No Extension of Family Visit Visa beyond Six Months (180 Days)

Readers of this blog know that the maximum validity of the visa issued initially for 3 months was 270 days. It means you could extend it to a maximum period of stay of 270 days. Visa initially issued for 90 days was extendable for further two times. If it was issued initially for 30 days, it could be renewed 6 more times hence the maximum period of stay would be 210 days for the family visit visas initially issued for 30 days. It is very easy to apply for visit visa online and its extension can also be applied online. However, recently The Directorate General of Passport has announced that the family visit visa cannot be extended beyond six months (180 Days) in any case.

Extension of Family Visit Visa online beyond 180 days was stopped online a few months ago. But people were able to go to the Jawazat and extend the visit visas of their sponsored manually.  However, due to a recent announcement, it has been clear now that the visit visa for the sponsored will no more be extended beyond 180 days or six months. The period of the visa will start from the date of arrival to the Saudi Arabia. However, I would still recommend you to visit Jawazat and try your luck. Read the following mentioned useful comments.

Useful Comment

AHJ, Dear, I tried to extend my Wife's Visit Visa online today but it showing the below Message;

The first page shows. “The total Visit Visa period should not exceed the permitted period of 180 days from the date of entry ” on the Second page when press EXTEND VISA button, the below message appears

“The visit visa cannot be extended, because the visa duration after extension will exceed the allowed limit “”

Is that mean the Visa cannot be extended, It is second time extension, first time extended by visiting Jawazat, this second-time extension trying to done online. Visa was initially issued for 90 days and the first extension was also for the period of 90 days. It has made the total period of stay in the Kingdom for 180 days. Steve has written in his article, that total stay can be of 270 days but they are not renewing it the third time. Can someone help me?

Answer by Mohtasham Khan

Dear all if you guys are facing an as same issue like mentioned above. Just visit Jawazat and do it manually. The procedure to manually extend the visit visa is explained here “Extension of Family Visa”. Although with the latest regulations, it is not possible to extend visit visa after 180 days but you people can still try your luck.

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