Who needs to bear the Cost of Permanent Family Visa?

I want to settle my family here in KSA, who will bear the cost of applying for the permanent family visa?

Question by Viewer: I have gone through with some of the discussions and many of the topics you posted here and must appreciate your good efforts. I have the case of Change of profession with me. I am Human Resource Manager but came on labor category visa around 2.5 months back. Just wanted to know is there any compulsion of time frame to change the profession or any time when I need I can change it. I am MBA, and obviously, they can’t be able to change my profession to HR due to the band so what profession suits me and convertible easily. Also, I want to settle my family here permanently what the procedure is for the same after profession change. Who will bear the cost of this Employer or employee, as per my understanding and knowledge this should be borne by the employer?

Answer by Steve: There is no time frame as far as changing profession is concerned. However, I have mentioned in the article, it is illegal to work on a different profession. Your profession cannot be changed to HR specialist since it is one of the professions reserved for Saudis.

In order to bring your family to Saudi Arabia, you will have to go through a certain procedure which is explained in detail in this article. As far as cost is concerned; it depends upon the agreement between you and your employer. Saudi Labor Law does not force employers to pay the cost of permanent family visa of employees.

Comment by Viewer: Thank you very much for your prompt reply! Can you suggest me profession since I am an MBA from Pakistan that includes family entitlement as per profession?

Answer by Steve: List of professions who are entitled to bring their families to Saudi Arabia is given here. You can choose any of these professions. But it is always suggested to confirm once from the government relations officer of your company after selection of the profession that this profession is entitled to bring the family in Saudi Arabia on a permanent visa.

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