How to open a bank account online in Al Bilad Bank?

In the bank account of this bank, if you keep the deposit for more than SAR 20,000/-, you will get profit on the minimum amount maintained in the month. However, the minimum amount to open the account is SAR 1,000/- I could not get on their website the profit rates which are paid to the account holders when they keep their minimum balance in a month for more than SAR 20,000/-.

Bank Al Bilad has now initiated an online banking procedure for the people of Saudi Arabia. This will now enable the people of Saudi Arabia to open their bank accounts via the internet!

Before this, people of Saudi Arabia could not open a bank account digitally, rather they had to visit the bank with required documents to open a bank account. Now, the digital banking initiated by Bank Al Bilad has made things easier for the people of Saudi Arabia.

A complete guide to open a bank account online in Al Bilad Bank: However, as this is something new for the people of Saudi Arabia, we have come up with a complete guide so that you might not face any issues. Read this guide before you head towards opening an account.

According to the issued rules, the applicant has to fill up an application form for opening the bank account and can save it digitally. The application cannot be submitted before 10 AM as that is the time when the counter for such applications become operational.

Documents required for opening an online bank account in Bank Al Bilad:

1-Saudi National Card for Saudis and Iqama for Expatriates

2-A valid mobile number

3-A residential address registered with the National Address System

4-Registered Abshir account for authenticity

The Procedure to open an online bank account in Bank Al Bilad

1-Go to the following link

2-The link would ask you enter either Iqama number or Id Card number

3-Enter a valid mobile number

4-The system would check the validity of your number via an OTP

5-Once done, you will be asked to enter personal details such as date of birth, marital status, educational qualification, job position or business details, language and others.

6-Then you shall enter general and accounts details, housing details, employer details, and financial details.

7-Now you shall wait for an SMS informing you about your approval at Absher Account. Your approval will help activate the account and your debit card shall be delivered at your postal address.