How to check Iqama Profession Online?

Now there is no need to ask from your Kafeel over and again if your profession has been changed by him as you can check iqama profession online. If you have applied for the change of profession on your Iqama and don’t know the progress of its change, don’t worry, we have explained the way to check the status of changing in the iqama profession online.

Facing any difficulty in choosing the Iqama profession?

Now you can check the iqama profession in the system of the Ministry of Interior Online. Iqama profession is also called Iqama mehna in Saudi Arabia. If you are looking for some help in deciding which profession suits you to bring your family on a visit or a permanent visa, I would suggest you go through the “List of Professions”.

Professions reserved for Saudis

However, it is very important to check that the profession you have chosen is not one of those professions which are reserved for Saudis. In this article, we will explain the step by step procedure of checking the status of change in profession online.

Iqama Profession v/s Actual Profession

Before going into details of how to check iqama profession online, it is important to clarify here that the profession on your Iqama must be the same as your actual profession. If you are a computer technician, make sure your Iqama also has this profession.

There are heavy penalties and fines on the people whose iqama profession is different from their actual profession. In extreme cases, this may lead to deportation as well.

How to check Iqama Profession Online?

There are two ways to check the Iqama profession online. In the beginning, the status of the change of the Iqama profession is updated in the Ministry of Labor record. Once you have paid the fee, it is updated in the Ministry of Interior records as well. Recommended: Check the Status of Change of Iqama Profession in MOL

Register for Abshir

First of all, you must have an activated ministry of interior account. If you don’t have an account, create an account from this link. I have explained the step by step procedure to create the Ministry of Interior Account in this article. ”Register for MOI Account

Log in to Abshir

If you already have an account with MOI, you need to login to it. The procedure to log in to MOI has been changed significantly. The new procedure is explained in this link “Process to log in to MOI (Abshir) account

Once you are logged in to the MOI account, you need to click on the “Dashboard” tab given above. Just see on the left side of the screen below your picture, birthday and marital status.

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If the profession has been changed here, it means all the formalities related to change in the profession have been fulfilled. You just need to print your new iqama card now. You may visit Jawazat yourself or ask the government relations officer of your company to do it on your behalf.

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