4 best Zumba 💃 classes for kids in Riyadh

While Zumba is not a recent sport, its importance during the past few years has undoubtedly increased! While most Zumba classes in Riyadh offer a single setup for girls and boys, you can hunt down separate ones, if you prefer. These are our top picks for the best Zumba 💃 classes for kids in Riyadh!

Muna the Zumbaholic

To be honest, we love how engaging their social media pages are. Even if you don’t have kids, you wished you had them so that you could get them enrolled at Muna the Zumbaholic.

Kids can also learn salsa and bachata from Muna. While Muna offers one of the most hospitable environments for the kids to learn, she also offers levels for learning which are beginners, intermediate, advanced, and experts.

As Muna rents a space within Riyadh for setting up her learning studio, you will get to know about her location once you fill in the form.

Al Manahil

One of the most fun places for kids which is managed by the experts who inculcate learning through fun is Al Manahil. It is strategically located in the Diplomatic Quarter. With professional courses for kids such as that Swimming, Karate, and Zumba, you can get your kid to evolve strength while he has fun.

Grab the opportunity for your kids to learn challenging skills such as water-based cardio and water dance.

Mani’s Brothers

Mani’s Brothers is an institute for kids. And when I say institute, I mean, it. Your kids can explore a variety of skills such as Kathak dance, Kung-fu to Zumba.

The Zumba techniques are offered in Western dance classes. The Western dance classes aim at incubating kids to learn break dance, Zumba, and belly dance.

While the classes are available for the beginner level, you must then make sure to take three sessions per week, and the best part is that you can decide over the combination of days. The minimum age limit is 3.5 years. 

My Gym KSA

My Gym KSA is a great place for your kids to build those small muscles, but don’t overlook their Zumba classes[. They offer one of the best Zumba training for your little ones.

The fun inhabited classes for Zumba take place thrice a week and last for 1 hour each. The minimum age for kids to get enrolled is 7 months. The maximum age for boys to get enrolled is 10 years while for girls is 13 years. The best feature of My Gym KSA is that it offers a first free class.

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