Procedure to Renew Saudi Driving License Manually

In our earlier article, “Getting Driving License in Saudi Arabia” we have explained the detailed procedure of getting it. Now in this article, we are explaining step by step process of renewing a Saudi driving licenseA motorist who hold an expired license will have to face a fine of SR 300 to 500. 

The process of renewing the Saudi driving license is not very complicated. It is very simple and you get the immediate result of your day’s hard work. You can also apply for the renewal of Saudi Driving License online through MOI portal, the detailed procedure is explained in this link “Procedure to Renew Saudi Driving License Online through MOI

First of all, you need to make the payment of the fee for renewing the driving license. You can make the payment through your own bank account or through some friend’s bank account. If you have internet access or ATM card, it is as simple as 123.

If you don’t have access to either of two mentioned above, you can give SR 20 in addition to the normal fee and one agent offering SADAD services will pay your fee. However, I would strongly recommend you to pay the fee from your own personal account.

In case if you want to claim a refund of the fee for renewing the driving license, you can do so. After making the payment, get a print of the receipt. You will have to attach it to the application. Recommended: Payment of Fee for Renewal of Saudi Driving License.

Required Documents for Renewal of Saudi Driving License

  • Copy of Iqama (along with Original)
  • Copy of Driving License
  • Original Driving License
  • Proof of deposit of fee
  • 2 passport size photographs

Fill up Renewal Form of Driving License: After paying a fee, next step is to fill up the form of renewal of driving license. It is always better to go to Dallah and collect the latest one yourself. This form needs to be filled only in Arabic.

If you are not good in Arabic, you can contact some agent near to Dallah who will charge SR 20 and fill a form for you. I would suggest you give money to him rather than wasting your time. He will guide you in a better way.

Medical Checkup: Then you will need to go for eye test which is performed in an outside clinic. I suggest you get one of the drivers from the same office. It is about 5 minutes away but waiting there is a disaster.

He took my papers and run everywhere. The fee is 100 SAR at the hospital. After that, you will be asked to do blood type test again which is already on your expired license.

Complete File of Renewal of Driving License: After filling the file, you need to attach all the documents mentioned above with the form in order to submit it to Maroor office.  Now it will take only 10 minutes to get a print of new Saudi driving license.