Procedure to Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Child – Born outside Saudi Arabia

In my previous article, I have discussed the matters one should consider in deciding the childbirth in Saudi Arabia. If you have decided not to deliver your child in Saudi Arabia after going through the matters mentioned in that article, you will have to bring him and register under your Iqama. This article discusses the procedure you need to adopt if a child is born outside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, if a child is born inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you need to follow a separate procedure to add him under your Iqama. This procedure is explained in this article.

Procedure to Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Child – Born outside Saudi Arabia

The first and most important condition of getting a baby registered under your Iqama is that the baby should be inside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It means the wife who already has Iqama will have to apply for the passport and visa of the newborn baby outside Saudi Arabia. We have explained the procedure of bringing the newborn baby to Saudi Arabia in this article. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Visa of Newly Born Baby to Saudi Arabia

Once the baby is in Saudi Arabia, you need to deposit SR 2,000/- to add a dependent under your Iqama. The fee is paid through SADAD via internet banking or ATM. If you are registering baby after 12 months of birth, an additional fine of SR 1,000/- will have to be paid as per Article 61 of the Residence Law. Recommended: Procedure to pay fee for Iqama of Newly Born Child

In order to check if your fee has been correctly deposited, you can check it on MOI website. We have explained the procedure in this article. ”Check Available Funds under Iqama

Now you need to take an online appointment with Jawazat. Right now, the online appointment is not needed for Makkah region. But I would recommend you to try to apply for online appointment of Jawazat for your region. You never know when they change the procedure. Recommended: Procedure to Book an Appointment with Jawazat for the issuance of Iqama of Newly Born Baby

You need to fill and submit the form for addition of baby under your Iqama. Download “Iqama Form” for Saudi Jawazat (Passport Office) or you can go to Jawazat and ask the typewriters sitting in front of Jawazat office to fill the form for you. The form must be filled in Arabic. You will have to attach two photographs of the newly born child with the form and get it attested by your employer. If you are living in Jeddah, you can go to Rehab Jawazat for this purpose. Now, you need to go to “Addition Department” in Jawazat and submit the form along with;

Iqama copy of Parents (don’t forget to carry your original iqama there)

Copy of Passports of Parents (You may have to show them original passports)

Passport of the Newly Born Child

Copy of the front page of the passport of the newly born child and the pages where border number is written by the Immigration officer or visa is stamped by the Embassy

Insurance certificate of the baby. Insurance can be applied on the basis of border number written on the passport of the baby.

Duly Filled form to add newly born child under your Iqama

Payment proof of SR 2,000 paid through SADAD

Birth Certificate issued from your home country along with its Arabic translation. Usually, they don’t ask for the birth certificate and translation if your baby already having arrival visa stamped on the passport. If they don’t feel comfortable with your information, then they may ask for it. You should give it a try first before birth certificate translation. Maybe it will work for you as well

A copy of the polio immunization certificate received from the hospital in your country along with translated copy in Arabic.

Once the documents are submitted, the officer will ask you to go to another window to get the print of the Iqama of newly born child. Normally Jawazat offices in Riyadh and Jeddah remain very crowded. There are Jawazat offices in almost all big shopping malls of Saudi Arabia. You can go to any of these malls and get the iqama of your newly born child printed from there.

If a child is born inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you need to follow a separate procedure to add him under your Iqama. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Baby – Born inside Saudi Arabia


  • Rauf Muhammed K

    Do you know how much will be the fine ?

  • Rauf Muhammed K

    I am about to take Iqama for my kid after 6 months of their arrival.

    Is there any kind of fine I have to pay ? If so, how much and where should I pay ?

  • Rauf Muhammed K

    Steve, I would like to get your help.

    I am about to take Iqama for my kid after 6 months of their arrival.
    Is there any kind of fine I have to pay ? If so, how much and where should I pay ?

  • Alam Zuberi

    Dear Steve
    i work in a logistic company . My wife is a doctor & works in a govt hospital .We married in Jeddah . Can I Transfer my new born baby on my iqama By Consediring folowing fact that
    1) My proffesion is aamil.

  • Bibin Danty

    Thanks for sharing your valuable experience for as …
    In our case also i am working in Riyadh and my wife also. But we doesn’t have any family visa
    We bring our baby ON ARRIVAL VISA on last three months before from the airport they written the border number and all . i payed 2000 Sr bank .But now we are having some problems about my 5 month’s old daughter insurance
    Can you advice me about your experience . how can i apply for insurance for my baby
    should be the same insurance father baby also
    we are waiting for your feed back please reply …

  • Ask your company to get insurance for your newly born baby. This insurance is applied on the basis of passport and border number.

  • shams

    Asslm alikum..

    I want to bring my new born baby.But i just want to know wheather Polio certificate and Birth certificate should be attested by Ministry of foreign affair and Saudi embassy in My country.Please help me

  • Bibin Danty

    Thanks Mr Steve we are waiting for the insurance from the company still they didn’t make it.i have to pay any extra charges for the late registration . Daughter last three months in KSA and daughter is not appearing in my MOI account as a dependent
    plese help as .. thanks

  • Bibin Danty

    yes you have to attest birth certificate mr. shams

  • Bibin Danty

    did you make the iquama for your baby am also in the same situation
    if you done it please share your experience

  • Bibin Danty

    hi Mr if you done the possess of your baby iquama becos am in the same situation please share with as

  • Rauf Muhammed K


    I paid SAR 500 as penalty.

  • Waqas Zaman

    I am living in Saudi Arabia in resident Iqama profession ( IT Technician ) working for Consultants under their sponsorship. I would like to Adopt my sister SON ( As eight year in the marriage I don’t have any Children by Allah’s Will ) my query is can I process the VISA for adopted child if I go for guardianship procedure as one of the lawyer suggested, if yes please provide me the details of document and procedure, if it is not possible kindly suggest the solution to my problem I would be very thankful for your support.

  • I have not experienced it and no one else has ever shared the procedure for guardianship with me. I would recommend you to take assistance for the lawyer (in Saudi Arabia) and update us if you are successful in your attempt. It will help thousands of others looking for it

  • Bibin Danty

    thanks mr.

  • Jahan Mohamed

    Someone help please..
    Do I need need to process medical insurance for my new born baby outside KSA prior to apply for him Iqama at Jawazat?

  • Waqas Zaman

    Under 6 month baby can attain on arrival visa as i was reading on some posts can this be done for adopted child in this case the baby will be traveling with father not with mother is this possible. As father i mean the Guardian not real father.

  • as per my info, Saudi government does not grant visa to adopted children

  • Bibin Danty

    Rauf Muhammad can you please advice me. How you get insurance for your new born .Same insurance for you . You get from company how much you pay ad all please help me..

  • Jahan Mohamed

    Dear Bebin,
    in my case my newborn baby will arrive in KSA end of this month Insha Allah.

    but I’m pretty sure that it was cumpulsury to get medical insurance for my first baby and my wife to processes their Iqama upon their first arrival in KSA.

    but in my second baby who has born at my country Sri Lanka recently I don’t know weather we need medical insurance prior to apply for Iqama or not as it’s not stated in above forum.

    anyway as soon as if I get any updates on this I will definitely share to you.

  • Bibin Danty

    Mr.jahan i am from India. last 4 months before we bring our new born now 7 months
    when we go jawazat they said pay 2000sr sabb and insurance my insurance bupa so i go to bupa office .they said should be made from your company under your insurance as a dependent .
    but now am waiting last 45 days still on process they are saying

  • Jahan Mohamed

    I understand your situation now. even I have company brought me insurance within a week upon my request during the time I apply for Iqama for my wife and first baby. normally maximum in a week company admin can process medical insurance. in your case my suggestion is to closely followed up with your admin.

    also thank you so much for your information as I got to know that from you its compulsory to add and get medical insurance for my baby born outside ksa.

    Are you from Tamil naadu in india??

  • Rauf Muhammed K

    The insurance process is starts with your company. Talk to your Insurance Coordinator regarding the procedure.

    Once you get the insurance, pay 2000 for Iqama and go to Jawazat. You will get it.

  • Bibin Danty

    Our company I don’t want to say more about that it’s shitty that’s why facing this

  • You can get insurance based upon Border number and yes it is required.!

  • for insurance you should check with the HR of your company. They are authorized people to contact your insurance company

  • Jahan Mohamed

    Steve, Hearty thanks for the information and your dedicated Services.

  • Abid Farooq

    Dear Kashif
    thank you for sharing information i have some question
    1 Its necessary B.Form attasted by foreign office ?
    2 Polio Certificate attested by authorized saudi travel Agent . Witch one?


  • Abid Farooq

    Etimade office how much take a time

  • fayaz

    Alhamdullah, I got iqama of my daughter on yesterday from Dammam Jawazat. I followed the same procedure mentioned above. Thxs for sharing……

  • Waqas Zaman

    One of my friend is living in Saudia he married iqama holder girl in Saudia although he did not took her transfer on his iqama now the wife is in Pakistan, and they got baby in pakistan what would be the procedure to bring wife back with the new born child.

  • They will have to process the visa of the newborn baby from Pakistan. Their marriage certificate from Saudi Arabia will be required in this regard. Follow this link

  • sah

    What is the iqama fees for twin babies

  • sah

    Iqama fees for twins born outside ksa

  • akku

    On the date of 19.10.2016 . i booked through abshir and go to jawasat office near lulu (hara) for Visa Process . but this procedure (baby born outside KSA) is not done on that office they shifted this service to Asisia (Inside SAPCO Bus station second floor Near NESTO Hyper Market). But No one near this Place have no idea about this Service running inside this building. so any one need this procedure go directly to SAPCO Bus Station take ticket from machine .go as per counter . from morning to night 9 pm this service working there properly .

  • Sohail Ahmed

    What will be permanent visa fee for Twins will it 2,000SR Each or will it be only 2,000SR for both kids.

  • Sohail Ahmed

    What will be permanent visa fee for Twins, if kids are born outside saudi arabia.
    Will it be 2,000SR each total 4.000SR or it will be only 2,000SR for both kids. Jazakallah

  • Bibin Danty

    Thank GOD , I got iqama of my daughter today from Riyadh Murabba Jawazat. I followed the same procedure mentioned every one . Thanks for sharing your valuable experience with me .But i would like to add more. For my case i faced a lot for the insurance. After two months .i receive that yesterday from the company
    (as per mr AKKU ) So i go to aziziya saptco bus station second floor yesterday night and they said yo have to get stamp from your company .Application form. first page top of the baby photo and down there is a area for stamp also . After that i go again aziziya then they said your iqama issued from Al kasim so i have to go there to make iqama for my daughter also . But again i go to murabba jawazat. I know one Saudi man is sitting with type writing me-shine i met him and informed every thing he said he can help me . I give him all the document with original pass port of baby and for late registration 500sr fine and 500sr for his charge after 30 minutes he give me the iqama for my baby and passport original . May be this charge 500sr extra cost for this but for me i cant run any more …. becoz i run alot
    thanks Mr STEVE

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. It will definitely help thousands of expatriates

  • Zubair

    Hi ,

    My baby born in India, my Wife has Iqama so based on it both arrived KSA on 10th Oct’16 , but still BUPA isn’t able to get insurance for my baby as it is not Updated online.

    So where i could know the issue is, border no. is there on baby Passport but it can’t be used for Insurance.

    Please help!

  • Bibin Danty

    Hi Zubair did u try throw your company. Becos they are the one who provide the Bupa insurance for you . So they are responsible to add your baby also to your bupa as a dependent .As per the border number is written by the immigration officer to the passport of your baby.

  • Zubair

    Yes Company is following up with BUPA, but the Issue is my Daughter Border no. not Linked to my Iqama, so it’s not showing online for Processing Insurance as Per BUPA

    So any Procedure to Link add Border no. on Iqama.

  • shams

    Dear Steve,

    My new born baby got Visa from his mother Exit/Re entry visa.But the validity of visa written is 52 days.Problem is that when he arrives in saudi there will be maximum 10 days left.So for making iqama it will be a problem.So please any body tell me [b]what is the validity of infant visa after arriving in Saudi Arabia…[/b]

  • Bibin Danty

    Even for my baby they just written the border number on passport only its not shownto my iqama also when i make the insurance

  • Bibin Danty

    but when i check with bupa direct they said the same story to me .And they said to me . go to airport with this passport and they will make this from there .But me i give to company when they make this they didn’t ask anything regarding this. But before i make the insurance i paid the 2000sr for the iqama under my iqama as per border number baby passport. So becoze of this may be its show or not i don’t no .So try like this any way you have to pay this amount so pay first and let see what happening

  • UIC Purchasing

    Dear ,

    Me and my wife are iqama holders. I visited Jawazat Dammam to submit all documents for addition of our 6 month old baby to my iqama and they verified all the papers but they never mentioned about insurance . However they did insist on attestation of Birth and Marriage Certificate which i have done.

    2 times i had visited they never asked for insurance.

    they also said it’ll take 2 weeks and i need to check on abshir if my daughter is added as my dependant.. may i know why 2 weeks to get iqama for a baby ?

  • Waqas Zaman

    Hi Steve,

    i am reading lots of discussion regarding new born baby on arrival visa process i need to confirm the maximum age of baby to be able to avail this service( IN MY CASE IT 7-8 MONTHS ) will i be able to get this under on arrival visa category.

  • Rubab Haider

    Hello .
    Do I need medical insurance for the baby before applying for iqama ?
    Baby is born outside the kingdom and mother is already iqama holder .
    Waiting. Thanks

  • imran

    Yes you need the medical insurance for baby.
    you don’t need visa for baby they will give visa on arrival if baby is 3 month or less.
    The medical insurance will be made based on Border entry number.

  • tahir

    with in 6 months you can get arrival visa

  • Waqas Zaman

    If baby is 7 months old ?

  • suliman din

    Hi Zubair,

    I am having the same problems with getting an iqama for my daughter. Insurance company are saying that the issue is my daughter’s border number is not linked with my iqama. But when I go Jawazat they say there is not problem.

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem?


  • Zubair

    Hi Suliman

    It will take sometime …for me also i waited about 1.5 months and one day it was updated

    Your insurance company should keep on checking atleast once a week.

    Neverthless send the Border no. Copy to your company Mandoob to check for you if its real problem in Jawazat

  • Aneez Abdul Latheef

    Hello Dear,
    May I know the procedure to make final exit for the baby who came on arrival visa before making the IQAMA by depositing 2000 SR.
    I would like to make final exit for both my wife who having IQAMA and the baby arrived recently on arrival visa (iQama Not yet Taken).

  • Faiz Rasul

    Hello brother. I am facing same issue. My son is not appearing in Abashir but he is in kingdom for last three months. Is ur problem solve? If yes plz guide me. Whatsapp number 0594925742

  • Mohammed

    Hi Mr. Steve how u doing??
    I need to know that what is the time limit to make iqama for newly born baby (Outside Kingdom).I heard its 3 month but i got penalty in 2 months. could you pls assured me about time limit

  • Moid Ansari

    sir its the same issue with me..just want to ask under which category u deposit 500 fine?

  • Rauf Muhammed K

    Hi Ansari.

    Dont worry. Just go there and you will see somany oulets to do the payment.
    Just tell them Karama and give your iqama. They will get this karama list and after payment get the payment receipt and show to the officials.

  • Need Help

    can you guide to make iqama for new born baby and the fee its shows SAR 2500.00 is this correct

  • Rana A. Javed

    have a question,
    If new born baby is enter in the kingdom on arrival visa can we send him/her back within the age of one year or more without making iqama?
    Thanks & Regards

  • Abeera Kashif

    you just need baby B.certfacte and passport for bring her in saudia ?
    or any othr procedure is requrd in home country ?

  • Abeera Kashif

    so kindly u explain ur procedure in summary you applied for ur baby ?
    you made Birthcirtfcate
    passprt from home country ?
    thn wht else procedre ?

  • Abeera Kashif

    which documnts u requrd for applyng visa for baby ?

  • Rubab Haider

    Yes birth certificate,Bform and passport would be made from home country. Then apply for visa of baby in etimad office. It would be issued based on your exit reentry.
    After coming here apply for insurance and then iqama with 2000 riyals

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