Precautions to Adopt to avoid risk of Corona Virus, What to do if somebody is infected?

With the start of Hajj season, the deadly corona virus has emerged again. Ministry of Health took serious action last year by launching an awareness compaign about the precautions to adopt to avoid this virus. It is very important for all of us to know about this killer virus before it is too late. Yesterday, my organization requested a specialist doctor to give presentation about this virus and I am sharing with you some of the very important facts I came to know. Life and Death are in the hands of Allah and no one can change the time of anyone's death but Allah. But we are also advised to take care of our health by adopting the precautions. By adopting the precautions we have given at the end of the article, we can hope that Allah will keep us safe from this deadly virus.

What is Corona Virus? Corona virus causes cold and in some cases can be the reason of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Arab news has confirmed that this virus is found in camels of Saudi Arabia from last 20 years. How did it transfer from Camels to Humans is still a researchable project. Since, Saudi people frequently travel to other Middle East countries so Corona has been added to the group of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Saudi Gazette reported on April 15, 2014 that at least 4 doctors have resigned from King Fahad Hospital. Many doctors have even refused to treat the patients of Corona Virus. It is very important to mention here that Vaccination of this deadly virus has not been discovered yet. Ministry of Health (MOH) is working with World Health Organization to learn more about this killer.

Symptoms of Corona Virus are Coughing, Fever (Low to High), Sneezing, Sore Throat, Pneumonia, Shortness of Breath, Vomiting and Diarrhea. It is very important to mention here that mere coughing, fever and sore throat does not mean that you are infected by this virus. You should consult doctor and act upon his suggestions. If he will see any other symptom, he will ask you to do medical test to establish the presence of this deadly virus in the body.

How Corona Virus is transmitted? Before informing you about the precautions, let’s discuss how it transfers from one body to another. When someone who is infected with Corona, sneezes, coughs or does any other activity due to which some drops come outside from the internal body, he is transmitting the virus. Let’s say, if infected person sneezed and some drops came out of his mouth and dropped on the surface in front of him (let’s say Table). Now, there are millions of corona viruses on that surface, when some other person will touch on the same surface with his hand, virus will be transferred to his hand. Whenever, he will touch any open area of his body without washing hands, he will be infected. Open area means, open wound, eyes, nose and mouth. In this way, it is confirmed that this virus is not transferred through the air we breathe in. Let us say, if someone is breathing in the same office where you are working, there is no chance that you will be infected by the virus through the air contact. However, in the below lines, I will be discussing about some precautions you need to adopt to mitigate risk of this virus being detected.

Precautions to Adopt to avoid risk of Corona Virus

Wash your hands after different intervals properly with some soap. Make it a habit to wash your hands when you come to office in the morning, after getting free from washroom every time, before eating anything and as soon as you reach back to the home. Please keep in mind that anti-bacterial gel often available in the offices and hospital is lower level substitute of washing hands.

Try to avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes unless you have recently washed your hands.

Cover your nose and mouth with the dust mask to avoid this virus.

Always try to maintain a reasonable distance with anyone you are talking so that his drops of saliva don’t reach to your body.

It is a tradition in Middle East countries to kiss each other. Please avoid this kissing habit till the time this deadly virus is out of the screen.

Do not use a common glass or cup in your office. Disposable glasses and cups are preferable in such situation.

I have already mentioned but just to emphasize, must wash your hands with soap after getting free from washroom. Washroom is one of the main source to be infected by the virus.

What to do if somebody is infected?

If somebody gets infected with this deadly virus, there is nothing to panic. You need to take this matter seriously and patiently.

First of all, get him admitted in the hospital. Instructions have been issued to all hospitals to transfer such patients in special intensive care centers.

Patient should keep his mouth covered with dust mask while talking to some outsider.

Patient should drink a lot of water.

The American CDC (Centre For Disease Control) now says that it is believed the virus has mutated into a far more infectious organism, and the rate of the epidemic has increased exponentially in the past month. The number of infections in the past month now equals the total number from the past several months. Take great care with this one, as it looks like there may be a major outbreak internationally.

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