Exit before final exit visa date

My Employer wants me to go back to my country within 10 days before even the date mentioned on my final exit visa, can he cancel it?

Question from Viewer: Sir, based on my request, my sponsor has issued me an electronic final exit visa before the expiry of my Iqama. My passport and Iqama is with me now. My Iqama has expired on 4 June 2014. The exit visa says “exit before 24 July 2014. I have a confirmed flight ticket on 17 July 2014. Now my sponsor says I should exit KSA within 10 days or else my final exit visa will get canceled or he will cancel it. Sir, my wife is also leaving KSA on 17 July 2014 and she needs me to accompany him told my sponsor that I will leave KSA before the expiry of exit visa but he doesn't listen to me.

He says if I don’t travel within 10 days, I will be responsible for any issues thereafter and that I will have to pay all the fines from my own pocket. When I informed the Passport Officials about this matter, they said I have the right to stay until the “exit before date” mentioned on my final exit visa. I don't understand why my sponsor is forcing me to leave in a hurry?

Sir, can my sponsor cancel my final exit visa without my approval? He says if I don’t leave, I will have to pay all the fines after cancellation of my final exit visa, but if he does that I won’t pay any fines as I have already made him clear that I will leave KSA with my wife on 17 July 2014 only before the expiry of my final exit visa. I have decided to stay in KSA until then. Sir, what is your opinion in this regard?

Answer from Steve: The situation you have just mentioned is mere blackmailing. Problem is that Saudi Authorities give so many rights to the employer that he can issue exit visa as well as cancel it. If employer cancels your exit visa, you will not be allowed to go back to your country. Passport officials are right that you have THE right to stay here up to the expiry of the final exit visa, but what if exit visa itself is canceled. He does not need your approval to cancel the exit visa. In order to minimize the problem, I would suggest you to either convince him to not to cancel final exit visa or leave the country as he suggested.

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