Procedure to Apply for Visa of Newly Born Baby to Saudi Arabia

In my previous article, I have discussed the matters one should consider in deciding the childbirth in Saudi Arabia. If you have decided not to deliver your child in Saudi Arabia after going through the matters mentioned in that article, you will have to bring him and register under your Iqama.

This article discusses the procedure you need to follow to bring your newly born baby to Saudi Arabia when he is born outside Saudi Arabia. However, if the child is born inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you need to follow a separate procedure to add him under your Iqama.

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Before going further, it is important to clarify here that this article is only for those parents who already have Iqama, their baby is born outside KSA and now they want to bring her to Saudi Arabia for the first time to register under Iqama.

Two different ways of bringing newly born baby to Saudi Arabia is explained in the below lines. However, the baby must be less than one year old at the time of traveling.

Getting a passport for baby is the first and most important step to bring your newly born baby to Saudi Arabia. You should apply for the passport as soon as possible.

Saudi Embassy or Consulate gives visa for newborn baby without visa slip (Yellow Slip), on the basis of mother’s Exit Re-Entry visa. You will have to submit following documents to get this visa.

  • Mother's original passport, with original valid Exit Re-Entry visa of KSA
  • Baby's original passport
  • Official birth certificate issued by the Government of the country should be attested and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Polio Certificate can be obtained by any doctor, family physician, typed on his letterhead (Handwritten not accepted), stating that the vaccination has been given as per age schedule. Please note that Polio Card or long file containing several pages is not acceptable.
  • Baby's photo: 04 No. (Passport size, Color Photo, but white background)
  • Father’s Iqama (Residence Permit) copy
  • Mother’s Iqama (Residence Permit) copy
  • Father’s Passport copy (only 1st & last page)\
  • Father’s complete Saudi Company Address with Ph/ Mob No.

Procedure in Pakistan: My wife visited Etimad Center Karachi with Polio certificate duly attested by authorized Saudi travel agent. They charged 1500 PKR for attesting polio certificate which we acquired from GAMCA registered medical center. They also charged 200PKR for this certificate. In Etimad, we submitted all the above documents.

You can also get an on-arrival visa. One of our readers has shared his experience in detail to bring his newborn baby on an on-arrival visa to Saudi Arabia. This experience is shared in this link. “Bringing Newly Born Baby to Saudi Arabia on On-Arrival Visa

If you apply for Saudi Embassy or on-arrival visa, in both cases they will write border entry number at the passport of the newly born baby. Make sure that they write this number otherwise you will have to come back to the immigration officers later on.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to bring polio immunization certificate from your country for the child. Otherwise, your application to register the baby under your Iqama will not be processed. Now, next step is to apply for the Iqama of the newly born baby. You will have to follow this procedure to apply for the iqama.

  • bibin koshy

    Hello, I and my wife having a resident visa she is also working .our daughter is also with us but in visit visa.I would like to know that can I change her visit visa to resident visa without exiting from the kingdom.and please reply me with the procedure if it’s possible

  • shras

    halo mr usman have u paid any extra fee to new born

  • Jahan Mohamed

    Dear Mr. Steve or Anyone who could answer,

    I got my new baby just one month ago in my country Sri Lanka my wife already has family Visa and she has to travel to ksa before end of October.

    in Sri Lanka the hospitals are give polio after 3 months completion of baby age so anyone please explain me is it possible to get Visa for my son without polio certificate and is it possible to him give him polio in ksa after he arrived?

  • thouseef

    Dear Steve,
    I am planing to bring my wife and newborn baby to Saudi in permanent visa i just want to know that whether i have to apply for visa for my newborn baby or just need to apply only for my wife.??your reply will be highly appreciated

  • UIC Purchasing

    Dear Steve,

    My wife just joined MOH a month back and we had to issue a visit visa for our 4 month old baby to come along with her mother ( her mother is arriving under new visa ) as agents informed us there is no arrival visa these days.

    Now we want to issue a iqama for the baby . Both me and wife are iqama holders . Please help this is important

  • If both of you are Iqama holders, you don;t need to apply for visit visa for your baby. There is another type of visa available at Saudi Embassy for newborn babies. Get that visa and bring your baby here and after that, you can start the process of Iqama

  • Abdullateef Badmus

    Hi Steve, please I will like to know if the visa given to me for my wife in my country is still valid because it has been issued to me since September.? I plan to bring her by November. Thanks

  • Thanga

    Hi Mr.Steve

    I have 5 & 1/2 months old baby in India, my wife and first child went re- entry on Mar-2016 and come back July 2016, They came just for 1 day to take another exit and reentry visa for another 6 months duration (return before Nov 2016), (wife and first kid only) without new born baby(I mean Second baby).

    Now I want to bring my family with new born baby,is there any problem for on arrival visa for new born baby? , Do you have any reference about rules and regulations regarding on arrival visa for infant for saudi.

  • UIC Purchasing

    Dear Steve,

    The Jawazat took my application to transfer my kid from visit visa to my iqama along with the required docs.

    However they called me yesterday and have asked me to visit istiqdam and open account or file. Do you know what that means?

  • S Kamaal

    Dear Steve ,
    I have just got Yellow Slip for my wife last week, she is expecting baby in February.
    Today GAMCA INDIA has refused for Medical Test because she is more than 6 month pregnant.
    So i have only one option left, to bring my wife after delivery.
    My question is that Can i have to apply for Yellow Slip for my Baby OR visa on arrival is applicable in my case as she is supposed to get visa stamped on her passport first time.

  • You don’t have to apply for your baby’s yellow slip. Saudi Embassy in India will stamp your child’s passport on the basis of copy of your iqama and your wife’s iqama

  • Qandeel Hussain

    Usually a medical test without xray is done for such cases. A letter from saudi consulate is required to exclude xray, i believe that letter is given once the doctor in india writes an application to the embassy that the mother-to-be is expecting. Its a long shot though..

  • S Kamaal

    Thanks a lot Qandeel

  • louie mago

    dear steve

    i have a problem of procedure the new iqama of my baby.

    the reason my company would not give me a permit to stamp my application and have said to me deducted insisted I have it in them. I would help me with my problems. thanks

  • Rohith pothu

    i got my temporary membership yo permanent. i need SCE id and certificate. I went to SCE office they said change border no to iqama.. i tried lot but it shows problem. Can u please help me how can i get my id..

  • Muzaffer Sarfuddin

    Dear Steve,

    I applied for visa and get yellow slip for my newly born baby. I applied the visa online by absher and pay 2000 riyal for the visa. Now i bring my son to KSA and when applied for IQAMA passport office asking for 2000 riyal more as they are telling that there is no fund showing under my iqama. It confused me how it happend, as already i got the yellow slip then how they ask again money for the same person visa. After investigation i found that the visa stamped on my son passport is the temporary one based on father and mother iqama and visa issued by yellow slip not used.

    As my son enter KSA with temporary visa i have to pay 2000 riyal to get iqama.

    Now my problem is how to get 2000 riyal back which i already paid to get yellow slip.

    Please help

  • Sheraz

    Hi Steve
    There are two procedure mention to bring New-born baby to KSA for parents having valid Iqmah.
    1.Apply through Saudi Embassy or consulate and
    2.On arrival visa.

    I just need to know which procedure is preferred,as my plan is to bring my baby within 3 months the birth date.

    Does apply procedure 1 makes the iqmah process easier than procedure 2 or in both case same procedure is applied to get new baby Iqmah ?

  • Naveed

    Muzaffer how old your son, can you please tell me actually i am going to apply visa for my 7 month daughter.

  • mohammad aziz

    Dear Kamaal, what happend in our case. What process did u follow for your. Did you call your wife after delivery and how did u get your baby to saudi. Please help.

  • mohammad aziz

    Dear Steve, I had applied for family visa for my wife through Isteqdam. This was before we had our baby. My wife’s visa is already endorsed but this is the first time she is coming so she doesnt have iqama. Embassy is saying to get yellow slip for baby. Now for our baby, do I need to apply for new visa through Isteqdam or can I get visa on arrival. Please help.

  • mohammad aziz

    Salam brother, was this first time for your wife or she already had iqama?

  • mohammad aziz

    Dear Usman, What happend in your case. Please advice.

  • Varghese John Vimal

    Dear Steve,

    Hope u are doing good ,

    I am working in private sector and My Wife is working as a Nurse in MOH , In-fact I don’t have family status. Could I able to bring my 3 year old son under permanent resident status .

    Your advice and replay are highly appreciated.


  • Nijil


    Can anyone tell me what is the age limit of a infant travelling from indian to saudi arabia on the basis of on-arrival visa. What are all the procedure?

  • Khan

    Hi Sheraz,
    Were you able to bring your baby on arrival to Saudi? Please share your experience.


  • Ibrahim

    Would like to know what is the procedure of unborn died baby for funeral ?

  • Shiju

    Hi Steve,
    Today I heard a news stating that for on arrival visa below three conditions should be met
    1. Baby should have Passport
    2. Both father and Mother should have valid Iqamma
    3. Mother should be under father sponsorship.

    I my case i am planning to bring by 2 month old child from India to KSA and out of above conditions, I am not able to fulfill third condition because my wife is working in MOH and she is under ministry sponsorship.

    Do you have any idea if it is true or can i still use ON-ARRIVAL option if I am not able to stamp visa from my home county following Option one (Through Saudi Embassy with out yellow paper).

  • Aisha

    I have a question due to some problem i have put travel ban on my husband and my husband has put travel ban on me.i want to bring my kids back from india to saudi arabia how is it possible.

  • Chong

    Hi shiju, we have the same situation, did you get any response or answer to your concern?

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