Beware: Don’t let cashiers swipe your debit or credit card twice

Debit and credit cards are issued by banks as they are safe and convenient. Once we have a debit and credit card, we do not need to carry cash in hand. This is not only safe but also convenient as you do not have to worry about running short of money during purchases and don’t have to carry cash with you!

Most of the Saudi Arabian malls and supermarkets allow consumers to get facilitated with the debit and credit card service. Many Saudis, often use debit and credit card for purchases. When they are done with shopping, they hand over their debit and credit card to the cashier who swipes it and the payment is done.[irp]

But most of us are unaware of certain facts regarding the use of debit and credit card. Have you ever experienced that the cashier swiped your debit and credit card twice? Well, this is wrong, a debit and credit card should not be swiped more than once.

We have been informed repeatedly that a debit and credit card should not be swiped more than once. But the cashiers do so, and I would rather say that these cashiers have no other choice as they are asked by their employers for this. Wondering what happens when a debit and credit card is swiped more than once?

Well according to Electronic Saudi Payment Network (also known as Mada) the first swipe allows transaction yet the second swipe would give out the customer’s data. The information is used by them either for marketing, accounting or any other reason.

So the basic thing is that your data is leaked without your consent. This is far too dangerous and we are taking the matter lightly. We ourselves allow cashiers to swipe our debit and credit card twice as we know that the cashier would simply cancel the transaction if we run into an argument and would simply ask for cash, that most of us won’t be carrying!

But this way we allow our financial information gets leaked or in hazardous cases get hacked!
The Electronic Saudi Payment Network (Mada) has issued a warning to the customers, but what can customers do? Shall they carry cash instead of debit and credit cards now?

This is certainly not the solution. We need to have a proper system to stop this practice. If a customer experiences such a violation, there must be authorities with whom a complaint can be registered. Also, I urge our Monetary Agency and the Ministry of Commerce and Investment to take up an action.

They must come up with laws that impose fines, penalties, and punishment towards supermarkets and other retailers who are involved in such a dangerous practice. People should be made aware that this is an act of violation and they must readily inform the authorities about it.

I would also like to address our banks here. Banks should educate their customers about the fact. They should educate them upon using the debit and credit card and how sensitive information can be leaked by its misuse. I hope that authorities would take up an action as this is a serious matter!  Let’s spread the word and let’s bring in the change.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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