How to Check Huroob Status of Iqama Online?

Sometimes it happens that Kafeel (Sponsor) sets Huroob (Abscondment) status under your Iqama. It effectively means that you ran away from your sponsor and he reports to Jawazat that now this employee is not his responsibility.

It happens when you don’t pay to your sponsor on time agreed on the amount in case of free visa (which is illegal), or you don’t go to your workplace without intimating your employer. Employer tries to contact you with all reasonable sources and if he is unable to contact you, he puts on Huroob status to your Iqama.

What happens if the Police catch you: Police start searching for you and as soon as you are caught by the police and they realize that you are under Huroob, they detain you and send you to the detention center.

After a few days, you are deported with a term of the ban to enter back to Saudi Arabia. Here in this article, we shall provide you step by step guide to check the Huroob status of Iqama online.

How to Check Huroob Status of Iqama Online?  First of all, go to the ministry of labor website and enter your Iqama number in the second box. You may also have to enter the robot detector code in the fourth box.

This screenshot will also help you to enter the iqama number in the correct box.

If your status is normal, following message will appear on your screen indicating your name, a Kafeel number and Nitaqat status of Kafeel. Nitaqat status means your a feel is in white, green, red, golden or platinum category.

If your status is Huroob, following message will normally appear on your computer screen. Please keep in mind that this method is just indicative of Huroob status. In order to get 100% confirmation, you will have to visit Jawazat office with your Iqama.

How to remove Huroob? If your Kafeel has set Huroob status on your Iqama, you will have different option to remove huroob. I have explained in detail all the option available to you to remove Huroob status from your Iqama in this article. Please be noted this is not the procedure to check huroob status for domestic workers.


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