Entitled Leaves for Employees as per Saudi Labor Law

It has been observed that many employees working in Saudi Arabia don’t even know about the number and types of leaves to which they are entitled to as per Saudi Labor Law. If you go through the text of Saudi Labor Law, you would realize that it contains many benefits for the employee working in Saudi Arabia.

However, due to our ignorance of the Saudi Labor Law, we don’t ask for our benefits. Saudi Labor Law is very gracious as far as different types of leaves are concerned. Your employer is bound to provide you following leaves under Saudi Labor Law. Recommended: Rights of Employees under Saudi Labor Law

Sick Leave

An employee, whose sickness has been proven, is allowed to take 4 months of sick leave (partially paid and partially unpaid) from the employer (Article 117 of the Saudi Labor Law). We have written a detailed article on this subject. Recommended: Rules related to Sick Leave as per Saudi Labor Law

Annual Leave

According to the Saudi Labor Law, you are allowed to have at least 21 days paid annual vacation. If you have completed 5 consecutive years in a company, you are entitled to have at least 30 days paid annual vacation.

We have explained all the provisions related to Annual Leave in this link. Recommended: Rules related to Annual Leave under Saudi Labor Law

Death of Relatives

In the case of death of wife, children or parents, leave of 5 fully paid days is allowed. Changes in Saudi Labor Law effective from 01/01/1437 are taken into account.

In the case of women worker, she is entitled to a leave of 15 days to 130 days based upon her religion on the event of the death of her husband. It is mentioned in detail in this link. Recommended: Leaves for Women in case of Death of her Husband under Saudi Labor Law

Hajj Holidays

If an employee performs Hajj, he is allowed to have 10 days of fully paid vacation in place of 4 days of vacation of Eid Ul Adha. However, an employee can avail these holidays only once in his job with the employer if he has not performed Hajj before in his life.

There is another condition that he must have completed at least 2 years of his service with the employer before availing this facility. The employer reserves the right to limit the number of workers annually who can avail this leave. (Article 114 of the Saudi Labor Law)

Marriage Leave

Every employee is entitled to 5 days of paid marriage leave only once in his employment term. Let us say if you want to take leave of 15 days upon your marriage, only 12 days should be deducted from your annual leaves.

Make sure that you have availed this credit. An employer may ask you to bring evidence to support the eligibility of the leave. Changes in Saudi Labor Law effective from 01/01/1437 are taken into account. (Article 113 of the Saudi Labor Law)

Maternity Leaves

According to Article 151 to 156 of Saudi Labor Law, a woman worker is allowed to have 10 weeks of vacations in the case of delivery of the child. We have explained it in detail in this link. Recommended: Rules related to Maternity Leave for working women under Saudi Labor Law

Child Birth

3 days of paid leave is allowed in case of childbirth to the male worker. Changes in Saudi Labor Law effective from 01/01/1437 are taken into account. (Article 113 of the Saudi Labor Law)

Eid Holidays

According to Saudi Labor Law, you are allowed to have 4 fully paid leaves starting from 30th Ramadan for the Eid Ul Fitr and 4 fully paid leaves starting from 9th Zil Hajj for the Eid ul Adha. (Article 112 of Saudi Labor Law)

National Day

National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is celebrated on 23rd September and it is fully paid holiday.

Leave leading to Termination

If the worker is absent from work for more than 20 days without any valid reason, and the employer has sent him 2 warnings through emails or to his registered address after completing 10 days and 15 days of absenteeism, the employer can terminate him without any notice.

Annual Leave for Domestic Workers

It is very important to mention here that labor law is not applied to the housemaids, individual drivers and other visas which have been awarded to the individual Saudis for their houses.

A domestic worker is only entitled to one month’s paid leave after two years of service with the employer. Moreover, domestic workers are also entitled to one day’s holiday in a week.

Examination leaves

Article 115 talks about the examination leave that if the employer approves the employee’s registration for education, the leave would be paid only till the examination days.

If for instance, the employer does not grant approval, the employee is eligible for examination leave that would be compensated for his annual vacation (if available) or his X-time.

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