How to pass Fahas or MVPI (Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection)?

Fahas or MVPI is mandatory to drive a vehicle in Saudi Arabia

You cannot drive your vehicle if you don’t have a valid Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection certificate in Saudi Arabia. The Motor Vehicles Periodic Inspection or Fahas (MVPI) is a road suitability certificate.

Normally Saudi Traffic Police does not ask for a valid Fahas unless the condition of your vehicle is very pathetic. However, it is a requirement to keep the valid MVPI document in your car. I know a case when a driver was fined for not keeping the Fahas Certificate in the car.

Normally, people say that you need to renew the Fahas (MVPI) of your vehicle only when you need to sell it or renew the vehicle registration (Istimara) in Saudi Arabia. In this article, I shall be sharing with you the procedure to pass the Fahas in Saudi Arabia.

How to pass the Fahas or MVPI (Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection)?

1. Wash your vehicle

It looks silly but you need to start your preparation to pass the Fahas or the MVPI by washing your car properly. Go to a service station and wash your vehicle. Special attention should be given to wash the vehicle from beneath. Make sure you wash out all oil leakage spots.

2. Locate the MVPI Office in your city

Locate the office to perform the Fahas in your city. We have shared the locations of some of the MVPI centers in major cities of Saudi Arabia.

It is important to mention here that the second location of Fahas Jeddah situated on the intersection of Hira Street and Prince Metab Street has closed down. The location shared above is the new location of MVPI Jeddah.

3. The timing of Fahas Center or MVPI center

The working hours of the MVPI office vary on weekdays and weekend. 

  • The timings of the Fahas center from Sunday to Thursday: 7:00 am to 4:15 pm
  • The working hours of the MVPI office on Saturday: 7:00 am to 2:15 pm

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4. Visit the Office

Now take your vehicle to MVPI office you have located. There will be a long queue of the cars waiting for the inspection test and you will have to be in the queue.

5. The fee for Fahas or MVPI

Soon you will arrive at a drive-through counter where you will be asked about the Istimara (Vehicle Registration), Driving License and Iqama. Don’t worry even if you don’t have previous MVPI certificate. 

  • The Fahas fee for Small Vehicles is SR 73 and the re-inspection fee is SR 24
  • The MVPI fee for Small Bus or Small Truck is SR 96 and the re-inspection fee is SR 29
  • The Fahas fee for Medium Bus or Medium Truck is SR 141 and the re-inspection fee is SR 42
  • The MVPI fee for Large Bus or Large Truck is SR 205 and the re-inspection fee is SR 62
  • The Fahas fee for Motor Cycle is SR 35 and the re-inspection fee is SR 12

051 Procedure to pass Fahas (Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection) in Saudi Arabia 03

6. Vehicle Inspection Area

Now you will go towards the vehicle inspection area. Here staff of the inspection office will ask you to get out of the vehicle and vehicle will go through the process of inspection. It is a manual inspection process and you would be able to see your vehicle at different stages.

7. Technical Support Office

Next step is to go to the Technical Support Office of the Inspection Office. If your vehicle clears the test, a sticker will be placed on your car. You can just get the Fahas certificate from the officer sitting in technical support office and leave the place.

8. The Reason for Failure

However, if your vehicle does not clear the test as it is expected. He will give you a paper and explain the problems in Arabic. Don’t worry if you don’t understand them. Just take the paper and come out of the vehicle inspection office.

051 Procedure to pass Fahas (Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection) in Saudi Arabia 01

9. Get the vehicle fixed

Now you will have to locate some workshops, normally opened around the Inspection office. It will not take you a while to locate them. Just go there and show this paper to them. They know very well about the problem mentioned in the paper.

Here is a test of your negotiation skills. They may ask you an amount which is 10 times more than the market rate for fixing the car. Just let them know that you will take rates from others as well. He will reduce the rates if you really pretend to leave the workshop.

All of them give you guarantee that your vehicle will clear the Fahas (MVPI). Just tell them that you would not pay any money if MVPI is not passed.

10. Re-Inspection at the MVPI Center

Once the workshop man is done with the fixing of the vehicle, you can go back to the same queue and they will test only those parts which they have highlighted if you come back for the test anytime within two weeks from the first test. They will charge only SR 24 on the second attempt.

Useful Tips to pass Fahas in Saudi Arabia

Some people suggest that it is better to go to a mechanic first before going for the Fahas test. Well, if your objective is just to pass the Fahas (MVPI) test, don’t do it.

Your mechanic will change even those parts of your vehicle which are not required to be on the safe side. It will obviously cost you a lot. Do what I have suggested you in the above paragraphs.

I saw a traffic policeman checking the Iqama and Istimara (Vehicle Registration) of different vehicles. I was curious so asked another guy about the reason for checking all this. He told me that sometimes people send their younger brothers or friends with their vehicles to pass Fahas (MVPI) test.

It is illegal to drive vehicle in Saudi Arabia without proper authorization. So, the police officer was checking this. We have covered the procedure of getting authorization in this link “Procedure to get Authorization to Drive Friend's Car in Saudi Arabia

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