Procedure to get Authorization to Drive Friend’s Car in Saudi Arabia

Most of us know that in Saudi Arabia, we are not allowed to drive our friend’s car. It can create a lot of trouble for you as well as your friend. If the car you are driving meets with an accident, you along with your friend will be arrested.

This is the reason; most expatriates don’t drive their friend’s car to avoid any trouble. Only a few of us know that we can drive our friend’s car if we have already obtained permission from the authorities.

In this article, I will explain in detail about the procedure to obtain permission from authorities to drive a friend’s car in Saudi Arabia.

Let’s assume a fact here that your friend is on vacation and you want to drive his car only for the time period he is out of town.

First of all, you along with your friend will have to go to the Traffic Police station and sign a declaration form in front of the Traffic Police officer. You will have to produce your original Iqama there to validate your identity.

If you have the non-Arabic background, it is better to request any of your Arabic friends to go with you. Never expect that staff from the Traffic Police Station will even speak a single word of English or understand it. So, you need to be prepared. Recommended: Download form to get Driving Authorization in Saudi Arabia

Your friend (owner of the car) will have to attach a copy of his Iqama, Istamara(Vehicle Registration) and driving license and you will also have to attach copies of your Iqama and Driving License.

It is better if you go to the Traffic Police station with 2 sets of these copies. It is very important to mention here that you and your Kafeel should be under the sponsorship of same Kafeel. Otherwise, your application will not be accepted.

In this declaration letter, it is required to state the starting and ending date in which owner is authorizing his friend to drive his car.

After signing the declaration, traffic police officer will issue a certificate containing names of both persons. After this, you can drive your friend’s car in Saudi Arabia legally.

Important Notes: It is very important to mention here that liability to pay traffic fines will be the responsibility of the original owner of the Car.

If there is an authorization letter, a friend is driving the car and car meets with an accident, only the driver of the car will be in trouble. You may have to go to the police department but all the penalties will be the driver who is driving the car.

However, if you have comprehensive insurance and friend is driving the car which meets with an accident, you will not be able to process the claim.

Personally, I would never recommend you to drive anyone’s car even if there is an authorization.

Few readers have commented that the owner of the car and the driver who wants to drive the vehicle must be under the sponsorship of the same a feel if they want to get authorization. However, I am still not confirmed it.

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