How to apply family visit visa in KSA in 2019?

There are two options to call your family to Saudi Arabia. The first option is to apply for a permanent family visa and the second one is to bring them on family visit visa to KSA. We have explained the entire visit visa process for Saudi Arabia from family visit visa application to submission of documents to the Saudi Embassy.

If the stay is short term, a Saudi Visit Visa is a better option. Your wife, children, father, mother, father in law and mother in law can be invited on a Saudi Visit Visa. The process for Saudi Arabia visit visa is online now which has been explained below.

The requirements for Family Visit Visa KSA

  • You should have a valid original iqama with the validity of at least 90 days
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of passport of each member of your family you want to invite to Saudi Arabia
  • Acceptable Profession to apply for Visit Visa in KSA (See the list here) Unfortunately, if the profession of your visa is not listed in one of the professions listed in the list, you will have to go for a change of profession.
  • Iqama validity for visit visa: In order to apply for the Saudi Visit Visa in KSA, the iqama validity should not be less than 3 months at the time when an officer reviews your application. It is better to apply with the iqama validity of 4 months.

Filing an online family visit visa application

The first step of applying for Saudi Visit Visa is to fill an online family visit visa application on the website of the MOFA. As a result, we have provided a detailed guideline of filling online application for Saudi Visit Visa in this link.

I would recommend you to read it and fill out the family visit visa application form on the website of MOFA. In this way, you will be able to avoid many mistakes which cause the rejection of a Saudi Visit Visa application. “Guideline to fill online Application for Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Submitting the Application to the Employer

Earlier, you had to print the family visit visa application from the website of MOFA, get it signed by your sponsor and then submit it to the Chamber of Commerce. We used to call this process “Tafeel”. However, now the procedure has been changed.

You just need to apply it online as per the procedure above, print it and hand it over to the Government Relations Officer of your company. He will authenticate the family visit visa application online and it will be submitted to the MOFA.

Moreover, the Chamber of Commerce offices are not accepting any Saudi Visit Visa application now. After a while, your status will be changed on the MOFA website. 

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Note: This process has not changed in all the Chamber of Commerce offices all around Saudi Arabia. Some offices are still processing the family visit visa applications and it is better you check with the office of your city.

Saudi Arabia visa check

Eventually, it will change to the process described in the first paragraph under this heading. You can check the status using the guidelines provided in this link. Recommended: Check Family Visit Visa Application Status Online.

Additional documents for Family Visit Visa KSA

In some cases, your Saudi Visit Visa application is not approved straightforward. They will ask you to submit the application along with some documents to the MOFA.

Now attach all the documents mentioned above with the family visit visa application which you printed from the MOFA website and submit it to the nearest office of the MOFA. You should go to MOFA office at around 11 am. This is the time when the MOFA office will be least crowded.

The timing of the MOFA office is 7 am to 2 pm with Duhr prayer break. If you will come in the early morning, you will find it very crowded. Continue the same process mentioned above for checking the online status of the family visit visa application. Soon, you will see good news there.

What if the family visit visa application is rejected?

If an online Saudi Visit Visa application is rejected, do not worry. Apply for it again and in many cases, it is accepted in the second attempt. Even if it is not accepted at that time, you should not lose hope, there is another way. You can apply for the Saudi Visit Visa through Istiqdam.

I have explained the procedure in detail in this link “Apply for Family Visit Visa through Istiqdam“. Family Visit Visa Application for one of our friends was rejected 3 times than he applied through this way and it was accepted.

Submitting the Application in the Saudi Embassy

If your family visit visa for KSA is approved, you need to send the application number to the relative in your home country. It is better to contact some agent in this regard. He will charge you a little amount but your work will be eased out in your home country.

Normally agents who issue Umrah visas have some contacts in the Saudi Embassy and they can speed up the process of your family visit visa application. The visit visa obtained from the procedure mentioned must be stamped from the Saudi consulate or Saudi embassy of the respective country within 3 months of its issuance as per the website of the MOFA.

In some countries like Pakistan, the Saudi Government has established Etimad Centers. You do not need to contact agents in case Etimad Centers are established in your native country. You directly go to them. They will process the visa for you. Charges of Etimad Center are also the same as mentioned above. You will have to take an

You will have to take an online appointment at Etimad Center and the procedure of taking an online appointment at Etimad Center is explained in this link. Following documents need to be submitted to the Saudi Embassy.

  • Original passport
  • Copy of your Iqama (Remember you are the sponsor)
  • Copy of your Passport
  • 2-4 passport size photos
  • If you want to apply for the visit visa of in-laws in KSA, You need to present the marriage certificate and copy of the passport and Iqama of your wife.

Check Family Visit Visa Application Status

Officially they say, it takes 3 days but normally it takes a week to process the visa. Even if it takes more than that, don’t worry. You are dealing with Saudi government department so you should build up some patience.

Go to this link, and enter your family visit visa application number and Iqama number to get the status of your application. If everything goes fine, the family visa will be issued. Recommended: 5 common reasons for Saudi Family Visit Visa Rejection

I have explained them in this link the Procedure to Check Family Visit Visa Application Status. Moreover, the meaning of different messages sent by the MOFA to the applicants is also detailed in that link.

The validity of the Family Visit Visa in KSA

We have published detailed guidelines about the validity of the family visit visa in Saudi Arabia in this link.

The Fee for Family Visit Visa of Saudi Arabia

A fee of SR 2,000 per passport is charged for the single entry family visit visa for 6 months. A multiple entry visa for 1 year costs SR 5,000 and a multiple entry visa for 2 years costs SR 8,000 per passport.

However, the fee for Family Visit Visa of Saudi Arabia has reduced to SR 305 per passport for Indians. Similarly, the Saudi Visit Visa fee for Pakistanis has also reduced to SR 338 per applicant.

The fee for the visit visa Saudi Arabia has also been reduced for some other nationalities as well. You can check the nationality wise New Visit Visa fee for Saudi Arabia.

2 Years Multiple Entry Saudi Visit Visa of Saudi Arabia

The visa will be initially issued for 90 days which will be extended for further 90 days during the stay in KSA. The fee to extend the 2 Years Multiple Entry Family Visit Visa is SR 100.

After spending 180 days, the visa holder will have to travel out of the Kingdom and come back again on the same visa. In other words, the stay at one time cannot exceed 180 days.

You don’t need to go back to your home country, you can go to the nearest border and perform the exit and entry procedure. However, you must be having a visa of that country to enter it.


It is very important to mention here that expat living in Saudi Arabia on Iqama takes the responsibility of the family members entering the Kingdom. In the case of Overstay of any family member, even if the stay is of a single day, SR 25,000/- fine is imposed on the expatriate with Iqama.

In fact, you should plan the departure 3,4 days before expiry of the visa date. You never know, due to a flight problem you may have to stay at the airport or some other bad thing may happen to you.

Furthermore, You can read about this topic in detail in this article, “What to do if Family Visit Visa Expires in Saudi Arabia”

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