a kafeel who is in green catgery. This kafeel will have to visit Labor Office to transfer his sponsorship. This rule is valid and applied as well

  • Firdos

    Dear, complaint against Kafeel is not easy.
    In labour court there is shoortha, first they will punish you .
    My cousin Kafil is in Red
    His Eqama is expired
    And he is under Horoob.
    Hr can’t Transfer.
    But here is rules that he can Transfer.
    Now where is rules?
    You can apply this rules???

  • Firdos

    Sir, I went to Labor office.
    I found new Kafil, and he is in green Nitaqat.
    But they said impossible
    CoME AND APPLY!!!!

  • Firdos

    If you can apply this rule
    Come and Apply… I will give you 5000/Saudi Riyal as a gift

  • Firdos

    If KSA government take finger print during performing Hajj illegally from any body and then transfer to his own country, again he/She can come to KSA on Umrah visa? Or Not?
    If yes , then after how much time?
    [email protected]

  • naqeeb rehman

    Good morning : I have a one question regarding change the sponsor(Kafeel) .my kafeel is dead 4 month ago . and also his company category is red. Now i want to transfer my iqama to other company. the new company have been sent the request to previous kafeel for transfer the visa before one month . but still he does not accept this request . because his staff demand the money.can i take the transfer automatically ? because his company is red color. and also my iqama is valid for 4 month . kindly give me a suggestion what i will do. Thanks

  • Atiq Ur Rehman

    Dear Steve,
    if current sponsor is in red and iqama is expired too. a transfer request has been sent just 2 days before expiry of iqama. But jawazaat told new sponsor ask old sponsor to accept request online.
    Question. Can old sponsor is still able to accept my request online.or any other way?

    if he cant then how to complete transfer without old sponsor approval as he is in red and dont know untill how much time he will stay in red.

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