How to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia?

Getting an Ahwal Madani appointment for a birth certificate in Saudi Arabia is the first step to get the Iqama for your newborn child in KSA. You will have to follow the same procedure given below if your wife has delivered a child on a family visit visa.

Birth Notification from the Hospital

The first step to get a Birth Certificate from Ahwal Madani in Saudi Arabia is to get baby’s birth notification paper from the Hospital where the baby is born.

Make sure that all information mentioned in the baby birth notification is correct especially your family Iqama ID, name, birth date, time and most important baby’s name.

The baby birth notification must have a hospital stamp and doctor or medical officer’s signature. The hospital takes around 1 week to issue this Birth Notification so it is better to apply for it just after the birth of the baby.

Birth Notification from the Hospital

Ahwal Madani appointment for Birth Certificate

Required Documents for Birth Certificate in KSA

Prepare the file of the following documents before you visit Ahwal Madani to get your baby’s governmental birth certificate in Saudi Arabia.

Make sure you print the appointment for Birth Certificate as the person who gives token in Ahwal Madani checks Date and time on your appointment paper before giving you a token. You should only go there on the same date as mentioned in the appointment paper.

  1. Copy of Baby’s birth notification issued by the Hospital.
  2. Iqama copy of the baby’s father.
  3. Iqama copy of the baby’s mother.
  4. Passport copy of the baby’s father.
  5. Passport copy of the baby’s mother.
  6. Attested Marriage Certificate from MOFA if wife is not dependent of the husband.
  7. Filled form 87 for Birth Certificate.
  8. A copy of the Saudi visa stamped on the mother's passport (in case the mother does not have an Iqama).

Download Form 87 for Birth Certificate

You can download the pdf copy of Form 87 for Birth Certificate Registration here. The form needs to be filled in Arabic. You can either fill it yourself or pay around SR 15 to any Saudi sitting in front of the Ahwal Madani office to do this job.

Submit the documents to Ahwal Madani

In order to take the birth certificate in Saudi Arabia, try to reach the Ahwal Madani office at least 20 minutes before your appointment. You will take a token and wait for your turn.

Token for Birth Certificate

Submit all the documents to the respective counter and wait for the birth certificate to be printed. They will call your name once the birth certificate is ready.  

A Text message will be sent on your mobile from Ahwal Madani confirming the issuance of a Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia.

As soon as the birth certificate is issued by the civil affairs or Ahwal e Madni, you can check the list of your dependents in the Absher account. The newborn has been added to the list now and an Iqama number has been issued for him.

Birth Certificate from Saudi Arabia

Misprinted Name on the Birth Certificate

If the name on the birth certificate is incorrect, you need to immediately raise the issue and he will ask you to go to the manager downstairs to rectify it. The manager will ask you to take another fresh copy of the birth certificate from upstairs after the rectification.

Attestation by the MOFA

The next step is to get the Birth Certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The good news is that the MOFA has opened a counter at Ahwal Madani offices around the Kingdom.

Make sure you pay the fee for MOFA attestation before entering the Ahwal Madani office so that you can go to the counter straight away for the MOFA attestation on Birth Certificate.

MOFA attestation on Birth Certificate

After this, you will have to apply for the passport of the newborn baby through the embassy or consulate of your country. Recommended: How to apply for a Passport for a newborn?

Birth Certificate on a Family Visit Visa

Mother is on a Family Visit Visa

If a child is born in Saudi Arabia while his mother is on a family visit visa, you need to follow the same procedure as mentioned above until you get your newborn baby's passport.

15 days before leaving Saudi Arabia, visit the إدارة شؤون الوافدين section in Jawazat along with the following documents to get the exit stamp on the child's passport.

  1. Original Passport of baby + Copy
  2. Original Iqama of baby’s father+ Copy
  3. Original Passport of baby’s father+ Copy 
  4. Original Passport of baby’s mother+ Copy
  5. A copy of the Saudi visa stamped on the mother's passport
  6. Baby's Birth Certificate issued by Ahwal Madani in Saudi Arabia

Father is not a Saudi Resident

If a child is born in Saudi Arabia while the mother is on a family visit visa and the father does not have a Saudi Iqama, you need the following documents in addition to the documents mentioned above to get a birth certificate from the Ahwal Madani in Saudi Arabia.

  • Attested marriage certificate along with Arabic translation (from home country Home Ministry, Saudi Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Power of Attorney from Father of the child authorizing and permitting any person (preferably close relatives) for applying for the birth certificate, collecting it, signing documents and do related legal procedures

The Power of Attorney must be issued by the home country court, attested by the Saudi Embassy in the home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia.

Get the Iqama for the Newborn

After the attestation is done, you still have to continue with the processing of Passport to get iqama for the newborn.

God forbids if you lose the birth certificate for any of your children, you need to report it through your Absher account. Recommended: How to report a lost Birth Certificate?

Ahwal Madani Riyadh Office

If your child is born in Riyadh, you will have to visit Ahwal Madani Riyadh Nasiriyah branch which is just adjacent to Pakistan International School to get a Birth Certificate. 

First of all, you go to the main building and after you enter this you will see a police guy sitting on the left side of the main entrance gate where you have to show your appointment paper and he will give you a token.

Ahwal Madani Riyadh Office

Then go to the waiting area just on the right side and wait for your turn (normally you will be served on window 2 or 3). Here you will provide all required papers (8 documents I mentioned above). 

After submitting your documents to the Ahwal Madani Riyadh office for the birth certificate, you have to go back to the same location and just check near window 2 or window 3 if there is any Saudi official guy who is holding a Governmental birth certificate.

Tell him your baby’s name and get your certificate. So with this, your work with Ahwal Madani Riyadh office for the birth certificate ended.

Ahwal Madani Jeddah Office

If you want to get a Birth Certificate in Jeddah, you will have to go to the Ahwal Madani Jeddah office which is situated at Arbaeen Street (Prince Mitaeb Road), Jeddah. 

When you go enter the office, just go straight until you reach the window where you need to show your appointment paper so the person can give you a token number and wait for your turn. After that, he will ask you to go upstairs.

Ahwal Madani Jeddah

I submitted all the above-mentioned documents to the Ahwal Madani Jeddah office for the Brith Certificate. He checked and printed out the birth certificate and asked me to wait for a while there.

After 10-15 minutes, he will call everyone's name to return the birth certificate after stamping it. As soon as you received it please make sure all the details are correct. He will return all your documents and birth certificate which he printed.

Ahwal Madani Dammam

Ahwal Madani Khobar

Ahwal Madani Makkah

Ahwal Madani Madina

Ahwal Madani Jubail

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