Brief Introduction to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of those countries where entertainment opportunities are very limited. Especially if you are single and Non-Muslim, you hardly have anything to do. I am pointing out singles here since being single; you are rarely invited to the gatherings of families. You are not allowed to enter to the shopping malls most of the times. Being Non-Muslim, you cannot enjoy the pleasure of going to the Holy Sites of Makkah and Madina as Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter to Makkah and Madina. Even if it was allowed to enter to these sacred places, obviously Non-Muslims cannot feel that particular peace in their heart. Recommended: Punishment for Non-Muslims for entering to Makkah and Madina

Life in Saudi Arabia for Girls: Girls cannot drive, they cannot come out of the house alone, and they cannot leave the country without prior approval of their Kafeel (Husband, Brother or Father). Life in Saudi Arabia for girls is very restrictive. Even if a Saudi girl marries to Non-Saudi, he would not get citizenship either her children. Girls can hardly work in offices except for few multinational companies which have a civilized environment. Most suitable job for them is School Teaching. But Saudi Government is continuously working on women empowerment and creating job opportunities for women in Saudi Arabia. There are special rights for women under Saudi Labor Law.

Working Environment in Saudi Arabia: In Saudi Arabia, working environment is very different from other countries. Most of the businesses are family-owned businesses where one man or owners have decisive powers. The culture of these companies is entirely different from few multinational companies. Most of the family based businesses have an authoritative type of culture in which there is only one man show. Everything is in the hands of owner or CEO who is in direct relation to the owner. There are no procedures and policies and even when there are some policies, they are actively bypassed by the CEO. Salary Increment and all other benefits depend upon the mood and will of the CEO. In these types of companies, the only way to success is to keep your immediate boss happy. But there are many other family owned business giants as well who are properly managed by governance structure.

Saudi – Non-Saudi Differentiation: Expatriate needs to be under sponsorship of one sponsor called Kafeel. This Kafeel can be an individual or a company. You need to take permission from sponsor to open a bank account, leave Saudi Arabia temporarily or permanently, apply for a visa of any country.  You can never own land neither start business with your own name in Saudi Arabia. Some people illegally start a business in the name of the sponsor but it is very risky. If you are caught doing such business, you will be deported from the country immediately. Your sponsor can also kick you off anytime and you will not have a legal ground to claim back your money. Recommended: Sponsorship (Kafala) System in Saudi Arabia

Job Market in Saudi Arabia: The job market in Saudi Arabia is very good. People from all around the world especially South Asia come to Saudi Arabia and almost 99.99% of them get jobs. There is low foreign investment right now but Saudi investors still have billions of dollars to invest. Moreover, Saudi Trade Ministry is also very active now days attracting the investment of European and American companies to this region. Market entry to Saudi Arabia is still very difficult which is why fewer companies are attracted to this region.  But now it looks like officials have started thinking about it and soon we can expect some good steps in easing out the investment inflow to the country. You need to take permission from SAGIA to Start Business in Saudi Arabia being an expatriate.

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