How to Remove Huroob Status from Iqama?

Sometimes it happens that Kafeel (Sponsor) sets Huroob (Abscondment) status for your Iqama. It effectively means that you ran away from your sponsor and he reports to Jawazat that now this employee is not his responsibility.

It happens when you don’t pay to your sponsor on time agreed on the amount in case of free visa, or you don’t go to your workplace without intimating your employer.

Employer tries to contact you with all reasonable sources and if he is unable to contact you, he puts on Huroob status to your Iqama. An employee under Huroob is treated as a criminal and if found by police may be deported.

Gulf News has reported that a plan to ban the deported expatriates from one GCC country from entering on work visas in any other GCC country has been finalized. To know about the status of the implementation, click on this link “GCC Wide Ban on Deported Expatriates of GCC Countries

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The first solution is to go to the Jawazat & Ministry of Labor and file an appeal against your Kafeel. You will have a state that your Kafeel has set Huroob status for your Iqama on the unfair and unjustified basis and reasons of your runaway are valid.

For example, if Kafeel is asking you to do something which is illegal and upon your refusal, he set huroob status for your Iqama, it is the unfair reason of setting Huroob status. If you are successful in proving that, your Huroob status will be removed.

You will be given either transfer to some other Kafeel or final exit.

The second solution is to go to the Kafeel and convince him to remove the Huroob status. Generally, Kafeel demands some money to remove the Huroob status.

Sometimes agents say that they will remove the Huroob status if you give them money. I personally do not think they actually work.

However, I have also met with guys whose Kafeels has taken money from them but their Huroob status was not removed.

The third solution is to report to the authorities at the detention center (Tarheel). They will detain you, keep you in detention and deport you to your home country.

If you choose this option, you would not be able to come back to Saudi Arabia for next 5 years. In other words, you will have to face a ban of 5 years.

The fourth solution: If your employer is in the red nitaqat category (Check his Nitaqat Category here), you do not have to take his permission to transfer your sponsorship to another sponsor.

Someone who experienced this has shared his experience in this link “Transfer of Sponsorship under Huroob

The fifth Solution: Every now and then the Saudi Government issues an amnesty scheme and allows the people with Huroob status to go back to their country without being deported. 

If there is an amnesty scheme going on right now, you can avail this benefit as well.

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