What to do if Family Visit Visa Expires?

I have explained in detail in my previous article the procedure to apply for family visit visa. This procedure has become very simple nowadays as compare to some five years ago. Now you can process the application online and don’t need to submit so many documents every time as discussed in the article. In this post today, I will be discussing the consequences, precautions you need to adopt to avoid any overstay in Saudi Arabia. If any of your sponsored people overstay, the procedure you need to adopt to send him or her back is also given below.

What to do if family visit visa expires?

A regular reader of our blog Mr. Muhammad has shared the following procedure with us. We need to adopt this procedure if someone overstays the visit visa in Saudi Arabia. If you have called any of your relatives on visit visa; and your family is overstayed because of any reason there is no deportation involved (for sure). The only penalty is there that is 15000 SAR per passport. (If you have some severe Medical Reason, this fee can also be exempted) Following is the procedure:

Go to Jawazat with all the documents that are needed for extending visit visa. If you are in Jeddah, you need to visit Jawazat office in Rehab. There are several agents around Jawazat office who have application forms for you with photocopy machines. Explain the situation to him and he will fill an application for you. You also need to attach one passport size photo of the person who overstayed on a visa.

They will write (Tarheel) on your application and ask you to go to Deportation Center for registering fingerprints of the person who overstayed. In Jeddah, you have to visit Shumaisi deportation center.

Don't fear; go to Deportation Office (Shamaisi) and go to 3rd floor (Top Floor) where ‘Ziyara' is written.

Go back to the same window in Jawazat office and discuss this issue with the guy and he will give you SR 25,000/- Penalty. However, in many cases when they realize that the reason of delay in extending visit visa was an omission and not to work or live in Saudi Arabia for a longer time, they do not impose this fine. In my case, they fined me only SR 500/-

Deposit this money and they will renew a visa for 3 to 7 days. Make sure you travel within those days.

There is no other sentence and deportation involved.

I found all the staff very cooperative from Jawazat to Jail. I also discussed this issue with the Jail Manager and he was also trying to help me.

Consequences of Overstay of Family after Expiry of Family Visa

In case of overstay of family after expiry of family visa, there are two risks which you have to face;

First of all, since you are the Kafeel of your family who came on visit visa. You are responsible for sending them back within due date. In the case of failure to do so, it will be treated a mistake at your part.

If a visitor overstays his visa for the first time, he will be fined SR 15,000/- followed by the deportation.

If a visitor overstays his visa for the second time, he will be fined SR 25,000/-, 3 months jail followed by the deportation.

If a visitor overstays his visa for the third time, he will be fined SR 50,000/-, 6 months jail followed by the deportation. Source: Arab News

This is not an end of the story; you may also have to face serious problems in renewing the Iqama. Authorities may red label you due to such misconduct and at the time of renewal of your Iqama, you may have to face the final exit.

Grace Period of 15 days in case of Emergency

Yes, in very extreme emergency cases, an immigration officer may waive off the amount of penalty which can be imposed upon you otherwise. However, to avoid any misconception, these are very extreme emergency cases. Moreover, it also depends on the mood of the immigration officer. If he is in very good mood, only that time you can expect anything positive from him. I have used “Very” several times in this paragraph purposefully. One of our relatives were flying back to their native country on the last day of expiry of family visa, due to weather problem flight was delayed. Now, effectively he was overstaying in Saudi Arabia but Immigration officer on the duty took pity on him and did not charge any fine or penalty for such stay. However, I would strongly recommend you to not to even try to avail this grace period of 15 days. You will not get anything extra with overstay but SR 25,000/- is a lot of money. Furthermore, your career can also be in danger.

Precautions to Avoid Such Situation

I have already explained the problems you may have to face if your family overstays in Saudi Arabia. However, by adopting certain precautions, you can avoid such unfavorable condition.

Book the ticket at least 3 days before the date of expiry of family visa so that in the case of even delayed flight, you have enough margins to cover yourself.

Some people get confused by the Hijri and Gregorian dates. When it is written on the family visa “3 months” it means three Hijri months. You can use converter available on the internet to get the Gregorian date. There can be a difference of one day in conversion, so be cautious and conservative in your approach.

Never ever even think to take benefit of the grace period of 15 days which can be given in extremely emergency situation.