9 blessings of Allah mentioned in Surah Rahman

Allah mentions some of his blessings in Surah Rahman for human beings out of the numerous blessings he has bestowed upon us. After mentioning some of them, Allah asks his followers فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ.

Speak and Express Himself

Allah Almighty created man from clay and then taught him to speak and express himself. Being able to speak and being able to express out the feelings is indeed a great blessing. Being expressive is one of the blessings in Surah Rahman. – Ar-Rahman 55:4

Holy Quran – A code of conduct

He bestowed over us the Holy Quran; a complete book of guidance. A book that guides not only over spiritual matters but also over worldly matters.

The book that raises the status of a man. This book helps enjoy common people a great status. Those who will follow it shall enjoy great bounties in the hereafter. – Ar-Rahman 55:2

Movement of Sun and Moon

The Lord of the east and west, created sun and moon to circle around infix orbits. Their measured movement is a great blessing as we know when the day will set and when the night will approach.

Otherwise, we would not have a clue of day and night and our lives would not get organized. – Ar-Rahman 55:5

Food for the entire humanity

Fruit, corn, and dates grow to provide food, their leaves are fodder for animals. We are also blessed with plants that have a scent worth enjoying. The trees and stars are created by Allah for men. All things are to abide by Allah’s commandment. – Ar-Rahman 55:11

The blessing of oceans

The ship is duty bound by Allah Almighty to sail in the sea so that man can travel. Sea also provides man with pearls and corals. Isn’t the sea a great blessing? – Ar-Rahman 55:24

Then the two seas (one with salt water and one with sweet water) flow together yet their water does not get mixed as Allah has imposed a barrier between them: a barrier that they cannot demolish and are to abide by it. – Ar-Rahman 55:19

Iman – blessings in Surah Rahman

Allah has blessed you with the knowledge that He is the one who shall remain forever. Everything on earth is to perish. To tell us that this life is temporary, he makes us witness the death of others. (we could all have died at a single day, but He blessed us with the fact that we all are perishable).

It is only Allah who shall remain forever. We have needs, which are fulfilled only by Allah. He the supreme is free from needs. – Ar-Rahman 55:26

All will attend us on the day of Judgement

On the Day of Judgment, Allah will attend all the people. Those who had performed well will be sent to Jannat while those who had disobeyed Allah shall be thrown to Jahanum. – Ar-Rahman 55:31

Rewarding believers with Jannah

It motivates us to do well with others and to follow Allah’s instruction. Jannah is described as a garden from whose beneath river flows and one of the great blessings in Surah Rahman. They are equipped with bounties of Lord. – Ar-Rahman 55:46

Hell for disobedient

Punish them for the bad they had done in the world. Allah has for sure blessed us enough and to which of these favors of Allah upon you would you deny? Subhan Allah. – Ar-Rahman 55:43

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