Transfer of Sponsorship of Wife in Saudi Arabia

We have explained in detail in one article about getting married in Saudi Arabia. Once you got married, you need to get the sponsorship of your wife transferred to your name. We presume that the sponsorship of your wife is in her father’s name. If you got married in Saudi Arabia and your wife is a working lady whose sponsor is her employer, there is no need to get it transferred.

In fact, if you will get a transfer, it will be a violation of the Saudi Labor Law.You can also transfer sponsorship of your wife if you got married in your home country but both your wife and you are iqama holders. In that case, you need to have marriage certificate attested by the Saudi Embassy of the country where your marriage took place. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Marriage Certificate for Saudi Arabi

Documents Required for the Transfer of Sponsorship of Wife: 

  • NOC from the father of wife signed in front of the officer in passport office (You will get the format from passport office)
  • A copy of the marriage agreement (this is the stamped copy you have received from the court when you registered your marriage.)
  • Original Passport and Iqama of wife
  • Original Iqama of Husband
  • Copy of Iqama of Husband, Wife, and Father
  • Husbands sponsor's/Kafeels letter (attested by Chamber of commerce) stating that they have no objection on transferring your wife's sponsorship on you. ORIGINAL + COPY
  • Print out of the fee (SR 2,000/-) deposited online. The procedure of payment of fee is explained in this link “Payment of Fee for Transfer of Wife's Sponsorship

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Process for the Transfer of Sponsorship of Wife: First, you along with your father in law have to go to passport office (Jawazat).

Just in front of the passport office, you will see numerous Saudi agents sitting with their computers and small tables. You need to go to any of them and tell him about the purpose of your visit.

They will give you two forms to fill. You should ask them to fill the forms for you. One of these forms is NOC from Father’s side which needs to be signed by the father in front of the passport officer. The second form is an application for the transfer of sponsorship. He will take the documents from you and staple them all together. You need to sign the application form. This agent will charge you around SR 20 – 50 for this work.

If you have not deposited the fee, you can ask this guy to do this on your behalf. He will charge you like SR 20 for this and give you a printout.

This agent will tell you about the office where you need to go with the NOC. In this office, father of the wife will show his Iqama to the officer and sign in his presence. After this, he can leave the place as his work is done. If your father in law lives in some other city, he may fill this form and sign it in front of the Jawazat official and send it to you through courier. You would be able to proceed for the transfer of sponsorship based upon this document which is stamped by Jawazat official.

Husband will go to another window about which some people from the Jawazat can guide him. Here you will be in a queue and on your turn you will have to submit all these documents on the window.

After submitting the documents, you need to go to another window to get the print of your iqama.

There are many offices of Jawazat in main cities like Jeddah and Riyadh. You can also go to any of these offices in order to get the print out of Iqama. Normally the main office remains very much crowded; this is why I would suggest you go to the other offices.

It is important to mention here that the cost of renewal of your iqama will be SR 1150 per annum if your wife is locally transferred to your Iqama. The normal cost of renewal of Iqama is only SR 650.

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