Procedure of Claiming Insurance after Accident in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of those places where accident ratio is very high so you should never ever even think to drive your car without auto insurance. According to Arab News, 19 people die daily in Saudi Arabia due to a road accident. It means 1 out of every 86 persons die in Saudi Arabia every 5 years due to road accidents in Saudi Arabia.

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If you meet with any accident, you will have to go through a certain procedure. You cannot move your vehicle unless someone from traffic police or Najm as the case may be coming to establish the responsibility. I have explained the procedure you need to adopt in case of accidents in this article. If Najm establishes the mistake of another party to the accidents, or even if it is your mistake but you have comprehensive insurance of your vehicle, you will have to claim insurance. Here we shall provide step by step process of claiming insurance after an accident.

If you are intending to complete all the process on the same day, I would recommend you to go to the Najm Office first and get a token from there. Normally, people have to wait for 5,6 hours after completing all the below-mentioned procedure. If you take a token from there, you will save your time and complete the other process in the meantime.

First of all, you need to go to the traffic police department (Maroor). You will have to pay some amount of fine if you go to traffic police station 7 days after the accident. You will have to present the paper given to you by Najm. You may have to present your Iqama, driving license and vehicle registration to them. You will have to go to the nearest traffic police station where the accident took place. I went to another traffic police station and he referred me to the office in the area where the accident took place. Traffic police station will stamp the paper from Najm.

If you are living in Jeddah, you need to go to the Asfan Center. You will find many queues there as shown in the picture below. They will take pictures of your car upon arrival. After that, they will write the spare parts which need to be acquired as per Najm Accident Report.

If you are living in Dammam, you can go to Sinayya (Tuqbah Makkah Street 30th Cross – AL KHOBAR)

After that you need to go inside the office, they will give you an estimation for repair against SAR 30 and ask to visit next office for spare parts quotation. They will charge SR 50 for the spare parts quotation and also ask you to visit another office which has a same queuing system.

They will note down the ODO of the car and evaluate the accident and send this document to their office. After some time, they will call you again and handover one closed envelope against the cost of SAR 100. This envelope contains a paper which mentions the cost of the car and also the estimated depreciated value after the accident.

Next step is visiting the Najm office to submit all the documents if you have a third party insurance or your insurance company office if you have a comprehensive insurance. You need to go to your Insurance company with all the below mentioned details.

Due to a large number of accidents, Najm offices remain very crowded. You will have to submit all the documents there. It will take around 5-6 hours. After collecting the papers, they will estimate the amount to be paid and take your signatures over it. They will take your IBAN number to transfer the amount to your bank account. Make sure you have all these documents to submit to them.

  • Najm Certificate approved by the Traffic Police
  • Copy of Iqama
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Copy of the Vehicle Registration
  • Copy of the Insurance if it is comprehensive insurance
  • IBAN Number of Bank Account


  • Jerin Thomas

    Hi Mr.Steve,Unfortunately somebody hit my brand new car last week that the company delivered me just 3 days ago before the the accident.He hit my car and ran away.I gave his plate number to najm and they add it in the report and they sent me to muroor.From.muroor they asked to get The original from najm.I gave the original after 48 hour to muroor and they waited me and next day they asked to get quatation from sanaya muroor.I submitted it to muroor and they told to wait another week.Meanwhile I went to tawuniya as I have full comprehensive insurance through alahli bank as I bought car through alahli.They gave one form and told to fill and signed stamped by muroor and they need stamped copy of quatation from sanaya muroor .I don’t know why all this process as I need to fix the car in autherised company workshop.I don’t know how many days it will take more to get my car fixed.It’s very very long procedure.Can you please guide me what should I do ? Is the procedure like this if somebody hit the car and ran?If you know something easy way pls guide me..I am fed up going out of work every day..
    Thank you.

  • Brother, process is lengthy but ultimately your car will be fixed. Thank God that they are still processing it. Hit and run cases always take more time as it is the mistake of other party but still your insurance company will have to pay the cost so they want to be sure that you are not forging a scenario. Do not worry, it will be done.!

  • faraz

    hi steve plz help me out one of my friend had a surgery in Riyadh last year in April 2015 just at the edge of back bone and had 134 stitches after regular visit and having medicine he didn’t cure properly still pus comes out from his wound now he came in pakistan on vacation and visit doctor and had an xrays in pakistan shows a small drain tube left inside the body and still present plz advice him what should he do here doctor said go back saudi arabia and sue him get compensation from hospital or should he do treatment in pakistan and then go back saudi then sue him he was suffring since last year plz advice soon thanks

  • Praveen


    My name is praveen , My question is

    I have recently Joined One of Company in saudi Arbia & Currenlty my company is processing my Iqama , My question is that Once i get My Iqama , Can i travel By road to Qatar & what are the documents required By road My wife is working in Govt Hopsital as a nurse in Qatar she will send me Visit Visa ,So if i buy a car with bank loan & If car is under bank loan can i take the car out of saudi border to visit my family in qatar .

  • Well, he is entitled to get compensation if he sues them in the court. It is a grave crime and the compensation will be heavy. If he treats himself in Pakistan, he would not be able to produce evidence at the time of checkup.

    However, if presence of drain tube is dangerous he should remove it as the money compensation cannot replace his health. It will take a long time even in Saudi Arabia to prosecute doctors.

  • MDF

    Hi Steve, I’m expatriate & working in Saudi Arabia.I have personal Car. I’m going to exist from Saudi Arabia & planning to go to Qatar. What is the procedure to transfer my Saudi registered car to Qatar.

  • Jerin Thomas

    Thank you brother for your time to reply…

  • MDF

    Hi Steve,
    I’m waiting for your answer.

  • MD Tabrez Akhtar


  • MD Tabrez Akhtar


  • Ir Spiderman

    I also have similar case like jerin just yesterday where car that crash my car is run away. Luckily I can capture many photos of that young driver and car plate number as well as how accident happen.
    Report to muroor has been done and the officer who prepare the report at location of accident make some notes as per all photo what i have and just say ‘khalas..’ coupled with to come to muroor office after 3 or 4 days..
    Kindly anyone can assist me for followings:
    – What should I do next as i only have 3rd party insurance
    – What will happen to that car who has crashed mine.


  • I think they will try to catch the owner of the car and get your claims reimbursed from him. I do not think you can claim it from your insurance as you have only third party insurance. Follow the case with the police and do update us about the progress

  • Dennis

    How many days to process repair authorization or muroor in police traffic station

  • MD Tabrez Akhtar

    I want to ask about accident case in saudi Arab form many time

  • MD Tabrez Akhtar

    My brothe got accident in saudi arab. He was standing in out side in his company .that time two guys came in the car and hit my brother . Both guye was his company my now brother lost his leg. And driver was don’t have drivry licence . What can he claim blood money and Gosi please help me police case already done. Again what can we will do in this regard

  • His company needs to claim GOSI for him injury during working hours.
    He should claim blood money for his permanent damage from the Saudi guys.

  • MD Tabrez Akhtar

    Dear stev. I discus already about accident. My brother got accident August 2016 but his sposor gave him only 35000 reyal police case already done traffic report favour in my brother he is now parmanent disabled. All medical report and traffic report prosced for shariya court. Again what we should do Indian embassy involved in the matter please reply

  • Iqbal Zafar

    Hi Mr. Steve,

    Actually i wanted to discuss about one of my friend. Somebody hit my friends brand new car from behind & ran away. Unfortunately he wasn’t be able to capture the no. plate of the culprit. What my friend did was he stopped on the same spot & called the najm but no one came nearly more than half a hour was passed & he was standing still on the same spot. Now what should he do ? As he is not having any report from the police which is needed for evidence. How can he repair his car thru insurance after not having police report.

    Thank you

  • He should have waited there for a couple of more hours. Sometimes they take 2,3 hours to come. He has violated the rules.

  • Iqbal Zafar

    thank you

  • Suleman Sayeed

    Salam Steve, Please provide locations details for “Sheikh Warash” maintainance work shops authorized in riyadh i m struggling to find one from 2 weeks

  • I don’t know, but I would appreciate if anyone can update it here

  • amjad

    if you need quotation after accident, then you may find it in umulhamam.

  • Michael Tata

    Hi Steve, My name is Michael I am a company mechanic not a driver however the company that I’m working with provided me a car. I had an accident and the car got damage, the company wants me to pay the car damage, now my question is do I really have to pay for the damaged? What I’ve known was I am covered including the car that I’m using for the insurance. Please give me some advise, I am a bread winner my salary is not that much to pay for the damage. Thanks for your help Steve God bless!

  • Mohammed Suheb

    Dear Steve,

    Incident summary:
    Two days ago, I had parked my car at the entrance of a hotel [which is beside my apartment]. The hotel had a big name board build out of a very weak structure with very poor anchors.

    Due to wind, the Hotel board fell on my car and other car beside me. Unfortunately, damage of my car Major [on Rear portion and roof]

    The time I returned from office the structure was already being removed.

    Incident Reporting:
    I call Najm but Najm inform me, this type of incident is handled by Civil defense [Tel# 998].

    Eventually, the incident was registered with Civil Defense on a following day. Based on the Civil Defense report Traffic Police issued me the Authorization slip for car repair.

    As my car is under Toyota lease has comprehensive insurance, I visited Toyota showroom check know future formalities.

    Now, Estimations of repair come up with 50% of the present valuation of the car. Though the car is in running condition, Toyota has declared to be Total loss.

    I have already paid 48 of 52 installments and return I will get only 10 of total installments paid from Toyota.

    Now, my question is how I can get losses covered. Is it possible to sue/take legal action against Hotel owner for building a week structure?

    Please advise.

  • It seems unfair that you will be paid only 10 installments but the Insurance companies’ calculation is based upon the fair market value of the car. Let’s assume that the amount of installment is SR 2,000 per month. ALJ will get SR 28,000 from the insurance company being the fair value of the vehicle. They will deduct your 4 due installments from it i.e. SR 8,000 and pay you remaining SR 20,000.

    You should know that the comprehensive car insurance is paid by you but it is in the interest of actual owner i.e. ALJ

    You can sue the building owner but it will take you 5 years to get some compensation from them. (if any)

  • uraz

    I am told there is a new outlet with the same service at Exit 18. Any idea on the location in Riyadh?

  • AR

    hi malik..could you update the new location of shaikh warash jeddah ?
    Do you know new location ?

  • Obaid Siddiqui

    Dear Steve,

    What does mean by 50% fault in accident I have a lease vehicle from ALJ full insurance.

    Please advise.

  • zahiD

    What if the accident took place in other city and at the time of accident the nearest traffic police station was closed. Do I really need to go back to the same city where accident took place and get the najm paper stamped and signed by them ?

  • syed

    Steve process is entirely changed. I faced an accident in which i had 0% fault, Najm recommend to go Asfan near Jeddah, i went there it was queue system like fahas, when i entered my car they took pictures and as per the najm accident report he mentioned accident parts on his paper. After this i went inside the office they gave me estimation for repair against SAR 30 and asked me to visit next office for spare parts quotation. He took SAR 50 for the quotation and also asked me to visit another office which has same queuing system, He noted the ODO of my car and verified the accident and send this document to office. After some time they called me to give one closed envelope against the cost of SAR 100. finally he asked asked me to visit insurance office.

    In curiosity i opened the envelope i found one paper inside which has mentioned the cost of my car which I bought from another person and also the estimated depreciated value after the accident. in my case it is almost same as the repair cost.

    Next step I am looking for Insurance office to submit this papers.

  • I really appreciate your contribution to this feed. Can you please share the GPS coordinates of the asfan place?

  • syed

    i am sending it but any moderator is deleting my post.

  • syed

    21.9169455, 39.3126021

  • Syed Zishaan Ali Qadri

    could u please share the location of sheikh al warash asfan @ 0507658543. it will be great help. also the amount which you paid to get the quotations for repairs and spare parts will be re-imbursed by the insurance co as you have 0% fault.

  • Thank you very much. I will update the article based on your review.

  • It is not deleted, every link needs to be approved by my side to get it published.

  • Ottoman Ahmad

    Hi Mr.Steve
    I really appreciate your efforts to provide step by step guidelines of every legal matter.
    I had an accident few days ago and Najm report states that I have 0%fault.
    After getting Najm report I visited “Taqdeer” office located on exit 18 in Riyadh as directed by ALJ finance. Taqdeem officials took picture of my and Istamara after that they inform me to wait for 2 days you’ll receive a message and then go to insurance company they didn’t gave me any paper or evaluation, so my question is that any other step needed to be done by me, if yes which step or what is next step to do? Will I receive the claim amount or ALJ Finance ?
    Please advise
    Thanks in advance

  • I have not gone through the process of an accident with Abdul Latif Jameel. I know the general process which has been explained above. However, I would appreciate sharing the process with us once you are done with it. It will help out thousands of expatriates dealing with ALJ.

  • Fatih Akmese

    Dear Syed and Steve, what to do after the insurance company? Can we leave the car to mechanics for the repair? I’ve read on the internet for the repair we need a repair authorization document from the police but is it going to before of Insurance or after?

  • syed

    Najm will give you long receipt which has one section for repair authorization. you will have to stamp it from any maroor office for repairing the car .(normally workshop never bother of this letter for repairs they will do it without this!). However it is not linked with receiving money from insurance company. once you submit the documents in insurance company they will give you reference number for your claim and later deposit to your bank account.

  • syed

    Steve have some correction in your updated article. Next step to visit the insurance office for document submission not the Najm office.
    note insurance office required IBAN number with bank stamp. they will take all the document and provide you claim reference #, from Al rajhi insurance company i got my payment in 4 working days while the period they told me 10 working days.

  • In case of third party insurance, you need to visit Najm office and insurance company for comprehensive insurance. We have already stated it brother. Thanks for your concern

  • Mohammed Khaliluddin

    Dear Steve I see you pretty active on these issues here on this blog, so like to contribute something for everyone’s benefit.

    1. Take Stamp on Najm’s Accident Report Form from Traffic Police Department which falls under the area where the accident took place.
    2. Take three quotations from Workshops available in Sinayya (Tuqbah Makkah Street 30th Cross – AL KHOBAR) – Each Quotation would cost 50 SR which will be refunded later….I am sure Riyadh and Jeddah have similar Workshop areas to get quotations from.
    3. Then also take quotation from Spare Parts Supplier/Shop which costs 50 SR and will be refunded later.
    4. Make copy of your Istemaara.
    5. Take IBAN Number from your respective bank where you have your Account, preferably visit your Bank’s branch and get IBAN number from them with Bank’s Stamp on it.
    6. Now, staple the Stamped Najm’s Accident Report Form, three quotations from the workshop, one quotation from Spare Parts Supplier/Shop, copy of Istemaara, hard copy of your IBAN Number and visit the ALRAJHI TAKAFFUL BRANCH on Prince Turki Street near Lulu Hypermarket in Al Khobar (Check on Google Maps for exact location).
    7. A form is given at AlRajhi Takafful which is in Arabic, fill that form and give it to reception personnel who would check what you have got and give you the coupon number.
    8. Finally you would submit those papers to any of the employed personnel there to get your job done.

  • Great help! I really appreciate your effort Mr. Khalil!

  • Mohammed Khaliluddin

    Thanks Steve!

  • srini312

    Dear Steve,

    I left ksa on exit rentry to India and came to UAE on visit visa and got a new job. Where my visa status changed to work permit and now my passport is under the process of visa stamping. I would like to know is there any problem in visa stamping in UAE immigration as i left ksa on exit reentry? Will it creates any problem in getting visa stamped on my passport in UAE?

    Requesting you to answer my query ASAP and i’m really thankfull to you.


  • Shahid Anwar Kamboh

    Dear Stev one of my friend met road accident, he hit by a car coming from opposite/wrong direction. Najm came other person agree to pay damage cost to my friend. Najm confirm with my friend that he agreed after that najm prepare paper and give to my friend ask him go to maroor office stamp it and repair your car. Please just confirm me is their any complication for my friend in future or this is also normal procedure.THANKS

  • Abu Zobail

    i have a question here, I dont have time to go for the istemation for my car accedent in murur, it is ok i just take my friend to go or someone else to take charge me in this

  • Rafeek

    Even I had the same case just about 3 hours before.
    I had gone to muroor with the document provided by Najm & they had provided with an another document, then told me to fix it in workshop.
    I am having 3rd party insurance & the one who collided with me was not having insurance.
    Please Guide me.

  • I would appreciate if you can enlighten us about it. In which workshop did they send you? Who will pay the cost? You did not have to go to the above-mentioned station?

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