Procedure to Apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia

The first thing you should do after getting your Iqama from your sponsor is to apply for a driving license in Saudi Arabia. Getting a driving license in Saudi Arabia is not a big deal unlike many other countries e.g. UAE.

Minimum age to get Saudi Driving License: In this article, we shall provide you information about all the steps you need to take to get a driving license. Minimum age to get Saudi Driving License is 18 Years and only men can apply for it.

Free for the Saudi Driving License: Deposit SR 80, if you want to apply for 2 years, 200 for 5 years and 400 for 10 years. You can pay this amount through SADAD payment from your internet, phone or ATM Banking. Take a print out of this deposited fee. Recommended: Payment of Fee to Apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia

Medical Test for the Saudi Driving License: Go to any of the approved clinics of Saudi Government to undergo Blood Test and Eye Test. They will fill up your form to apply for Saudi Driving License and stamp it. You can also download and fill up yourself. Recommended: Download form to Apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia

These approved clinics will charge you around SR 150 and upload your medical report to Efada website. Sometimes they also issue you a report on paper. Keep in mind, if this report is not uploaded on Efada website, Dallah will not issue you a driving license. Recommended: List of Approved Medical Centers for Iqama Issuance / Renewal

Required documents to apply for the Saudi Driving License: Go to Dallah Driving School before 7 AM along with all the documents stated below. If you have driving license of your native country, it is easier to apply for a driving license of Saudi Arabia as they do not take initial test and give you date for the final test.

If you don't have driving license of your country, they will give you classes for 30 to 90 hours. You should get this driving license translated to Arabic.

  • Copy of your Iqama
  • Copy of your Passport along with visa
  • 4 passport size photographs
  • A duly filled form to apply for Saudi Driving License

License Checking Counter: Next step is to wait in the long queue for your turn to get Token. If the first trial, you will get a token which starts with “B” letter. This token is for “License check counter”.

Manual and Automatic Cars: After this, you need to take your first trial. There will be two different queues for the trial for the manual and automatic car. Make sure you are standing in the right queue.

Once you select automatic transmission in the application of applying for Saudi Driving License, they provide you an automatic transmission car for the initial trial as well as the final trial.

Finally, you will be getting a driving license with some restriction (like only for automatic). So those who have this kind of a driving license cannot drive manual transmission cars.

First Trial for Saudi Driving License: Most probably the guy who is taking trial will be Saudi with minimal understanding of English. So, it is better if you know some basic Arabic words like Right, Left, Stop, Start and Reverse.

You need to show your iqama to the guy taking the trial. In the trial, take care of few things. The guy who is taking trial will pressurize you to start quickly; this is just a tactic to build pressure. You should not be hurried, take your time to adjust your seat, side mirrors, back mirror, and steering.

Tide your seat belt and ask the guy who is taking your trial to do the same. Drive slowly and listen to what he says carefully. If you are successful, he will give you grade Alif “A” which means you are ready for the final test. In another case, you will have to attend classes.

In a Normal Driving Test, Instructor will test your skills through a zigzag test, Reverse test, and he may ask you to drive at full speed and apply break at some point. If you pass he will give you date for Reverse parking and computer test. 

Computer Test: If you are given grade “A”, you will have to deposit SR 100 for the class for instructions of Computer Test. Come to the Dallah Driving School again with the computer class slip and take your test on your turn.

Your result will be announced shortly after the test. Recommended: How to Pass Computer Test for Saudi Driving License?

Training Classes at a Driving School: Most likely reverse parking and computer test will be on same day. If you fail, you may have to attend school. You may need to pay 420 SR (Approx.). 

  • 7 days’ classroom training for computer test
  • Driving, parking, and reverse parking training. You need to finish reverse parking successfully 7 times to clear training. Once you successfully complete the training, the school will give you date for the Final test (which is reverse parking and computer test). The school will be functional all working days except Friday.

Final Trial for Saudi Driving License: After this, you will go for the second and final trial. If you are successful here, you will go to the computer room again along with your file. If you are unsuccessful, you will be given a slip. You should avoid these common mistakes during the driving test.

You need to take this file to a counter to submit it. Within few minutes, your name will be called to collect the license from the window.

In the case of failure, you need to go to another counter and he will tell you about your new test date. Keep in mind; you can take only 3 tests in one file. After 3 failures, you will have to start the process again.

If you want to check the originality of your Saudi Driving License, please read this article. Recommended: How to Check Originality of Saudi Driving License

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