Procedure to Cancel Final Exit Visa

Now, Final Exit Visa can also be canceled by adopting the procedure explained in the article. A final exit visa is issued when your employer has decided to send you back to your home country. Final exit means you will not be able to come back to Saudi Arabia. If your employer has processed the final exit visa and you want to go back to your country, you should take care of some matters like selling your car, deactivating your bank account, paying off credit card bills. I have explained all these matters in this article, “Matters to Consider before processing Final Exit”. It is also important to mention here that below-mentioned procedure is the manual procedure. Your sponsor can cancel final exit visa online from his MOI account as well.

However, if you want to live in Saudi Arabia and your Kafeel wants to keep you in Saudi Arabia, you can adopt following mentioned procedure to cancel final exit visa in Saudi Arabia. Once the final exit visa is processed, your new Iqama will be issued to you. Requirements of canceling the final exit visa are explained in the below lines. You will have to deposit all these documents to Jawazat. Once they are submitted, you will be issued with new Iqama.

Requirements to Cancel Final Exit Visa

First of all, you need to fill the form to cancel the final exit visa. A copy of form can be obtained from the agents sitting in front of Jawazat office.

This form needs to be signed and stamped by the Kafeel who processed your Final Exit Visa.

Your employer will have to write a letter requesting Jawazat to cancel the final exit visa. All your relevant details should be mentioned in that letter. This letter needs to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce of the city from where your employer is registered. We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting the chamber of commerce.

If expiry date of your Iqama has been passed, you need to pay a fee for the renewal of Iqama as well.

  • Attach two photographs with white background
  • Attach copy of the final exit visa
  • Attach copy of the Iqama
  • Attach copy of the Passport
  • Mohammed Rizwan

    I want to know the process to bring back my wife from India.
    I sent her on Final Exit, but now I’m missing her badly.
    Still her Iqama is valid till February 2016 and even on MOI I can see her details and there is option to cancel final Exit.
    Could you please take some intrest to answer my question.
    Screenshot from MOI attached.
    Note : My wife Iqama is still with me, immigration officers didn’t ask her iqama during the immigration.

  • Since she has already traveled on final exit, you cannot cancel it now. You can apply for new visa.

  • Mohammed Rizwan

    Thanks indeed.
    Can I know why its still showing in my MOI account ?
    Do I need to handover her Iqama to anyone from Jawazat or Immigration department ?

  • Ghulam Hasan

    Hello Mr.Steve greetings of the day.Sir I would like to send my family for good but without processing their final exit. I will send them on exit re-entry visa for two months but on expiry they would not come back. Here my question is that would it affect my renewal of resident permit as the expiry date of resident permits of mine and those of my dependants being same?

  • Zuhaib Ali

    Once their ER visa expired and they are out of KSA You have to go Jawazat and get their Iqamas cancelled. Without cancelling their iqamas you will be unable to get your iqama renewed.

  • Zuhaib Ali

    It will remain showing there and on new visa arrival their new iqama entries will be showing their too.

  • Zuhaib Ali

    SCE is needed for iqama renewal and iqama issuance for engineers.
    I think they paid it for you before and they want it to get back from you as you are going on Final exit.
    Its not required for FE issuance

  • Syed Muhammed

    Mr Steve One of my friend came on final exist from saudi 2 years before. At that time he didnt pay the credit card amount. Again he would like go on umrah. Is it possible to go or not.

  • Ammar Sami

    Dear Steve,

    I will be really thankful to you for your kind information about my issue.

    1. I am on job now, my family is on exit reentry till 20 Dec, but i want to issue final exit to my family. what will be procedure. Can I do it online on MOI website.

    2. Should i bring in KSA or it will be done without bringing them.

    3. Is 3 years banned applicable on dependents….?

  • Aqib hanif

    Gud morning Mr. Steve i need to ask in how much period of time we can cancel final exit is there any time limit 1 month or 2 month?

  • Hassan Amjad

    Dear Mr. Steve, How much fee will be for Cancellation final exit visa…? Please reply soon.

  • Uzair Muzaffar

    dear sir,
    my family was out of Saudi aria from exit re enter but now i want final exit to my family because I am also going to final soon ,how can I exit my family and they re entery will be finish on june 3.

  • Malik

    Hi Steeve

    I issued Final exit of my dependents through MOI. Now i want to cancel exit visa. In MOI there is option to cancel final exit visa, and once you try to cancel visa, there is a message

    “Please visit Jawazat office to finalize the visa cancellation process”.

    Can someone please guide me the procedure to cancel final exit visa for dependents

  • Nibin

    Haii Steeve
    I make my depend final exit with absher now I need to cancel the final exit and sent them for re-entry what should I do for that plz give me solution

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