Get Refund of Saudi Airline Ticket Online

Some years ago, people used to prefer to go to the travel agents to book their tickets. This is not the case nowadays due to ease of booking and searching the tickets from the website of Airlines.

If we talk about Saudi Airlines, they provide all the comfort and utility to the customers by giving the option of either booking the ticket or paying later on through SADAD or by paying immediately through credit card and confirming the ticket.

Some months ago, the option of only booking the ticket was available on the internet from Saudi Airline website but now they have also given the feature getting the ticket refunded.

Here in this article, I will be explaining the step by step procedure to get the refund of the ticket online. We have already explained the step by step procedure to get the refund of the ticket by visiting Sales office of Saudi Airline in this article.

The requirement to Get Refund of the Ticket online from Saudi Airline

In order to get a refund of the ticket online from Saudi Airline’s website, following three conditions must be fulfilled at the time of booking the ticket.

1-The ticket must be booked online and payment is made immediately by credit card. If payment is made through SADAD, this ticket cannot be refunded online from Saudi Airline’s website.

2-The booked ticket should be of refundable class. Sometimes, Guest Super Saver ticket for Saudi Airline is not refundable. You should ensure at the time of booking the ticket that it is refundable. You can read about it in the terms and conditions of the ticket.

3-The date of travel should not have been passed.

Step by Step Procedure to Get Refund of the Ticket online from Saudi Airline

Open Saudi Airline’s website in your web browser. Click on the “Manage Booking” tab given on the website as shown below.

A new screen will be opened where you will have to select one of the two options of “Booking Reference” and “E-Ticket”. Enter Booking Reference or E-Ticket whatever you have selected and entered the last name in the respective fields.

After filling this information, just click on the “Retrieve my Booking Tab” Booking Reference number is like “357X8B” and E-Ticket number is “065-2439890560”

A new page will be opened where your booking details are displayed. You need to click on the “CANCEL AND REFUND RESERVATION” from the above tabs.

A new page will be opened where you will have to check the box to confirm the terms and conditions and click on the “Confirm Refund” button. It is shown in the screenshot below.

A new page will be opened which is actually a confirmation that your refund application has been accepted.

Payment will be refunded to your credit card statement within 45 days of such cancellation after deducting the cancellation charges.

Refund Charges of the Saudi Airline Tickets

RouteSuper SaverGuestBusinessChildren (Guest)
DomesticSR 90SR 90SR 140SR 45
To Middle EastSR 400SR 300SR 300SR 225
To AsiaSR 400SR 250SR 250SR 188
To US and EuropeSR 1,000SR 550SR 400SR 413
To AfricaSR 350SR 250SR 300SR 188
To CanadaSR 1,000SR 550SR 400 SR 413

Source: Saudi Airlines


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