Know Everything about Bitcoin Wallets

The equivalent of a bank account for cryptocurrency transactions is a cryptocurrency trade now. The wallet that you use specifically for bitcoin transactions, you call a bitcoin wallet. You cannot send or receive payments in Bitcoin or store bitcoins securely without this wallet. As a result, you will need to purchase, download, or make a Bitcoin wallet before you may receive bitcoins.

The public and private key technologies are combined in the Bitcoin wallet. The private key connected to the public key establishes ownership, while the public key reveals the amount paid or received. Although there are several variations of Bitcoin wallets, they may be categorized into two basic groups: hot wallets and cold storage wallets.

Different Kinds of Online Bitcoin Wallets

Here comes the list of Bitcoin Wallets.

  1. Computer Wallet

A computer must have programs downloaded to build and access a Bitcoin wallet. These wallets are basically software programs that are available on desktop, laptop, or mobile versions. Software wallets are only as safe as the device on which they are stored (computer or mobile). Malware can still steal data; it’s not impossible. Additionally, operating desktop-based software requires technical expertise.

Some desktop clients, like Bitcoin Core, have download sizes of up to 100 GB and demand the installation of the full Blockchain on the computer. MultiBit, on the other hand, is a more lightweight software wallet that does not need downloading.

MyCelium provides a capable software wallet for the Android and iOS operating systems among mobile-based software clients. Additionally, Copay provides both desktop and mobile online wallets.

  1. Digital wallet

Online wallets are the simplest to use and are out of all the numerous kinds of Hot Wallets. Having an online wallet is the easiest and most convenient option. Any device that is connected to the internet can access this wallet.

When utilizing the online wallet, remember that your private key is on a different server. Online wallets are thus susceptible to theft. For instance, hackers broke into Mt. Gox, a well-known Bitcoin trading website, in 2014 and stole $460 million worth of Bitcoins. Consequently, only small, regular transactions should be made using online wallets.

  1. Paper Wallet

Your public and private keys will be printed on a sheet of paper, hence the term “paper wallet.” Because they are offline and in your possession, paper wallets are quite secure. The majority of online/software wallet services let you print your current wallet’s keys. If your wallet does not support printing, go to BitAddress and do so.

  1. Device or hardware Wallets

Cold storage wallets, known as hardware wallets, produce keys as needed for transactions. While transacting, these USB-shaped gadgets must be plugged into your computer.

Hardware wallets are stored offline. As a result, they are protected from hacking as well as viruses. Hardware wallets are quite simple to use. You just have to download the version in the hardware USB device that you have bought and then you can disconnect it from the internet to store it securely. To prevent you from losing your wallet, they have reliable backup options. To prevent theft, they can also be protected by a password.

Though less anonymous than other options, this one is the easiest. Users can sell and purchase bitcoins at the going rate on bitcoin exchanges in their home currencies. These frequently ask for you to connect an existing normal bank account to the online Bitcoin account to transfer money to many people online, usually via the ACH or the automated clearinghouse transfer system used in traditional banking.


As per preference investors buy and use bitcoin wallets. However, hot wallets that are basically web-based, and some of them are computer and mobile applications, are vulnerable. It is because they can be hacked. Rather, cold wallets are perfect for all. You don’t have to think much about security while using these wallets.

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