Beware of Fake Aamil in Saudi Arabia – HAIA Chief

These days many fake Ruqyah healers are offering services to people affected by black magic and by doing this they are misusing the spiritual treatment system followed by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sanad the HAIA chief explains that some people with weak faith have been exploiting the system for immoral purposes. They try to touch women and disrespect their honor.

They claim that they communicate with the genies just to impress their clients

These fake healers repeat just a particular verse of the Quran while some advise their clients to keep a specific verse of the Quran in their house to protect against genies and other sorcerers while some others advise their clients to say azan into a cup of water and drink it.

Many fake Ruqyah healers or practitioners have adopted this as a business just to earn some money and they charge huge fees reaching up to SR 10,000 for a single session of treatment while people demand accommodation saying they came from a far-off place.  

Some healers are so greedy that they frightened their customers that they are affected by black magic or sorcerers people easily believe their lies because of their weak minds and invite them to exploit us by getting ready to spend a huge amount of money.

Courts for sexual abuse have filed eight cases against fake Ruqyah practitioners for treating and practicing the therapy without a license.

A British practitioner of Arab origin was arrested who provided Ruqyah therapy without a license and used to charge huge amount of SR 35,000 for a session and was also accused of sexually harassing women while providing the cupping therapy.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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