Opening a Bank Account in Al Rajhi Bank

Bank Account of Al Rajhi Bank is perhaps one of the most traditional bank account in Saudi Arabia. It offers only a current account with no offer to earn any profit. It is the biggest bank in Saudi Arabia as far as several branches are concerned.

Moreover, it is one of the oldest banks in Saudi Arabia which is why many old people and people who are living in remote areas prefer this bank account.

As soon as you enter to any branch of Al Rajhi Bank, it gives you the true picture of a bureaucratic work environment. You must go there several times to open your account.

Most of the branches you will visit will refuse to open your account putting the blame that “System is Down”.

Credit Card by Al Rajhi Bank is also not competitive in nature. I have personal experience with this bank account so I would not suggest you open a bank account here.

To avail credit card, your employer must be an approved employer in the list of Al Rajhi Bank. If you are not one of the approved employers, you cannot get a credit card or any other personal finance.

However, it offers cash withdrawal facility by the ATM through credit card with lowest charges of SAR 15 per transaction. Customer Service of Al Rajhi Bank is pathetic.

My Personal Suggestion: My Personal Suggestion is that you should open a bank account in this bank only if you have to transfer frequently to the people who have Al Rajhi Bank Account through internet banking, or you are living in a remote area where no other bank is available. Customer service of this bank is pathetic and you cannot get a credit card from them if your employer is not an approved employer.

But if your employer is one of the approved employers by Rajhi Bank, I think there should be no other option which you should consider. The detailed procedure to Open a Bank Account in Al Rajhi Bank has been explained below;

Open your web browser and go to the Al Rajhi Bank website and create a new account online. Below is the URL for the website to spare you from wasting a few minutes of searching it instead.

Once you receive your reference number after filling in the details for creating a new account, print the form and number on a paper and visit the nearest branch of Al Rajhi bank closest to your house.

Once you enter the bank branch get a token slip from the counter for either a New Account or Sales. Once you take your slip for Sales, stand in front of the Sales Counter and wait for your turn.

When your turn up provides the staff person with these important documents under your name;

  • Reference number
  • Valid ID (National Identity Card or Family Registration Card for Saudis, Iqama or passport for non-Saudis)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Address in KSA and Home Country
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Letter of introduction from employer stating Name, Iqama number, total monthly salary, date of joining and profession as per Iqama. This letter needs to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce. Sample Letter of Introduction to open a bank account in Saudi Arabia is available at this link. We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting the chamber of commerce.
  • Some people have commented that the Bank asked them to bring the PO Box number opened in their name. Well, they did not ask it from me when I opened an account with them.

Once you provide them the above documents they will ask your different questions as part of a procedure to create your account. Along with this, they will hand over your new account number.

If you carefully observe the account number you'll note that the first three digits of your account number in the branch code. The IBAN number is your account number that is used for dealing with international transactions.

Once you have your account details return to the entrance and obtain another token slip, this time for depositing money.

This time wait for your turn in front of the Deposit Counter and upon your turn deposit SR75 as part of a fee for generating you your ATM card.

After depositing the money making your way to the customer services counter and fill in the form for ATM card application.

Return it to the staff person at the customer services counter and follow the instructions they tell you.

Once you receive your ATM card and pin code make your way to the ATM machine outside of the bank and put your card in. After that enter your pin code on request.

Since the Pin code will be known to the staff member the first step you must follow is to change the Pin code number. On the Menu press the other options where you will find an option to change pin code. Click and enter a new pin code.

Once that is done reinsert your card and again move under the other operations option till your find enter your mobile number. Enter the number and wait till you receive an email address.

When you receive the SMS move back into the bank and go to the customer services counter. Collect the form for internet banking. Fill it in, submit it and return back home. You will be notified with an SMS for mobile number activation. After 24hours on receiving the SMS log on to

Finally, register yourself filling in the required details. Here you will be receiving several SMS during the completion of the procedure. Complete the process for Online Internet Banking and you are through!

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