Best YouTube Channels for Preschoolers

YouTube is not only a place for entertainment and watching prank videos (we are equally guilty of watching funny cat videos at 3 in the morning) but also a space for learning.

No, the age does not matter. YouTube is a platform for all. From content for toddlers to engaging videos for people of a higher age bracket – no one is left behind here.

However, this read will narrow down some of the best YouTube channels available for preschoolers. This age of three to five years is high time for the little fellows to start familiarizing themselves with things they are about to learn in schools very soon. It is quite essential to their learning years. Therefore, you can count on us to guide you towards only high-quality options on YouTube. Yes, it is time to look beyond Cocomelon and Ms. Rachel.

Nevertheless, before you let your child(ren) begin learning on YouTube, you cannot forget an essential block. It is your internet connection. Imagine your kid is completely engaged in the video and suddenly the buffer wheel breaks the attention. It might be hard to get it right back up. Therefore, to avoid any such problem to occur entirely, it is best that you prepare with the right internet service provider. We recommend Xfinity. The speeds are like no other, and the connectivity is reliable. Simply ideal for any home. So, contact Xfinity servicio al cliente en Español (for Spanish customers) and find the right plan for your internet needs.

Now, let’s get on with the best YouTube channels we found for preschoolers after an extensive hunt on the platform.

1.     Kids TV – Preschool Learning Videos (1.53 Million Subscribers)

The best way to grab a preschooler is just some amazing storytelling, with great music. Kids TV knows it precisely and therefore brings the best videos for preschoolers where they get to learn but also be entertained.

Kids TV – Preschool is the perfect spot for:

  • Learning the basics of Alphabet and Counting
  • Improving thinking skills
  • Developing creativity and imagination

2.     Alphablocks (2.28 Million Followers)

Welcome to the world of alphabets. The channel is great for:

  • Learning Alphabets
  • Phonics
  • Learning to Read, and Spell.

Your child gets to learn the alphabet, how to read, try the phonics, and even spell the words! The silly videos and songs keep the content fun and engaging for them while they never stop learning.

3.     Netflix Jr. (15.8 Million Subscribers)

Yes, you heard it right! There is a Netflix for the juniors. However, it is available on YouTube.

This channel has all that is needed in the learning for the kids under the age of five. With some exceptional quality content that keeps the kids engaged, and entertained but most importantly educational videos that are ideal for them.

The videos are nice and short – staying to the point. They include all the learning fundamentals making it a great choice for preschoolers.

4.     The Kids’ Picture Show (1.64 Million Subscribers)

This channel for kids is not here to mess around. The objectives are clear and it shows.

The videos on the channel keep everything simple and digestible for the kids. They get to learn about basic language and math. That is not all. The videos range from animals, and food groups, to even communication skills.

This is surely an all-rounder.

5.     Blippi – Educational Videos for Kids (19.3 Million Subscribers)

Blippi is no less than a funky best friend for all the preschoolers, and all for the right reasons. Getting to see all the different and exciting things while exploring every field. Be it finding more about the dump trucks, visiting a play area in Vegas, or learning about vehicles – Blippi does not miss anything!

The channel is ideal for:

  • Learning new vocabulary
  • Making the child curious about learning
  • Explore nature, animals, vehicles (everything you can imagine)

6.     Mother Goose Club (9.32 Million Followers)

Bring your kids to meet the six colorful characters that will make learning fun! Yes, they are some classic nursery rhymes, however, the kids in the costumes surely keep your child on their toes.

They dance, they sing, and they learn! And of course, you get the fun tales from the book – Mother Goose.

Wrapping Up

The times have changed and from the times when YouTube was only considered a place for entertainment has come forward as a great tool for learning, especially for kids. With exclusive channels available on the platform that make learning fun for the kids.

So, it is never too late to start using the internet for the good especially when it comes to the learning years of the kids.

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