Best ways to prepare for class 9 maths

In just a few months, as the new academic year approaches, students from grade 9 may be worrying about how to prepare for class 9 CBSE maths. The key to success in class 9 is strong preparation. But there are many different ways you can prepare for class 9 CBSE maths. Choose a style that’s best suited for your learning style and lifestyle so that you can stay on track and score high grades this upcoming academic year.

Maths is something that everyone has to learn, but not everyone likes. In the recent 9th grade CBSE school board exam, a whopping 71.7% of students who took it were able to pass. But this is no reason for you to worry! Preparing for high school maths can be a daunting task, especially if you are taking the CBSE board exam. With the grade 9 CBSE maths syllabus now available online, it is now easier than ever to prepare. The grade 9 CBSE maths syllabus for class 9 covers algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, among other topics.

A student might feel a sense of anxiety and nervousness before an exam. What if the answer key is not available? What if he cannot find a question to practice on? These doubts can make him more tense and anxious. However, there are ways to help a student prepare for his exams, with the help of some resources.

There are some tips on how to reduce a child’s anxiety before exams, as well as what you need to do before the exam.

Students can reduce their anxiety and increase their confidence level by practicing. An exam is possible only if you have enough practice. Hence, make sure your child practices as many questions as possible from different sources.

Different people use different ways to prepare for exams. Some students like to solve sample papers by themselves, while others like to work with samples papers on practice material provided on the internet. Some will even prefer to do their class 9 maths homework first before taking up any additional preparation for higher grades. But one thing is certain, if your child learns the concepts well, then he will have no problem in answering questions from any of these sources!

Here are some ways to prepare for class 9 CBSE maths to make your life easier.

  • Develop your understanding of fractions
  • Understand place value in numbers up to 5,000 
  • Learn inverses of multiplication and division 
  • Know how to work with complex number equations
  • Learn how to use the quadratic formula for solving equations in two unknowns
  • Practice algebraic expressions on paper with unknown variables.
  • Practice questions that are easier for you to solve –
  • Sign up for an online math tutoring
  • Search through free course materials on the course website and use them as a guide
  • Read textbooks but skip margins and appendices
  • Find your best learning style and study accordingly. If you’re someone who prefers quiet study sessions, check out our noiseless library!
  • Do practice problems before each lesson because it’ll help you prepare better. Remember: Test scores don’t matter as much as your understanding and progress towards the target.

How to study materials and manage time

The best way to study for CBSE maths is by referring to old materials. This gives a very good idea of how to approach questions, manage time, and also the pattern of questions.

To begin with, one must spend time with the textbook and exercise book. With the textbook, one must spend time looking at each question and working out their answer. One should also look at the theory provided to go along with the question. With this approach, one will get a sense of what is expected in a question and how to approach it. Answers can be added as you go along so that they are revisited for review after some time has passed. There are many online resources to exploit as well. All the answers to major textbook problems are available online. For example, Class 9 RD Sharma Solutions or others are available online at our fingertips.

To gain good practice, one should review the previous year’s question papers. This will allow you to look for patterns to questions. From this, one will also be able to see the topics that are frequently asked in exams along with topics that are not often asked.

With this approach, one will gain a feeling of what is expected in an exam and how much time should be spent on each question. This will help with time management while solving the paper during an exam.

One must also be familiar with new terms and formulae while going through a textbook. This will help when questions are on topics that are not understood.

This will allow you to approach the exam with confidence. This is one of the most important ways to prepare for the CBSE Exam.

Now decide which topic you would like to learn more about on the exam and go through the subject matter for it. The best way to do it is by going through old question papers and trying different combinations of the keywords in the question. Each time your attempt a particular combination, cross off all incorrect answers from your answer book and go on to try another combination.


Class 9 is a crucial period and maths can be challenging. But one should not get demotivated or anxious. It is just a matter of preparation before the board exams. Refer to your math textbook and do all the questions in it. You can also consult with your father or mother who has cleared the exam and study together. Past year papers and model question papers can help identify areas where you might be weak. You should start solving these questions much in advance so that they become easy when it comes time for the actual papers. just stay focused and study hard!

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