Traffic Violations Point System in Saudi Arabia – Coming Soon

Traffic Police Department is considering the implementation of Traffic Violation Point System in Saudi Arabia. It is expected that with the introduction of this point system of traffic violations in Saudi Arabia, the traffic violations would be reduced by 90%. Current traffic system of imposing fine is proved ineffective to reduce the number of traffic violations. The careless drivers just pay the fine and continue to drive recklessly. In this way, they are a threat to not only to their lives but also to the lives of many other people. The Kingdom’s roads suffer more than 1,500 traffic accidents with more than 30 fatalities daily. Over 40,000 people are injured annually with more than 80 percent of the cases incurring motor function impairments.

Traffic Violations Points System If the number of points recorded against driver reached (24) points, his license would be revoked as follows;

If the violator got (24) points for the first time within one Hijri year, the driving license is withdrawn for a period of 3 months.

If the violator got (24) points for the second time within one Hijri year, the driving license is withdrawn for six months.

If the violator got (24) points for the third time within one Hijri year, the driving license is withdrawn for one year.

If the violator reaches (24) points for the fourth time within one Hijri year, the driving license will be revoked permanently.

SNViolation typePoints
1Driving under alcohol or drugs influence24
3Running the traffic light on red12
4Driving a vehicle in the opposite direction of traffic flow12
5Maneuvering in high speed between vehicles on public roads8
6Failure to comply with the traffic police direction8
7Driving a vehicle without brakes or lights8
8Failure to completely stop vehicle at stop sign6
9Failure to yield to the right-of-way6
10Exceeding speed limit (more than 25 KM PH over speed limit)6
11Failure to yield to the right – of – way to vehicles coming from the left in roundabouts.6
12Passing in areas in which passing is prohibited6
13Stopping over railroads6
14Driving within unauthorized lines4
15Passing school buses when children are boarding or exciting4
16Failure to secure (covering and tying up) a transport load4
17Carrying out modifications on a vehicle’s chassis or trunk without observing the required procedures4
18Failure to use seat belt2
19Using mobile phones by hand while driving2
19Not wearing a helmet while driving motorbikes2

Cally Carry Conolly: “Will, this make any difference? I hope so but I am not confident. Many already drive without appropriate driving licenses & or insurance. If they lose their license will they actually stop driving? Really the penalties need to be severe. If the driver has put someone's life at risk impound the car immediately arrest the driver. Until some real action is taken nothing will change. The penalty needs to severe & instant action. That will send out a message that reckless driving won't is tolerated. I am talking about dangerous driving here. Not parking illegally.”


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