Sample Letter for Degree Attestation in Saudi Arabia

I remember, when I asked my company to give me a letter for the degree attestation, they refused to provide me. According to them, it is not required at all. However, I have already explained in the article, “Attesting Degrees for Saudi Arabia” that it is the prime requirement.

After giving them a long speech, they understood that it is really required by the Saudi Embassy and Saudi Consulate in my native country. Now the matter was how to draft it. They asked me to give them a sample letter for both authorities so they can copy paste it.

It was again a matter of great difficulty since I did not have any such contact who could provide it to me. At that time, one friend sent me these two letters which I am attaching here for your reference. I hope it will serve your purpose.

Letter to Saudi Culture Office

Letter to Saudi Embassy

  • Nevi

    If you have any information plz inform me I have same problm

  • Nevi

    Can u registere in SEC?

  • arahman

    Dear Azharuddin,

    I am also facing the same problem. Can you tell me what was the procedure for solving that above mentioned issue? Looking forward for the reply.


  • nagasarathy

    Dear Steve

    I am Mechanical Engineer working in Jubail area. Could you please clarify below points,

    1. I want to do MOFA attestation on my Employment letter and paid SAR 30 thru SADAD. So, now i want to wait for their appointment or shall i go directly with the bill receipt. For me, nearer location is DAMMAM.

    2. My professional is Engineer and same in Employment letter but in IQAMA it is welder visa. This will have an issue for MOFA attestation.

    3. My wife is Muslim and I am Hindu, whether this may create problem during MOFA attestation on Marriage certificate attestation / Family Visa Process in Saudi.

    Please advice for all 3 points.

    Thank you,

  • Deladia D. Olivia

    this is exactly my problem too.

  • Deladia D. Olivia

    hi sir,
    can i ask re the saudi culture attestation procedure?
    thank you! i really badly needed your help please! please please

  • ahmed sharif

    my wife is teaching in saudi arabia in Pakistani school, i am sponsor for her but she is doing teaching as well in the school, how can she get the attestation from Saudi Embassy from Pakistan, i asked the school they refused to give the letter and explained that this facility only for those who has their sponsored iqamas, but im surprised that if my wife is not allowed to do the teaching then how she passed the ministry exams and attend other meetings with the education ministry in the school??

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