Procedure for a Baby who got birth while mother is on Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Planning your child’s birth in Saudi Arabia is a big deal and one should not do it if your wife does not have health insurance. In case your wife is here on family visit visa, you cannot get her insured as insurance of family members on a visit visa is yet to start. I would not recommend you to plan your child’s delivery here in Saudi Arabia if your wife is on visit visa. However, if it is not suitable to send her back to your country, you have ultimate option to plan your child’s delivery in Saudi Arabia. There are certain procedures you need to follow after the birth so that your family can go back to your home country easily. Recommended: Factors to consider for Child Birth in Saudi Arabia

If you are expecting baby birth within next 30 days, then follow the given steps to get register your baby in KSA on time. Do get an appointment from Ahwal-Madni (Civil Affairs). You can get an appointment from the online system either you have an online account on MOI web portal or not, to get appointment click on this link. “Book an Appointment with Ahwal Madni”. Keep in mind; you will have to contact the Ahwal e Madni of the same city where your child has taken birth. They will not entertain your application if you take an appointment in some other city.

After baby’s birth get baby’s birth notification paper from Hospital where a baby born. Before you say thanks to Hospital management make sure that all information mentioned in the baby birth notification is correct especially your and your family iqama ID, name, birth date, time and most important baby’s name. Don’t forget to make sure that baby birth notification must have hospital stamp and doctor/ medical officer’s signature. Hospital takes around 1 week to issue this Birth Notification so it is better to apply for it just after the birth of a baby. Birth notification is issued by Ministry of Health on its letterhead.

Prepare the file of following documents before you visit Ahwal-Madni to get your baby’s governmental birth certificate.

A copy of your appointment. The person who gives token in Ahwal-Madni checks Date and time on your appointment paper then gives you a token. You should only go there on the same date as mentioned on the appointment paper.

Copy of Baby’s birth notification issued by the Hospital

Iqama copy of baby’s father

Passport copy of baby’s father

Passport copy of baby’s mother

Filled form named ‘Form 87’. It is available on MOI website and also available outside Ahwal-Madni office you can get filled services on SAR 15 to 20. Please note that all the form should be filled in Arabic. Anyone who can write URDU (or of course Arabic) can easily fill the form or take help with Any Pakistani friend to fill this up.

Once you have a birth certificate issued by the Civil Affairs, you can go to your embassy or consulate to apply for the passport of the baby.

You need to attest this certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Documents from MOFA

You may have to translate the documents in English and attest it from your embassy. This requirement varies from Embassy to Embassy

Once you have a passport issued by your embassy, your child can easily go back to his country along with his mother. An immigration officer may request to see the original birth certificate issued by Civil Affairs. They will stamp on your child’s passport after examining the document.

After this, you have to go to Jawazat and get a print of the visit visa. If you go to Jawazat in Jeddah, after you enter the main door, go to right side corridor and first door to your left is the location. You need to tell that Ahwal Madani send you and your wife is on visit visa. He will give you a printout that is needed in Ahwal Madani.

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