Procedure to Apply for First Iqama in Saudi Arabia

When you have arrived in Saudi Arabia on employment visa or permanent family visa, the most important thing is getting your Iqama. It is the responsibility of employer and right of an employee to get the Iqama within 90 days of arrival to Saudi Arabia. The employer will be taking care of all the expenses of your Iqama (Article 40.1 of the Saudi Labor Law).  Whatever the case it is, you will have to go through the following procedure to get your first Iqama in Saudi Arabia. If your Iqama is not issued within first 90 days of your arrival, there will be a penalty which your employer will have to suffer. Moreover, it also gives you right to transfer your sponsorship without the consent of your sponsor.

Procedure to Apply for First Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Medical Test for First Iqama: First step in this regard is to go to the approved medical center in the region from where your Kafeel belongs. We have provided a region-wise list of approved medical centers. You can only go to one of these medical centers for the examination test. You can pick the report from them as a documentary proof after two days of the test. However, it is directly sent to the Ministry of Interior online Database. You will have to visit approved medical center along with your original passport. Although you have already been medically tested before coming to Saudi Arabia, but Saudi authorities test you again. Fee for the medical test is SR 200/- Test for the first time for issuance of Iqama as well as the renewal of Iqama (for some nationalities) includes HIV/AIDS test, TB Xray, eyesight, and hearing test, a test for cholera (a charming stool sample test). Since it is a stool test, so you need to be ready for this. I had to face the problem in passing the stool at examination center because I did not know about it. Lab Report will be sent to the MOI in this form. You can have a better idea about the medical test after reading this form. Regular visitor of our blog Mr. Misbah has added this information that Kids do not have to go through the medical test to apply for first Iqama. The doctor will just make a pediatric checkup and measure height and weight. There is no need of medical test or vaccination certificates. Now you can Check Status of Medical Test Report for Saudi Iqama Online through this link.

If your profession on the visa is Engineering or Accountancy, you will have to register yourself with the Saudi Council of Engineering and Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) before applying for the iqama for the first time.

Once you are done with the above two steps, you need to submit your passport and 2 passports sized photographs to your employer. He will apply for your health insurance as it is required for the processing of first Iqama. Health Insurance is issued on the basis of Border Number which is written by hand on your passport at the time of entrance to Saudi Arabia for the first time by the immigration officer.

Fee for the issuance of the first iqama is SR 500 plus SR 150 for HRD. An employer may also have to pay SR 2,400 per employee for the issuance of iqama.

When you receive your Iqama for the first time, make sure that the name in English is coinciding with the name in Arabic. Secondly, the spelling of the name on the passport is same as on the Iqama. If any of these details are inaccurate, you should return back your Iqama immediately for the rectification. If you are working in some company, do not receive your Iqama unless mistakes are rectified.

Procedure to Apply for First Iqama on Dependent Visa: If you are applying for the first Iqama for your dependents, there is no need to deposit any fee. Just go to the Jawazat with all above original documents plus photocopies and health insurance issued on the basis of border number and they will issue you iqamas for your dependents. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for First Iqama of Dependents in Saudi Arabia

  • Kalai Dhanu

    Hi steve.
    i am coming on 16/05/2016 in saudi arabia in driver visa.i am not get my iqama.the company is say wait it will be ready in quickly.if any salary is provided for the duration of iqama processing days for company

  • Zubair Muhammad Ahmed

    my wife arrived alhumd. and its been like 2 months already and i have finished medical check up for her at authorized medical center. now my company is making it late to issue medical insurance. it the time exceeds for more than 90 days which is the given time for making iqama, is there any kinda of fine amount ? if yes then how much ?

    thanks in advance

  • Muzzafar

    My company applied for my iqama online, but mesg came passport number of this nationality already exists.

  • Muzzafar

    My company applied for iqama but message came, passport number of this nationality already exists , kindly confirm me what is this

  • syedatiq

    my family came on last week , my employer made insurance card for them which i got it;
    Kindly confirm me that still I required medical report for my wife to get the iqama for her ?
    Also tell me the children iqama procedure.
    As i heard when you get the insurance card no need to get medical report

  • Masood Ali Raja

    Hi, Please inform me how you got the iqama, my situation is same. Did ur wife go herself for Iqama and which Jawazat?

  • Syed Javid

    Hi Admin and Friends, I’m new to Jeddah. It’s been 10days now. My medical report has been updated in the govt website. I would like to know if my Iqama has been issued to my kafeel.

    Please assist me how i can find out online…


  • Ali Raza

    Can anyone please let me know, Here in Saudia, is pregnent woman exampted from x-ray test or they will do it with shield as doing in home country?

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