Procedure to Apply for Hajj from Saudi Arabia

Hajj is Fard once in the lifetime upon all those Muslims who have resources to perform it.  Hajj is especially very easy for those people who are living in Saudi Arabia on Iqama as they don’t have to face all the hardships of traveling.

In 2015, Ministry of Hajj launched an online procedure to apply for Hajj for the residents of Saudi Arabia. Now, this is the only procedure to apply for Hajj as the manual procedure has been obsoleted.

Hajj for Visit Visa Holders: It is important to mention here that people coming to Saudi Arabia on a visit visa cannot apply for Hajj using this procedure. They have to go back to their home country and apply for Hajj from there. Recommended: How to get Low-Cost Hajj Package in Saudi Arabia?

Hajj Eligibility: If you want to apply for Hajj online, first of all, you should check if you are eligible to apply for Hajj this year. As per rules, you can perform hajj once every 5 years.  So, check if you are eligible to perform Hajj this year through this link “Check Eligibility for Hajj through MOI”

The first step of Online Procedure to Apply for Hajj from Saudi Arabia is to open the web portal of the Ministry of Hajj. You can open it through this link The page will be opened in Arabic; you need to change the language to English.

Here you enter the city from where you want to perform Hajj. Select “Normal Fare” at the end and click on submit button. It is important to mention here that children under 5 years of age don’t need Hajj permit if the mother is performing Hajj.

In the end, you need to select the date on which you want to leave Mina. Pilgrims may choose the Nafra by choosing the suitable program which indicates the Nafra (12th Dhul Hijja, or 13th Dhul Hijja) and they are obliged to leave Mina accordingly.

There will be additional charges if you want to leave Mina on 13 of Dhul Hijja. Recommended: Do I need to be present in Saudi Arabia to apply for Hajj?

Compare and Select the Package: A new screen will be opened where you can find quotations from many hajj operators. You can explore this data in a way you want. You can sort it on the basis of price, category, the name of Hajj operator.

I have sorted it on the basis of Price. As you can see one company is offering minimum price of SR 6,908/. You can click on the “Details” button to know about the facilities they are offering.

Phone and Email: In the next window, you will have to enter your phone number and email address. The system will send you a verification code in the provided mobile number.

You need to enter the verification code in the next screen. Keep in mind that Reservation phone number cannot be used in more than one reservation.

Details of the Pilgrims: Now you need to give all the details of the pilgrims in the given tabs. You need to fill out all the fields given here. You also have to write your Iqama Number. You will also have to enter Date of Birth according to Hijri or Gregorian calendar.

Enter the date of birth stated in your Iqama even if it is different from your actual date of birth. If there are male and female pilgrims together, the system will ask their relationship and the iqama number of the mahram.

If you have already performed Hajj in the preceding 5 years, you can still apply for Hajj as Mahram by selecting the appropriate relation in this tab. Click on the “Submit” button after entering all these details.

Adahi or Slaughtering: If you want to perform slaughtering of an animal along with the Hajj, make sure you take Adahi coupon at this stage. It is much better to get their services instead of going to the local agents.

They are reliable and punctual. I heard that they send a message after slaughtering the animal. Anyway, if you want to skip this option, click “Skip”. It is very important to know about the Types of Hajj before making any selection here.

You need to slaughter an animal in case of Hajj Tamattu and Hajj Qiran. However, this is not required in case of Hajj Ifrad.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions: A new page will open where you have to agree with the terms and conditions. However, before agreeing to the terms and conditions read all the bullets carefully. If you agree with the given details, just click on the “agree” button given at the end of the page.

Confirmation of Booking: A new page will open confirming your booking. You will also receive an SMS confirming your hajj booking, reservation no, an amount which needs to be paid, SADAD voucher no. where it needs to be paid and the deadline for the payment.

If you are satisfied with the all the details appearing on your screen, you need to click on “Confirm” button. You are given 12 hours to check this detail. If you don’t confirm the details, your booking will be canceled after 12 hours.

Just print this confirmation and contact with the agent on the given phone number. You can ask any question you want to ask from this agent. Make payment once you are satisfied with his response.

You need to make payment using SADAD reference number within 72 hours of registration. If payment is not made within the time prescribed, your booking will be canceled.

One pilgrim cannot make more than one reservation. Recommended: Procedure to Pay the Fee for Hajj to Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia


Once you have deposited the fee to the given SADAD number, you will have to wait for a couple of days and check your status again on the website of Ministry of Hajj. If your status has been changed to “Paid Applicant”, it means you are done with everything.

Now wait for further two days and Hajj permit will be available on the website of Ministry of Interior. You can print Hajj Permit by following the instructions given in this link “How to print Hajj Tasreeh (Permit) 2017?”

Fees for the cancelation of reservations for domestic pilgrims: If a domestic pilgrim cancels his Hajj package after the payment of fee, following penalties will be levied upon him before the refund.

  • 1st of Dhul Hijjah: SR75.60
  • 2nd of Dhul Hijjah: 30 percent of the contract value
  • 3rd of Dhul Hijjah: 40 percent of the contract value
  • 4th of Dhul Hijjah: 50 percent of the contract value
  • 5th of Dhul Hijjah: 60 percent of the contract value
  • 6th of Dhul Hijjah: 70 percent of the contract value
  • 7th of Dhul Hijjah: The whole contract value

Hajj Vaccination: In an earlier post, we have already explained the procedure to get Hajj Vaccination free of cost. The normal cost to get hajj vaccination is in the range of SR 300 to SR 400 per person. But following our procedure, you will be able to get this vaccination absolutely free.

Hajj Tasreeh as Mahram of a Pilgrim: If you have already performed Hajj in the preceding 5 years, you would not be able to get Hajj permit unless you or your agent visit Jawazat. 

Once you get Hajj permit for your wife, it is your Haj operator’s responsibility to go to Jawazat office and get your approval. Usually, they go after 1st Dhul Hijja. However, you can also go to Jawazat yourself.

Go to the main Jawazat office align with Hajj permit, iqama and passport copy, hajj vaccination card of your wife along with 2 pictures. Moreover, you also need a letter stamped by your Hajj operator stating that you are applying as a Mahram of your wife.

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